Enterobiasis - Symptoms Of The Disease, Prevention Of Treatment Of Enterobiasis

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Enterobiasis - Symptoms Of The Disease, Prevention Of Treatment Of Enterobiasis
Enterobiasis - Symptoms Of The Disease, Prevention Of Treatment Of Enterobiasis

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The question is far from idle. The high-tech 21st century was marked by more than one high-speed breakthrough in all branches of science and technology. The return of "forgotten" diseases became an extremely unexpected and very unhappy surprise for doctors.

It seemed that cholera, chickenpox, measles, rubella and other ailments of mass destruction remained forever only on the pages of medical textbooks. But where there. Enterobiasis also belongs to the number of such diseases, the victory over which was incomplete.

The statistics of the World Health Organization are not encouraging. Every year, this "surprise" from the distant past in Russia alone makes more than 1.5 million people go to doctors. Moreover, the lion's share of patients are children of kindergarten and school age.

Meanwhile, proven methods of countering this unpleasant ailment for children and adults were developed by Russian medicine in the second half of the 19th century.


  • 1 Small worm, but angry. Enterrebiosis
  • 2 How to recognize a pest
  • 3 Methods for diagnosing enterobiasis
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Small worm, but angry. Enterrebiosis


A reader who is familiar with medical terminology only from television advertising will probably ask a question. And the Latin enterobius vermicularis will completely baffle him. But it just so happens that behind the most incomprehensible terms of the Aesculapian dictionary are simple ailments and their causative agents.

In this case, the cause of the problem is the pinworm. One of the most common parasites in the human body. An almost transparent whitish worm with sharp tips affects mostly the large intestine. The first word of its scientific designation gave the name of the disease itself.

Nightly nocturnal itching in the anal area - means that the fertilized females laid eggs invisible to the armed eye.

And if a person, having scratched the itchy area, did not wash his hands, re-infection is guaranteed. Pinworm eggs left under the nails can get into food and household items. Thus, the infected person himself ensures their viability and further spread.

How to recognize a pest


The symptoms of the disease appear very noticeably for the victims of the parasites. Itching and burning in the anal area is the main, but not the last.

In addition to it, there are also so-called dyspeptic symptoms. They consist of loss of appetite, constant or intermittent nausea, flatulence, and abdominal pain. All this directly affects the state of the nervous system.

Sleep disturbances and discomfort increase irritability and lead to migraines. However, as experts note, in this case everything is individual and depends on many factors.

For the patient and his relatives (if we are talking about a child), the listed symptoms are a guide to an immediate trip to the clinic.

Methods for diagnosing enterobiasis


Treatment of enterobiasis begins not in the doctor's office, but in the laboratory, with a microscopic scraping in the perianal region. This is one of the most basic and most accurate diagnostic methods. It is produced before washing. Usually in the morning or, less often, in the evening.

If necessary, the scraping can be repeated after three days. In the case of already started treatment, the study is carried out three weeks after the prescription of the drugs to assess its effectiveness. In addition, the adhesive tape diagnostic method can be used. The results of its application to a known area are examined under a microscope.

In some cases, a general blood test may also be prescribed. Like any parasite, the pinworm releases the products of its vital activity into the human body, which naturally leads to its intoxication. An increase in the content of eosinophils in the blood - may indicate a counterattack by the body to the expansion of the helminth.

Based on the listed indicators, the attending physician decides on the appointment of the necessary drugs.

Treatments for enterrebiosis


Fortunately, curing a “shameful” disease is not that difficult. Even before the qualified doctors and pharmacists said their weighty word, traditional medicine was looking for its methods of expelling pinworms since the Middle Ages. The latter made the main stake - drainage therapy.

Regular cleansing enemas with chamomile, whose antiseptic and other medicinal properties have been known since ancient times”, proved to be quite effective. And in combination with garlic and cereals in the diet, they contributed not only to the destruction of parasites, but also to cleanse the stomach and restore its motility.

Medical science has taken a different path - drug treatment. In her arsenal there is a whole spectrum of antiparasitic drugs, equally suitable for children and adults.

True, as for kids, doctors around the world unanimously convince parents not to engage in amateur performances. Do not run to the pharmacy for anthelmintic medicine without making sure that the child really has pinworms. Otherwise, you can seriously damage his health. After all, with medicines, as with fire - they do not joke.

Babies and pregnant women are prescribed: flowers of wormwood or pyrvinium pamoat.

The duration of treatment, as a rule, depends on the condition of the patient at the time of contacting the clinic and the choice of the drug. On average, the medication method takes up to 5 days, with subsequent repetition after 4 weeks.

Prevention of enterobiasis at home


But most of them do not risk giving a positive answer on this score. Numerous laboratory tests do not confirm it. Consequently, hygiene remains the most reliable means of prevention.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, about 70 species of parasitic helminths have been found. From the already mentioned pinworms to liver flukes. And the way of getting into the human body is the same for everyone: through dirty hands.

Hence the simple but proven protection methods:

  1. Always wash your hands before meals and more. Especially after going to the restroom and taking public transport. The lion's share of bacteria and parasites clings to the hands of the future owner there.
  2. Teach your child to follow this rule strictly.
  3. Skip street fast food. The unwashed hands of others can be costly not only for you, but for your entire family.
  4. Do not buy meat, sausages, fish and fish products from the market. As research by Roskomnadzor has shown, the wastes from such outlets contain a huge number of all kinds of pathogens. From helminth eggs to bacteria.
  5. If possible, limit the consumption of raw smoked meat and raw fish (the main ingredient in the now popular sushi).
  6. Do not forget about regular wet cleaning with disinfectants. Pinworm eggs can get into the house on the soles of the shoes of any family member.
  7. Parasite eggs cannot stand high temperatures. If there is a patient with enterobiasis in the family, all bed linen and clothes should be thoroughly ironed with a hot iron. And wet cleaning should be done at least once every 2 days. This will significantly reduce the risk of re-infection.
  8. If one of the members is sick, the whole family should take anthelmintic drugs for preventive purposes. Your doctor will prescribe the correct medication.
  9. Make adjustments to your daily diet. When combined with prescribed medications, garlic, dairy products with lactobacilli, and all kinds of cereals will only speed up the healing process.
  10. After getting rid of the disease, follow point number 1.

All this may seem like commonplace truths. But it was they who saved more than one generation from the problem and its consequences.

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