Enterobiasis Analysis - We Hand Over The Correct Tests For Enterobiasis

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Enterobiasis Analysis - We Hand Over The Correct Tests For Enterobiasis
Enterobiasis Analysis - We Hand Over The Correct Tests For Enterobiasis

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The defeat of the intestine, as well as the process of the cecum, appendix, pinworms.

During the migration of parasites, inflammatory processes occur in the genitals and organs of the abdominal cavity, there is a disruption of the respiratory tract. That's what it is: enterobiasis disease.

Before being tested for enterobiasis and other parasites, a person may find small white worms in the stool of a child or his own.

With a complete examination for enterobiasis, the analysis sometimes has to be repeated or in the morning. It is at this time of day that it is possible to determine the number of parasites and the duration of their life cycle inside a person.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare well for how to correctly collect material for laboratory research, to pass an analysis for enterobiasis in a timely manner. Before that, it is necessary to study in detail what this helminthic invasion is.


  • 1 What is enterobiasis
  • 2 Scraping for enterobiasis
  • 3 How to take a feces test for enterobiasis
  • 4 Blood test for enterobiasis
  • 5 PCR analysis for enterobiasis

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What is enterobiasis


The development of the usual acute form of worm lesions can have consequences. Pinworms themselves are not dangerous with a single infection, timely detection and proper measures to combat them.

There is a possibility of re-invasion, self-infection, or an increase in the number of parasites in the body due to other reasons. This is the definition: what is enterobiasis.

In this case, there is a deterioration in the general health of an adult:

  1. upset of the gastrointestinal tract. Discharge of feces with blood or mucus;
  2. dermatitis;
  3. exacerbation of appendicitis;
  4. allergic rashes in the genitourinary external organs;
  5. central nervous system disorders. Dizziness, migraines, nervousness;
  6. pain in the navel, abdomen;
  7. dry, unreasonable cough.

But still weak immunity and its inability to fight against microorganisms, leads to more severe complications and consequences of enterobiasis:

  • dysbiosis. Partial or complete violation of the intestinal microflora by pinworms;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • dermatological diseases. Caused by an allergic reaction from the immune system to foreign cells. It manifests itself in the form of weeping dermatitis, eczema;
  • acute appendicitis. Occurs when adults reach the cecum;
  • conjunctivitis. Lesion of the mucous membrane of the eyes;
  • delay with subsequent lag in mental, physical and mental development;
  • diseases of the reproductive system in girls. Inflammatory processes in the uterus, appendages;
  • violation of the respiratory system. Observed in the form of bronchial asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis.

In this case, an appeal to a specialist is inevitable. During the initial study of the patient's skin and complaints of itching, an experienced doctor will suspect the presence of pinworms and conduct a primary study for enterobiasis by carefully examining the anal area for the presence of worms.

Scraping for enterobiasis


With this disease, the main and most important method of obtaining data on pinworms will be microscopy of the perianal scraping. What is the analysis can show what other types of known surveys lack. Let's start with versatility.

Easy-to-carry scraping for enterobiasis is prescribed for both children and adults. One single rule, in this case, will need to be remembered: it is necessary to carry out the procedure in the morning. It doesn't matter where it happens, in the clinic or at home.

We offer an approximate step-by-step instruction on how to carry out scraping for enterobiasis yourself:

  1. prepare a sterile cotton swab, a small piece of adhesive tape, a small glass test tube;
  2. do not shower or go to the toilet before the procedure;
  3. dip a cotton swab in a solution of glycerin and hold in the anus;
  4. stick the tape on the anus and carefully remove;
  5. place the collected materials in the prepared dishes and take them to the laboratory.

If scraping for enterobiasis was carried out too early, you can move the vessel to the refrigerator. Please note that the temperature inside the chamber must not be lower than + 4 ° C, and the storage time must not exceed 8 hours.

How to take a feces test for enterobiasis


So that the results do not raise doubts among doctors, you should carefully prepare before taking a feces test for enterobiasis.

This will take about 5 days:

  • diet. Elimination of meat, heavy fatty foods, legumes, berries and vegetables, which can affect the color of feces. These are blueberries, beets, blackberries;
  • prohibition of enemas, laxatives;
  • do not brush your teeth. In case of bleeding gums.

Let's consider in more detail the analysis for enterobiasis, and how to pass it correctly:

  1. a small amount of stool is collected in the morning or the night before;
  2. use only small glassware for storage. If you don't have time to buy in advance, use any jar. Sterilize it in advance with boiling water;
  3. take immediately to the laboratory. If the material was taken in the evening, put the covered dishes in the refrigerator overnight.

In the case of pinworms, the analysis of feces to determine the disease as enterobiasis can be quite effective. Both eggs and adult fertilized individuals can leave the intestines along with secretions.

Blood test for enterobiasis


A technique based on laboratory research, using the latest development - polymerase chain reaction. Quite expensive, but accurate examination.

How is the analysis of CPR for enterobiasis:

  1. taking blood from a vein;
  2. the use of special enzymes to increase the structure of the resulting parasite DNA;
  3. comparison of DNA samples of previously studied representatives of worms and analysis of the composition in human blood.

All tests that are taken to determine enterobiasis can often be unreliable, as they indicate other disorders in the body.

Therefore, parasitic diseases require repeated studies in the absence of obvious manifestations and accurate results of the diagnostics performed.

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