Ascaris - Treatment Of Ascariasis In Adults With Folk Remedies

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Ascaris - Treatment Of Ascariasis In Adults With Folk Remedies
Ascaris - Treatment Of Ascariasis In Adults With Folk Remedies

Video: Ascaris - Treatment Of Ascariasis In Adults With Folk Remedies

Video: Ascaris - Treatment Of Ascariasis In Adults With Folk Remedies
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There are quite a few different health problems in the modern world. But this is connected not only with the deterioration of the environment, but often with the very rhythm of our life, in which sometimes the obvious lack of time is quite obvious.

Often people forget about basic hygiene rules. This article will focus on one of the fairly common and unpleasant diseases, called ascariasis, in a simple way - parasites that live in the human body.

In common people, this disease is also called "the disease of dirty hands."

The answer is banal and simple. This is a disease arising from roundworms called roundworms.


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It is a parasite of pale shades of pink and yellow, with an elongated narrow body, pointed towards the ends. Mature females grow to about 25-35 cm in length and 3-6 mm in width; representatives of the masculine gender are slightly smaller - 15-20 cm long and 2-4 mm wide.

On one part of the body, considered to be the front, in both males and females, there is a mouth surrounded by three small protuberances - the so-called lips with jagged edges.

It is considered to be a natural connection with the reproduction cycle of these helminths. A sexually mature female lays about 250 thousand eggs every day, which are released into the environment, but the egg undergoes development only when environmental factors are satisfactory for it, such as the presence of oxygen, temperature, humidity, etc.

As you know, not everyone has money for expensive drugs, so people often turn to traditional medicine. But before proceeding directly to the description of the means that help fight ascariasis with folk methods, you should know about the symptoms of this disease.

Symptoms of ascariasis


Below are the main symptoms:

  • painful spasms in the intestines
  • stool of an unusual consistency for the body,
  • nausea,
  • weakness in the body
  • sharp weight loss, or vice versa - weight gain,
  • deteriorating immunity,
  • frequent colds

The fact is that the larvae of the worms can penetrate the bronchi, causing a cough, and often - a high temperature and / or chest pain. A rash may also appear on the body. This is due to the fact that roundworms release toxins that irritate the microflora inside.

Among other things, these parasites can cause blockages in the bile ducts and intestinal lumens, which leads to the development of other unpleasant diseases associated with digestion. Now that we are familiar with the symptoms of ascariasis, we should talk about what leads to this disease.

Causes of ascariasis


As mentioned earlier, the common people call ascariasis "the disease of dirty hands." Indeed, unwashed limbs are the main reason for the appearance of helminths in the human body. But clean hands are not a guarantee of a healthy body.

It is also worth noting that this ailment is completely independent of the time of year, however, it was found that cases of the disease occur more often in summer. This is due to the use of poorly washed vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries in food.

Insects are also a good help for seeding food, because ascaris eggs are sticky and are able to "move" with shoes, dust, and can develop in water with a high oxygen content. Ascaris in children is especially dangerous.

The still unstable young organism can react very sharply to the presence of helminths inside the intestines. Of course, at the first signs of the presence of roundworm eggs in a child, it is necessary to seek help from a doctor so that he can prescribe treatment.

The attending physician can also help with choosing the most appropriate way to diagnose the disease, using the patient's symptoms. Now it's time to discuss directly the treatment of folk remedies for ascariasis in children and adults.

Treatment of ascariasis


One of the most effective ways to fight helminths is to treat the disease with non-traditional methods. From time immemorial, when there was no trace of traditional medicine, both children and adults were treated with folk remedies.

Infusions, decoctions, various powders from herbs and roots - all this is effective now, although many do not take such methods seriously. Nevertheless, the treatment of ascariasis in children and in adults with folk remedies is as effective as possible than drugs from pharmacies.

Traditional medicine recipes approved by doctors


To make such a solution, you need one small garlic and a third of a glass of milk. The garlic is boiled in milk until it softens. The resulting broth is filtered until it has cooled down and an enema is made from it. It is advisable to do this at night so that the person makes fewer movements. The main condition is that the mixture should not exceed the temperature in the room. A similar procedure is often performed for children.

The volume of the enema depends on age, but it should not be less than seventy milliliters. This procedure is repeated for a week. If it is impossible to give an enema, there is a less unpleasant way: crush the garlic to the state of gruel and eat it, washed down with the same milk, and then take a laxative.

Another good method for removing parasites from the body is onion infusion. Finely chop the onion and fill it with water or alcohol. In any case, it should be infused for ten days. An adult takes one or two tablespoons of the infusion per day, twice a day, for three to five days. However, for the little ones, the recipe looks a little different. As in the first case, the onion is finely chopped, but scalded with boiling water. The mixture is insisted for half a day, after which the baby is given three or four times a day, from about seventy to one hundred milliliters at a time.

Pumpkin seeds are an excellent remedy in the fight against ascariasis. About a pound of pre-peeled seeds are pounded in a mortar, slowly pouring in boiled water, while not forgetting to stir everything carefully. You can add honey or jam to the mixture, it will not be worse from this, but the taste is more pleasant. It is consumed before meals, exclusively on an empty stomach, but a little - just one teaspoon. But you need to eat the whole product within an hour. For children under two years old, pumpkin seeds are also used. Take fifty seeds.

For children from three to four years old, eighty grams of plant seeds are needed, and children from five to seven years old - one hundred grams. Based on this, those who are between ten and twelve years old will need to prepare a mixture of one hundred and fifty grams of seeds. Three hours after drinking this mixture, magnesium diluted with water is drunk. For two hundred and fifty milliliters of water, there is from ten to thirty grams of the drug. Children are calculated according to the scheme: one gram in one year.

After all this, for greater effectiveness, an enema should be done to cleanse. Rejuvenated roofing, more precisely, its seeds, is also one of the ways to combat ascaris for adults. You should take a tablespoon of the crushed ingredient and pour boiling water in the amount of one glass. The mixture should be infused for two hours, after which it is filtered and taken four times a day, one fourth of a glass.

Oddly enough, birch buds are also an effective method to remove an unpleasant infection from the body. Raw materials are poured into a half-liter bottle to the middle and poured to the top with vodka. Insist in a dark place. Thirty days later, you can start drinking: thirty-five drops four times a day.

Don't underestimate unripe walnuts. Three large tablespoons of finely chopped nuts are poured into a third cup of boiling water, a pinch of salt is added to the resulting gruel. Then everything is shaken up, tightly closed with a lid, and after forty minutes it is filtered. This medicine is drunk during the day, and a laxative is taken at night.

So, let's summarize. When you notice the first symptoms, whether roundworms in a child or an adult, your doctor will certainly help you, to whom you can seek advice. However, put aside the rush - fighting the hated roundworm does not mean that you absolutely need any drug.

There are several important rules to remember:

  1. be sure to wash your hands after the street and before eating.
  2. Thoroughly sprinkle raw foods with water, be it vegetables, fruits or meat.
  3. Carrying out wet cleaning of the apartment using special disinfectants is not only useful for the prevention of ascariasis, but, you must agree, it is much more pleasant to live in a clean, neat apartment than to breathe dust every day.

Remembering and fulfilling all these simple conditions, you can provide yourself and your loved ones with a safe and pleasant home with tasty, and most importantly, healthy food.