Papillomas - Effective Treatments For Human Papillomavirus

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Papillomas - Effective Treatments For Human Papillomavirus
Papillomas - Effective Treatments For Human Papillomavirus

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In fact, any person on the planet can be a carrier of the papilloma virus. However, such a harmless phenomenon as papilloma can lead to quite serious consequences. The treatment of the human papillomavirus is a delicate matter.

Therefore, antiviral therapy is aimed not so much at eliminating the virus that has entered the body, but at suppressing its activity and destroying severe symptoms of the disease.

This definition is partly inaccurate. When the whole body is affected by a virus, it is completely impossible to cure it.

Only one correct option is to delay the course of the disease, that is, to arrange so that the virus, although it is present in the body, does not express itself out of necessity.

It is perfectly possible to do this. Therapy is carried out by taking drugs, as prescribed by a doctor, to strengthen the body's activity by all popular methods. When a patient has excellent immunity, and there are no advanced diseases, the virus does not reveal itself in any way.

Human papilloma treatment can be performed only after determining the type of pathogen, the conditions of the protective system. Most of those infected have no external signs. Such treatment of papilloma is aimed primarily at strengthening the immune system.

Papilloma is a type of neoplasm that forms from a smooth tissue above the skin level in the form of a nipple. In other words, papilloma is such an influx of insignificant size, usually flesh-colored. The origin of papilloma is the papilloma virus, which is inside the body.

Therefore, the most important reason for the formation of papilloma on the body part of the skin is precisely the identification of infection with the papilloma virus by the whole body.

In certain materials, it is just right to discover the concept that the overwhelming majority of women have papillomas, this is not entirely true. Persons of both sexes are prone to the formation of papilloma with an equal difference, but only for the female sex it bears serious consequences.

Another prejudice is that only elderly people get sick with the HPV virus, mostly in the neck, but this is not entirely true. People of completely different ages are prone to the formation of papillomas, moreover, outgrowths can be present on all sorts of areas of the whole body.


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  • 2 What happens to a person when infected with the papilloma virus
  • 3 IDP therapy
  • 4 Recovery from IDPs
  • 5 Treatment for papilloma virus
  • 6 Action of IDPs during pregnancy

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Circumstances of IDP disease


The human papillomavirus gets into: with the connection of the mucous membranes, with the bodily connection, and, of course, according to the hereditary indicator. It is possible to get sick with papillomas of a person from another, in whom outwardly it does not manifest itself in any way, but at the same time he can become its carrier.

Infection through sexual intercourse

The most well-known route of infection with the virus is through sexual relationships. In addition, the virus can be transmitted through various sexual relationships, without the use of protective methods. As a result, the virus can manifest itself by open penetration into the body.

Hereditary transmission of the virus

Even in the womb of the mother, the child can become infected with the virus. The objective probability of catching the virus is certainly not huge, but still there is a risk of the disease.

When touched

Due to a banal touch, the human papillomavirus can be transmitted from infected to healthy. In addition, the papilloma virus can stay for a long period of time in places of social stay of people.

Infection by the person himself

Self-infection is one of the possible types of infection with the human papillomavirus. This usually happens when shaving or depilation, then the HPV virus enters the epidermis.

What happens to a person when infected with the papilloma virus


Once in the human body, the virus enters the blood circulation and spreads throughout the body, passing into certain cells, and destroying DNA. Ultimately, papilloma is found in external manifestations.

The treating person does not feel any discomfort on himself, but you need to be careful, because they can lead to a more difficult result.

Human papillomavirus can be present on the body for a long time. In addition, it is possible to get sick with the papilloma virus, and for the entire duration of life, this disease may simply not begin to develop in the body. But this person can be a source of infection. It is better to treat the papilloma virus with drugs, not forgetting the possibility of their removal.

Primarily, when the body is damaged, the virus encounters an obstacle in the form of immunity in its path. When the immunity to infections is good, then it may well extinguish the virus and prevent it from showing itself.

But as soon as the body weakens a little, the virus picks up. The human papillomavirus can be in the body for several years, but show itself only after severe stress, or when the immune system is weakened.

IDP detection.

Human papillomas located on the body do not cause discomfort, and no pain is felt. A neoplasm on the skin is the only manifestation of papilloma. They are of two types:

The growths are flat

Smooth outgrowths are usually flesh-colored - these are the so-called flat papillomas. They are accompanied by unhealthy feelings and irritation. Their usual location is on the neck, arms and face.

Genital warts

For the most part, genital warts are in the form of bumps. The greatest concentration of warts is mostly found in the genital area. In women, the entire intimate area is susceptible to infection.

Condylomas are also seen on the fingers and face. Genital warts do not cause discomfort, but they can turn into malignant tumors, namely cervical cancer.

When there are warts on the body, then this phenomenon is completely normal, but the appearance of genital warts is fraught with consequences and you must definitely consult a specialist. If the doctor determines the presence of papillomas, then they must be eliminated and therapy performed throughout the body.

IDP therapy


It consists of antiviral therapy and the consolidation of all immunity. Usually, under the given circumstances, a specialist prescribes antiviral drugs.

Due to the fact that the papilloma virus becomes visible with a decrease in immunity, in addition to antiviral drugs, stimulating immunity is also prescribed.

Other medications are prescribed at the discretion of the doctor.

Preventive measures

Due to the implementation of preventive actions, the risk of cervical cancer is dramatically reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to treat HPP, and it is worth visiting the gynecologist 1-2 times a year and being examined. After all, it is always easier to prevent a disease than to cure its consequences later.

The following preventive measures work:

  1. Suitable presentation of the material; sexually mature development in teenagers;
  2. investigation of the causes of the risk of HPV infection and further transmission of the virus, vaccination;
  3. the course of periodic examinations for the presence of HPV (allows you to detect the disease at an early stage);
  4. examinations by a gynecologist, allow to identify at the initial stage of the cervical disease, which, if not detected in time, can lead to cancer.

Recovery from IDPs


Dermatologists are really not able to prescribe a therapy that would lead to the elimination of the human papillomavirus, therefore only the external signs of the disease are removed: warts and condylomas.

And it turns out that when asked how to treat the human papillomavirus, experts advise various measures to eliminate the outgrowths.

But eliminating them is generally not advisable - if the build-up does not grow and does not bother, then eliminating them is not necessary. But such a virus is a constant threat of precancerous and cancerous diseases.

You can remove condylomas with the participation of certain measures:

  1. Freezing. With the help of liquid nitrogen, genital warts are removed. This is a very well-known approach as it does not cause any pain at all and does not leave scars. If the growths spread, then the removal is performed in one or two steps.
  2. Radio wave separation. It is made with a radio wave knife. Good local anesthesia follows. Significant effectiveness of this type of therapy.
  3. Electrocoagulation. The therapy is performed with electric current. This method is painful and requires pain relief.
  4. Laser treatment. All removal with a laser beam takes place under local anesthesia. This method is prescribed for pregnant women.
  5. Removal by surgery. It is used quite rarely. Indication for detecting cancer.
  6. Removal of warts using chemistry. Drugs are used that affect tissue death. It is not used so often, since they do not give a 100% guarantee.

Papilloma virus treatment


An absolute cure for the papilloma virus has not yet been invented, and experts recommend such drugs for treatment that would stimulate the immune system. For this method of treatment, drugs are prescribed that fight against viruses, while simultaneously enhancing immunity and influencing tumors.

Using folk ways

Simple medicines are not able to completely cope with the disease, and more often people resort to traditional methods. If it is treated with various herbs and fees, then this will give the same result as in the treatment with medicines.

There are methods to resist the virus itself, but there are methods to eliminate growths. Plants containing polysaccharides are used to increase the productivity of natural interferons.

Action of IDPs during pregnancy


In pregnant women who are infected with the human papillomavirus, they are repeatedly expressed in the form of severe indications, warts on intimate areas, and they are quite significant. But it also happens that after the birth of a child, the growths disappear.

These consequences can also be characterized as a shift in the hormonal environment of the woman in labor, the destruction of the microflora in the vagina and the activity of the entire immunity.

When an IDP is found in a pregnant woman, the doctor needs to establish a treatment that contains medications designed to cure inflammation and antiviral effects in an unchanged way, and then again it is necessary to examine for HPV.

In the very first trimester of pregnancy, HPV therapy is desirable. Severe manifestations must be removed, because, at much later stages of pregnancy, their accelerated development is possible. If this is not done on time, then there is a possibility that the child will develop laryngeal papillomatosis.

Thanks to radio wave coagulation in pregnant women, the growths are eliminated, but do not forget about flushing the vagina with antiseptics before the elimination procedure.

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