Worms - Antihelminthic Drugs For Children

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Worms - Antihelminthic Drugs For Children
Worms - Antihelminthic Drugs For Children

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Worms (helminths in Latin) are parasites that settle in the human body and begin to live and feed off of it. According to some studies, today 25% of the world's population is infected with worms.

There are many forms of these parasites, and the most common among them are pinworms (cause enterobiasis) and roundworms (cause ascariasis).

In particular, there is a high risk of developing worms in childhood. This is due to many factors - the child's immunity has not yet been fully developed, as well as hygiene skills. The presence of helminthic infections in the fragile body of a child under 2 years old is a very serious danger to health, and sometimes to life.

But anything can become a trigger to the development of the disease: for example, someone in the family comes into direct contact with animals in the process of work, dried fish appears on your table, not completely fried meat, dishes from raw fish, forget to omit it before use fruits and vegetables in boiling water.


  • 1 How does the disease manifest itself?
  • 2 Features of treatment with anthelmintics
  • 3 Which drug to choose?

    • 3.1 Pirantel
    • 3.2 Piperazine
    • 3.3 Albendazole
    • 3.4 Mebendazole
    • 3.5 Levamisole
  • 4 Prevention of disease

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How does the disease manifest itself?


Many doctors are engaged in the problem of the appearance of worms in children. For example, WHO insists that prevention of worms in children is necessary and recommends buying antihelminthic drugs for small children twice a year and conducting a preventive course.

However, some doctors warn parents against this step, recalling the high toxicity of drugs for worms. Therefore, it is better to closely monitor the health of the child, any manifestations that will be discussed below can become a signal of illness.

The great danger of the disease of worms lies in the fact that a child at an early stage of the disease may not have visible manifestations of the disease.

The following symptoms may cause parents to raise the alarm:

  1. the appearance of rashes on the skin;
  2. a child's often dizzy head;
  3. disturbed stool;
  4. vomiting;
  5. swelling of the legs;
  6. the child wants to sleep all the time, and when he falls asleep, he often wakes up, while he can scream in his sleep, grit his teeth;
  7. also his anus may itch;
  8. bitter in the mouth;
  9. muscles may hurt;
  10. the skin turns yellow.

After a doctor has prescribed a diagnosis, the question arises of which medicine to choose for the child. Anthelmintic drugs are of two types: anthelmintic drugs for young children, aimed at destroying one type of bacteria, and broad-spectrum drugs for children.

Of course, the first type of drugs has a stronger effect on parasites, because it takes into account all the features of the vital activity of a particular parasite.

Preparations of a wide spectrum of action contain a smaller amount of potent components, in the composition basically all ingredients are auxiliary. Almost all of them kill worms with 1 application, but only the worms themselves die, and in order to kill the eggs, you need to take a course of the drug.

Features treatment with anthelmintics


Below will be presented the main drugs that can be purchased in pharmacies today, their price, pharmaceutical characteristics and other features.


Children from 6 months can take this anthelmintic drug. It costs about 30 rubles. Perhaps this is the best drug for worms for children. Pirantel treats esterobiasis, noncatorosis, ascariasis, hookworm infection.

Kills parasites from 1 time, but it is necessary to reapply the drug after a few weeks. After the child takes the pill and before taking it again, it is necessary to carefully iron the children's things with an iron: linen, clothes.

When taken, this remedy may cause vomiting, decreased appetite, and stomach pain as a side effect. Pirantel can be taken by children under 3 years old, the rest of the drugs are designed for older children and adults.


The most inexpensive tool, it costs up to 30 rubles. It is used for children from 1 year old. This drug of a narrow spectrum of action, is used only to combat pinworms and ascaris, while not killing parasites, but causing paralysis of their muscles. This is the plus of the drug: the body is not poisoned by toxic substances secreted by parasites at death, and paralyzed worms come out with human feces.

True, the drug also has a significant disadvantage, killing the vital activity of adults, this drug does not kill larvae and eggs. Therefore, with extensive infection, piperazine alone may not cope, it is necessary that the doctor prescribes several more drugs.

Piperazine is gentle and ideal for pregnant women. As side effects, headaches, diarrhea are observed, and if the patient has renal failure, it can cause visual disturbances, tremors.


It costs about 120 rubles. It is used to treat children from two years of age. It is a broad-spectrum drug.

The drug is very strong and toxic, contraindicated for pregnant women and children under two years of age. He also has very extensive side effects: I can have convulsions, impaired consciousness, disorientation, insomnia, vomiting.


The drug is for children from two years old. It is a broad-spectrum drug.

A side effect can be liver damage, elevated liver temperature, and hair loss. Contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women.


It is prescribed for the treatment of ascariasis, necatorosis, ankylostomiasis. It is prescribed for children from 1 year old. This drug causes a very strong intoxication, therefore, the next day after taking levamisole, it recommends taking enetrosorbents, such as activated carbon.

It is also recommended to take antihistamines together with levamisole, for example Zodak, Clarisens, Tsetrin. These medicines can be safely taken by children from 1-2 years old.

Levamisole has a wide range of side effects - diarrhea, dizziness, abdominal pain, cramps, etc.

Disease prevention

Every person needs to know about the prevention of such a dangerous disease as worms. You need to start with the smallest: explain to the children simple rules, observing which, you can protect yourself and your family from this unpleasant disease.

Tell them to remember to clean the toilet every day, wash your hands every time before meals and after using the toilet, change bedding every 3-4 days, don't put your hands in your mouth, don't scratch in the perianal area, don't forget to cut your nails though once a week.

In addition to following these rules, there are a number of drugs, the use of which will help prevent the appearance of worms in the body. For example cream

Pramoxin, which can be applied to the baby's anus 1-2 times a day, or zinc oxide, which can also be applied to the skin of the anus. However, do not get carried away with self-medication, it is necessary at the first suspicion to consult a doctor, because only with the help of an analysis it is possible to find out the type of worms that have settled in the child's body. And using the wrong medication can ruin your baby's health.

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