Pinworms - How Long Is Pinworm, Symptoms And Treatment Methods

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Pinworms - How Long Is Pinworm, Symptoms And Treatment Methods
Pinworms - How Long Is Pinworm, Symptoms And Treatment Methods

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Roundworms are a fairly common parasite. A small pinworm, the length of which is only 10 - 11 mm, nevertheless, does a lot of harm to the human body. Most often observed in young children who do not yet have a sufficient understanding of the rules of personal hygiene. Less commonly, they parasitize in adults.

This type of worms in most cases does not cause any special complications, but with re-infection or concomitant diseases, it can lead to enterobiasis. Reproduction of pinworms and their distribution leads to more dangerous consequences.


  • 1 Development cycle of pinworms in adults and children
  • 2 Pinworm infestation
  • 3 Symptoms and signs of pinworms
  • 4 Enterobiasis: symptoms in adults and children
  • 5 Analysis for enterobiasis
  • 6 Treatment of pinworm and enterobiasis
  • 7 Alternative treatment of pinworms

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The developmental cycle of pinworms in adults and children


A typical representative of the nematode class, like the pinworm, has a short life cycle. An adult is in the host's body for no more than 1.5 months. During this time, she undergoes full development from an egg to a larva and a sexually mature representative.

The next stage will occur in the small intestine, where the larva will appear and will parasitize. It will be attached to the intestinal mucosa for 2 weeks using a "vesicle", a specially designated mouth opening. Pinworms feed on the remnants of food from a permanent host, as well as blood.

The length of a female adult parasite reaches 12 mm. They are larger, oblong, and have a twisted end. The size of the male does not exceed 5 mm.

Reproduction occurs within the duodenum. After mating, males die, and fertilized females are sent to the large intestine, where they will stay for another 4 weeks.

For eggs, special conditions are required: temperature from 34 ° C to 36 ° C, humidity should be at least 90%. It is in the area of ​​the anus that about 15 thousand eggs are laid. This is where the existence of the female ends.

And then the maturation of future pinworms occurs. This process is fast, it takes 4-6 hours. And infection begins from the very beginning: from a permanent carrier to a temporary or final host.

Pinworm infestation


The main source of parasites entering the body is their eggs. They begin and end the life cycle of development.

In the external environment, they live up to three weeks. They do not tolerate hot climates, but they are absolutely not afraid of chlorinated water and temperatures down to -8 ° C. Who or what causes parasites such as pinworms to enter the body.

Causes, methods and routes of infection:

  • person. The severe itching caused by worms in the anus makes the sick person interact with the worms. They fall under the nails, some are stored on the hands. When shaking hands, touching is easily carried;
  • household items of common use. If one family member is the owner of the worms, the rest are at risk, as they use towels, dishes and even furniture with him;
  • wet soil. Playground, sandpit is full of bacteria, microorganisms;
  • dust and dirt. Poorly ventilated rooms can cause worms to penetrate even through the lungs;
  • animals, cockroaches, flies. Egg carriers;
  • autoinfection. A person who has a helminthic invasion again transfers parasites to his body. This includes habits such as gnawing on your feet, taking objects in your mouth, and rarely changing bedding.

Who is to blame that individuals such as pinworms have become a frequent occurrence.

Pinworm symptoms and signs


The manifestation at different stages of infection is different. The acute or initial form has minor characteristics.

The presence of pinworms in adults is almost asymptomatic:

  1. itching in the anus;
  2. irritability, headache;
  3. pale complexion;
  4. unpleasant feeling in the stomach;
  5. bowel disorder
  6. allergic reactions in men and women near the genitals and near the urethra, where pinworm eggs are also found;
  7. vomiting, nausea.

In the still weak child's body, such parasites cause more complex forms of expression:

  • burning, itching of the anus;
  • restless sleep;
  • recurrent constipation or diarrhea with mucus;
  • pain in the stomach and abdomen;
  • vomiting;
  • involuntary urination;
  • coughing;
  • skin rashes, redness;
  • the release of a large amount of saliva;
  • gnashing of teeth.

Enterobiasis: symptoms in adults and children

Whoever thinks that helminthiasis or diseases that cause parasites are actually not so scary are very mistaken.

With repeated contact, reinvasion, there is a possibility of an increase in the number of pinworms in the intestine, followed by prolonged infection and the onset of the next stage, like enterobiasis.

It is already easy to identify its symptoms:

  1. dermatitis. Violation of the skin due to constant itching, infection and bacteria entering the affected tissues;
  2. dysbiosis. The presence of a large toxic effect of microorganisms on the intestines leads to a complete disruption of its work. Feces are excreted with blood particles;
  3. enuresis. Uncontrolled urination;
  4. vulvovaginitis. Inflammatory processes in the female reproductive system. It is observed even in little girls. It is characterized by secretions and associated infections;
  5. sphincteritis. Injured end of the rectum, obturator muscle;
  6. asthma, bronchitis. Are the consequences of allergic reactions that cause worms;
  7. problems with the central nervous system. Dizziness, migraines, nervousness;
  8. enterocolitis. Lesion of the mucous membrane of the small and large intestine;
  9. appendicitis. Inflammation of the appendix. The report on who or what is causing his breakup is still not fully substantiated;
  10. conjunctivitis. Infectious disease of the lining of the eye.

These are the complications provoked by enterobiasis or neglected pinworms. In this case, naturally, you can get rid of worms only with medical help. It is impossible to independently cure diseases that are caused by the results of their life cycle and development.

Analysis for enterobiasis


Any obvious deterioration in health should definitely alert the patient. Moreover, the worms cause severe symptoms and lead to obvious lesions not only internal, but also external.

In order to accurately determine the causes of the disease and make sure of the presence of parasites, pinworms, it is necessary to undergo the usual diagnostics:

  • routine stool analysis. Sampling is carried out independently at home. For this, a special glass container is purchased and material is taken. Transferred personally to the laboratory for further research;
  • scraping from the perianal folds. The procedure takes place within the clinic by experienced doctors. Use a cotton swab or duct tape for it. Usually prescribed in the morning, at the time when the worms lay their eggs on the outside of the anus;
  • chemical analysis of blood. As an additional study, it indicates a change in erythrocytes, leukocytes and hemoglobin in the body, which indicates an inflammatory process or the presence of foreign microorganisms inside a person.

Before prescribing procedures, the doctor examines the patient's skin, assesses the lesion that causes discomfort. Sometimes the pinworm is visualized, the length allows you to observe them in the morning hours near the anus during the laying of eggs.

Treatment of pinworm and enterobiasis


After an experimental examination, the specialist makes an accurate diagnosis. If the presence of parasites is confirmed, it is urgent to take appropriate measures to remove them from the body.

The most common treatment is pinworm pills:

  1. "Nemozol". Strong broad spectrum drug. The daily dose for a child from 1 year old is 10 ml, an adult is prescribed from 20 ml or more;
  2. "Piperazine". Acts exclusively on pinworms and ascaris. But it is a more gentle agent, does not cause toxic poisoning. The adult dose is 1.5 - 2 grams, the child dose depends on age. Babies - 0.2 grams, from 6 to 8 years old - 0.75 grams, 1 gram is prescribed for children under 12 years old.
  3. Zentel. Strong, broad spectrum medicine. Accepted 1 time. Adult intake - 400 mg, children - 200 mg. It is forbidden to take a child under 3 years old;
  4. "Dekaris". It is available in two forms: for adults and flavored for children. The daily dose for a person is 150 mg, for a child, the dosage takes into account age. From 3 years, 25 mg of the drug is prescribed;
  5. Pirantel. Babies from 6 months are prescribed a suspension. The daily intake is 2.5 ml, adults take pills. Daily intake - 4 capsules.

The problem of helminthic invasion is not always solved by one course of taking drugs.

Alternative treatment of pinworms


You can supplement the previously prescribed drug treatment with folk remedies. But for this it is better to use only well-proven recipes, and to buy ingredients, contact pharmacies or bona fide herbalists.

An infusion of herbs will help stop the reproduction of hated pinworms and remove them from the body. For its preparation, it is necessary to purchase leaves of sage, St. John's wort, chamomile, yarrow - 50 grams. And wormwood, blueberry leaves, caraway seeds - 100 grams. Pour all components with water - 0.5 liters and leave for 15 minutes. Strain and take. The daily dose for children is ½ glass, for adults - 1 glass. Reception twice a day.

Juice will be a tasty and pleasant treatment. Freshly prepared drink made from beets, carrots, radishes. You can add honey for flavor.

Anthelmintic natural tea. Ingredients: walnut leaves - 25 grams, wormwood - 10 grams. Add mint, calamus root, thyme - 50 grams.

Pour boiling water over all components and take after 1 hour. The first 7 days, drink ½ cup three times a day. The second week, the reception of the tincture is reduced to one time.

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