Ascariasis In Children - Effective Methods Of Treating Ascariasis In A Child

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Ascariasis In Children - Effective Methods Of Treating Ascariasis In A Child
Ascariasis In Children - Effective Methods Of Treating Ascariasis In A Child

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Roundworms are roundworms that parasitize the human body.

Children are especially susceptible to this disease. Ascariasis in children is quite common compared to other helminthic invasions. In addition, this disease is rarely detected at the initial stage, therefore complications often arise, due to which the treatment of ascariasis in children takes a long time.

Parasites in the intestine, with a large accumulation of them, can move in transit throughout the body and linger in any organ.


  • 1 Signs of ascariasis
  • 2 Ways of infection
  • 3 Methods for diagnosing ascariasis
  • 4 Treatment of ascariasis in children
  • 5 Folk remedies for the treatment of ascariasis

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Signs of ascariasis


Ascariasis is very difficult to notice immediately after infection because it is mostly asymptomatic. The roundworms that enter the child's body are at the larval stage and need time to migrate through the child's body. Once in the intestines, they shed their protective membranes and are sent to the blood. The acute course of the disease begins one week after infection.

The first symptoms appear: fever, dry, irritating cough, possibly heavy breathing. In some cases, an allergic reaction is observed, it can manifest itself on the skin in the form of urticaria.

If at this stage no measures are taken to destroy worms, a month later the clinical picture is supplemented with new symptoms.

These include: aching abdominal pains (they are often localized around the navel), disruption of the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, significant weight loss in a child, enlargement of some organs (liver, spleen, lymph nodes). At this stage, it is possible to detect ascaris in the feces.

The child becomes lethargic, irritable, whiny. Children do not sleep well, they have nightmares. This state is not typical for a child, naturally, it causes concern among parents.

The most doubtful sign of ascariasis is coughing. Rarely do parents think that a child can cough not only as a result of ARVI. But at a certain stage of development, the larva needs a large amount of oxygen, so it goes to the bronchi. Hence the cough. It is most often dry, but phlegm can be produced.

Sometimes helminths crawl out of the anus. This happens at night. The periods of development of worms depend on the lunar cycle. The greatest activity of adults falls on the full moon.

Infection routes


Ascariasis in young children is also called a disease of dirty hands. Worm eggs are very tenacious. They remain viable outside the human body for twelve years. Moreover, neither severe frosts nor heat practically affect the larva.

The larvae can enter the child's body in several ways:

  1. through dirty hands;
  2. through untreated water from rivers, lakes, reservoirs;
  3. through dirty products. Vegetables and fruits should be washed thoroughly, and for children, if possible, also pour boiling water over;
  4. through poorly cooked meat or fish. It is better for a child to extend the cooking time of food.

Violation of personal hygiene becomes the main reason for the detection of roundworm in a child. You need to teach your child to wash their hands more often, especially before eating, not to pick anything up and not eat on the street. Infection is possible after walking in the sandbox, as a result of playing with shared toys with a sick child.

The disease with ascariasis will not go unnoticed for the child's body. Ascariasis often causes complications. Since roundworms move freely around the child's body, they can harm any organ.

The most serious complication occurs when parasites enter the brain. Various inflammatory processes are possible as a consequence of this disease. If it enters the liver and bile, jaundice and cholecystitis occurs, if the pancreas is damaged, pancreatitis.

Methods for diagnosing ascariasis


If you have the slightest suspicion of ascariasis in children, you cannot start treatment yourself. First, you need to diagnose the disease.

To begin with, it is worth contacting a pediatrician who will give a referral for tests. Since it is very difficult to confirm helminthic invasion by one analysis, it is best to go through a set of tests, and after the results start treatment. Also, an infectious disease specialist, a parasitologist, and a gastroenterologist are involved in parasite issues.

The first analysis to confirm ascariasis is the analysis of feces. It is not always effective, since the worms are not always present in the intestines. If there is a cough, sputum can be taken for the maintenance of the larvae.

In rare cases, x-rays are used. It can target both the intestines and the lungs. They try to visually detect accumulations of helminths on it. After confirming the diagnosis, the doctor individually selects drugs, prescribes a treatment regimen.

Treatment of ascariasis in children


It is rather difficult to treat ascariasis in children. Due to the fact that helminths are simultaneously in the body at different stages of development, medications may not work for everyone. Therefore, therapy is carried out in several stages.

Ascariasis present symptoms and treatment in children are interrelated. The main support is given to the organ that is currently most damaged by the disease.

How to treat ascariasis depends not only on the severity of the course, but also on the stage. First of all, drugs are prescribed for allergies. Also, to support the body, calcium preparations, vitamins, droppers with saline solution can be prescribed to relieve the intoxication of the body.

For the destruction of the larvae, antihelminthic drugs are prescribed. They are selected individually (mintezol, medamin, vermox, etc.). In the presence of a chronic course of the disease, several antihelminthic drugs are prescribed at once, but it should be remembered that they have contraindications and are difficult for the body to perceive. Some of them can provoke an increase in physical activity in adults. As a result, the child may suffer from anti-peristalsis, vomiting.

For infants, gentle therapy is selected. After the end of the course of treatment, sorbents are prescribed to remove toxins and waste products of helminths from the child's body.

After the course of treatment, a control analysis is done to confirm a complete cure. Together with helminths, the drug also has a detrimental effect on the intestinal microflora, therefore, a recovery period follows.

The child is assigned bacteria that restore the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, antihelminthic drugs impair liver function.

Folk remedies for the treatment of ascariasis


Most parents prefer to treat ascariasis in children using traditional medicine, not trusting traditional medicine.

The fact is that natural remedies can really help, but they need to be chosen correctly. Most often, onions and garlic work best. However, it is very problematic to feed them to a child in their pure form, just as it is impossible to disguise them in other food products.

An enema can be made on the basis of garlic. The garlic is steamed with boiling water and infused for half an hour. After straining, a liquid is applied. A very unusual medicine is made with onions. Onions chopped in a blender are combined with honey and taken in small doses (1 tsp) three times a day.

Pumpkin seeds are the next most effective. Young patients like them more. But even here difficulties arise. For the effect of seeds on helminths, you need to eat a lot of them.

Quite effective can be called a medicine from carrot seeds. They are steamed with boiling water, insisted and taken several times a day for a teaspoon.

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