Pinworms - How Pinworms Look And Parasitize In The Human Body

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Pinworms - How Pinworms Look And Parasitize In The Human Body
Pinworms - How Pinworms Look And Parasitize In The Human Body
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Pinworms are small white helminths (worms).

The disease caused by these animal pests is called enterobiasis. Once in the human intestine, the pinworm causes a burning sensation in the anus, intestinal disorders, increased sensitivity, in women - inflamed genitals.

They are dependent, and are not able to exist for a long time outside the human body, that is, their entire life cycle takes place in the human body. Although there were cases when the disease was diagnosed in puppies, enterobiasis was not observed in adult dogs.


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  • 2 Pinworms in feces
  • 3 Symptoms, causes of infection, spread
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  • 6 Pinworms in children
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What pinworms look like


Many people know how pinworms look in humans since childhood. Pinworms are small worms. Females are 10 mm long, males 5 mm.

They look like sharpened sticks, needles, which influenced their name "pinworm". The end of the female is more pointed, while that of the male is slightly curved towards the abdomen.

A vesicle is determined in front of the mouth opening - a small swelling that helps the worm to stay on the intestines. Let's see what pinworm eggs look like. Pinworm eggs are oval in shape, flat on one edge and smoothly rounded on the other, while having a transparent "shell".

Pinworms in feces

How pinworms usually look can be seen in the feces. Males, as already said, are not more than half a centimeter, which is why it is not easy to recognize them. However, the females are larger, the approximate size is a couple of centimeters, they can be easily seen in good lighting.

Many are interested in the appearance of pinworm eggs on the skin or underwear, because mature individuals lay them just in the area of ​​the anal sphincter.

However, it will not be possible to recognize with the unaided eye the eggs of pinworms in children, pinworms in children and adults are too small, visible only when using a microscope.

Symptoms, causes of infection, spread


The body's initial signals about the presence of pinworms usually appear within half a month after the start of helminthiasis.

They can have varying severity of symptoms. This is solved by the massiveness of the parasites caught in the intestines, ever received chronic ailments and how the patient's body will react,

The following symptoms are usually observed:

  1. itching around the anal sphincter, which sharply aggravates in the middle of the night (the female becomes active), but with intense infection it also disturbs in the daytime;
  2. with a significant number of parasites that have entered the intestines, itching spreads between the legs, in women - in the vagina;
  3. incontinence during sleep;
  4. cyclical abdominal pain;
  5. possibly weakening of feces to a jelly-like density, sometimes with mucus;
  6. insomnia, bad mood;
  7. women experience vaginal discharge, soreness during sexual intercourse, itching of the genitals caused by tissue destruction, wounds on them.



If the intestines got a large number of pinworms, or the patient swallowed them repeatedly in a circle (they themselves are viable for no more than one month), in addition to itching, the following may appear:

  1. migraine; pain in the right side of the abdomen, which can be so severe that the patient is urgently taken to the surgical department and operated on for acute appendicitis;
  2. bloating;
  3. dizziness;
  4. disorder of attention, memory.



Central routes of infection, if enterobiasis is diagnosed:

  • oral
  • everyday
  • contact

Everyday infection is possible in cases where parents and children do not adhere to hygiene laws, which is influenced by the children's habit of not washing their hands before eating.

Oral infection in any case means that worms or helminthic eggs are transported into the body through the opening of the mouth. When combing the anus, children accidentally take pinworm eggs directly into their nails. After that, from there they are transferred not only to the mouth and nose, but also to the general food.

The contact method of infection is possible at those random moments when a person picks up parasites from vectors, infected people and animals. Animals transport protected pinworms on their own wool.

Pinworms in children


Babies are more likely than adults to develop this infestation. The point here is that up to a certain age there is no triple barrier against parasites in a child's body.

In addition, most young children are alien to the rules of personal hygiene. That is why parents should closely monitor the physiological state of their children and, when the first signs of infection appear, immediately contact a specialist for a diagnostic study.

In addition, you can visually meet pinworms in children, pinworms in children are found very often. Basically, the reason lies in the characteristics of the behavior. The child begins to move, studies the situation, which is why he has a high risk of picking up pinworm eggs.

The worms in the baby's body remove all any valuable elements that he already often lacks. It turns out that the baby is deprived of adequate nutrition, and the worms rapidly multiply, filling the entire intestine. Parents can notice them in the anal part of the baby in the evening or in the morning.

Only a doctor will tell you how to treat each specific disease. If not urgently treated, then the symptoms will be inexorably worsening. The child's digestion will be disturbed, he will lose weight, the immune system will weaken, the body will be poisoned by the life products of pinworms.

There were such cases when a voluminous ball of intertwined pinworms formed in the baby's stomach, causing excruciating sensations and abdominal pulsation.



For the prevention and therapy of pinworms, antihelminthics are prescribed. For the treatment of children and parents from pinworms, the same drugs are prescribed. The exception is lactating women, women during pregnancy and very young children.

Basically, enterobiasis is treated with medication. It is prescribed by a doctor, taking into account the individual condition of the patient and the selection of the correct dosage of substances.

Various drugs destructive to pinworms are used: Pirantel, Vermox, Dekaris, Nemozol, etc. When taken independently, all side effects and prescriptions should be taken into account.

Also, during illness, it is recommended to observe the following rules, so the worms will not return after therapy and will not be transmitted to other family members or neighbors living close to the infected.

  1. The bottom must be changed every morning, after washing, it must be ironed. High temperatures are detrimental to pinworm eggs, which can remain on the linen after washing.
  2. The underwear should be tight-fitting to the body, especially when sleeping.
  3. Following a visit to the toilet, the patient must certainly wash his hands with an antiseptic.
  4. You should wash yourself as often as possible, from three times a day. The risk of spreading parasites to the genitals will be reduced, especially this fact applies to women.
  5. Cleaning the apartment where the patient lives should not be ignored.
  6. If you feel severe itching in the anus, it is important to be patient and not itch. Otherwise, the path of infection will open under the skin, the eggs of the pests will hide under the nails, on the fingers, which will make possible re-infection.

With the discovery of adult pinworms in the feces, wearing underwear, you must immediately go to the hospital. It is easier to defeat pests than to spend time and energy on curing the consequences of helminthiasis.

To cleanse the lower intestines from worms, they resort to soda enemas. In order to get rid of itching, anesthetic ointments and antihistamines are prescribed by mouth. And for small children, a tampon with petroleum jelly is applied to the anal area in the evening. This procedure prevents the worms from spreading freely and eliminates the burning sensation. It is important to bathe the child every day, or at least wash it away.

It is important to thoroughly rinse vegetables and fruits (even those grown at home in pots), and it is better to dip them in boiled water for a few minutes. It is not allowed to use ordinary tap water without treatment - there is too much risk of infection not only with worms, but also with other similar ailments.

It is forbidden to transfer to the child not quite peeled, raw fish and meat that is poorly cooked, has avoided sufficient heat treatment on all sides. In the summertime, it is advisable not to allow the child to splash in dirty water. Cut your child's nails so short that dirt and eggs of various parasites, including pinworms, cannot hide under them.

But if you find symptoms in yourself or in your child, be sure to consult a doctor - self-medication in such a situation may not only not improve the condition, but also direct the course of the disease to the worst outcome.



It is recommended to carefully monitor your overall health. People often ignore the body's signals of trouble and do not realize how dangerous these diseases are for life.

When this happens, it turns out that the treatment will no longer help. All diseases differ from each other in signs, symptoms, influence on the human body.

Accurate detection of signs is the first step in treating diseases in general. To do this, you simply need to be examined by a doctor twice a year in order not only to prevent a serious illness, but also to keep the organs and the whole body healthy.

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