Pinworms In Pregnant Women - Effective Treatment For Pinworms In Pregnancy

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Pinworms In Pregnant Women - Effective Treatment For Pinworms In Pregnancy
Pinworms In Pregnant Women - Effective Treatment For Pinworms In Pregnancy

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Infection with parasites during pregnancy is not such a rare phenomenon, but a woman does not need to panic, the infection will not touch the fetus while it is in the womb.

Pinworms in pregnant women undergo treatment, the difficulty is that the method of expelling parasites in position requires a more serious approach, since here, first of all, one must think about the dangers of medicines for the child.

While the baby is in a protective shell inside the mother, the worms do not constitute a threat to his health, and even if the mother found white larvae in her feces, you do not need to worry too much about the child's body, but when he is born and fed, the threat of infection of the baby increases significantly …

Since the risk of infection of a newborn baby from the mother is great, a woman in a position needs to monitor her health throughout the entire period of pregnancy, regularly take all tests and observe the necessary hygiene rules.


  • 1 Hygiene in the presence of parasites
  • 2 Sources of parasite infestation
  • 3 Symptoms and signs of infection
  • 4 Treatment of parasites for women in position
  • 5 Getting rid of pinworms in folk ways

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Hygiene in the presence of parasites


You can get rid of pinworm larvae and its eggs during pregnancy without resorting to medication at all, you just need to strictly follow the rules of hygiene and timely monitor the results of tests that a pregnant woman needs to do regularly.

A woman in a position should regularly keep the perineum area clean, wash the genitals at least twice a day, using special products. Look after your manicure by keeping your nails clean, trimming them as short as possible, and grooming them.

Wash hands regularly before eating, before and after using the toilet, and have separate bathroom accessories to avoid contamination of other family members.

A woman should wear underwear made from natural fabrics with tight-fitting edges that do not allow body contact with other items or items of clothing. It is necessary to change linen before and after sleep, washing it immediately, avoiding contact with other wardrobe items.

After washing, it is imperative to subject to heat treatment when ironing, killing germs and infection. Maintain cleanliness in the apartment, clean.

Sources of parasite infestation


Pregnancy and the appearance of signs of pinworms are quite common and there are the main sources of parasite infestation:

  1. when eating fruits, vegetables or berries, since soil fertilization occurs through animal feces, which may contain pinworm larvae and other pests;
  2. you can get infected through the air if it is dirty and contains eggs of worms;
  3. money is the dirtiest thing that walks through the hands of a wide variety of people, both healthy and sick;
  4. the source of the disease may be unprotected sexual intercourse, a kiss, not thoroughly washed dishes and other household items;
  5. spending leisure time in public water bodies, it is possible to become infected with a pinworm larva, which can penetrate through the pores in the skin or stop at the most favorable environment for its habitat - the mucous membrane in the human body;
  6. Meat and fish dishes can introduce parasite larvae into the body, so it is necessary to subject such dishes to heat treatment. These products should be cooked slowly, bringing them to a safe result;
  7. pets in the home can be unintentionally but dangerous. Pinworm larvae can be contained not only in feces, but also be present on the fur and skin of a pet.

Symptoms and signs of infection


It is no secret that parasites are present in the body of any person, but if they make themselves felt from the negative side, then their content is in excess. Human immunity decreases and pests reproduce rapidly in the body.

The main symptoms of the disease: dizziness, weakness, nausea, a failure in the regularity of bowel movements up or down, stool consistency is disturbed, general malaise and increased irritability appear.

Therefore, when one or more symptoms appear, you should undergo an examination as soon as possible and be tested for the presence of a pinworm larva, because its treatment during pregnancy must be started at the earliest stages in order to harm the fetus as little as possible.

Enterobiasis is determined in pregnant women when examining feces. In addition to this analysis, the doctor recommends examining the unborn child, undergoing an ultrasound scan and studying the composition of the amniotic fluid. This will help to identify the presence of a threat to the child's life and to understand how extensive the treatment of enterobiasis in pregnant women will be.

Treatment of parasites for women in position


The period of existence of pinworms is only 40 days, so it is important to treat pinworms during this period in order to avoid the subsequent revival of the infection.

To do this, be sure to observe the following rules:

  • After emptying the intestines, insert a tampon into the posterior opening to prevent pinworms from coming out;
  • The maximum accumulation of pinworms often occurs at night, because of this, severe itching appears in the perineum. To prevent this, enemas should be done, but pregnant women should be extremely careful with this, as this contributes to compression of the uterus and can even lead to loss of the fetus;
  • Apply zinc ointment to the area near the anus, this creates an unfavorable environment and kills parasites and their eggs;
  • Observe the cleanliness of the dwelling, change linen, bedding, facial and bath accessories, make wet cleaning and ventilate the apartment;
  • For best results, pinworm treatment is required for each family member;
  • Wash twice a day using soap and water and wash your hands when leaving the toilet;

Getting rid of pinworms in folk ways


Treatment of enterobiasis with traditional medicine is also possible, and the plus is that it is absolutely safe, especially during pregnancy.

Traditional medicine in pest control mainly occurs through nutrition, and here women in a position should monitor the allergic reaction of their body, the main recipes are:

  1. Pour chopped garlic with water and take inside on an empty stomach;
  2. Raw grated pumpkin seeds are mixed with olive oil, the solution is drunk on an empty stomach;
  3. Eating walnuts and pomegranates is good for fighting parasites;
  4. During the period of treatment of pinworms, a person should exclude fatty and heavy foods, including foods such as soup, porridge and dairy products in the diet;
  5. The squeezed juice of red beet is good against parasites;
  6. Decoctions of chamomile, strawberry and lavender counteract pinworms;

A woman's diet is changing and it is advised to include various seasonings, horseradish, mustard, everything that interferes with the life and reproduction of pinworms. But the selection of the menu for a pregnant woman must be approached with caution in order to prevent an allergic reaction or intestinal upset, and when breastfeeding, completely change the composition or taste of milk.

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