Worms In Feces - What Do Worms Look Like In An Adult And A Child, Photo

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Worms In Feces - What Do Worms Look Like In An Adult And A Child, Photo
Worms In Feces - What Do Worms Look Like In An Adult And A Child, Photo

Video: Worms In Feces - What Do Worms Look Like In An Adult And A Child, Photo

Video: Worms In Feces - What Do Worms Look Like In An Adult And A Child, Photo
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Helminths have long worried humanity.

Based on this, almost half of the world can be called sick with this unpleasant disease. Today, about 300 species of these parasites are known and it is difficult to imagine that people have been suffering from them since ancient times.


  • 1 How do helminths appear in the body
  • 2 Features of some representatives of parasitic worms
  • 3 How to identify parasites and their presence in the body and feces
  • 4 Stool analysis to identify parasites
  • 5 Basic rules of prevention

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How helminths appear in the body


Helminths are definitely an investigative phenomenon. Parasites can appear in the human body in different ways - not washed vegetables and fruits and their use, not boiled milk, not washed hands.

At the initial stage, it is impossible to see the worms - they enter the body as eggs. A person can become infected with these parasites when he bites his nails, strokes and lets pets near him, and plays in the sandbox.

Helminthiasis is very easily identified by some of the symptoms. First of all, it is nausea, vomiting and weakness, awkwardness in the anus after emptying feces while sitting on a chair.

In the body of children, this is observed most often, since in children the immunity to foreign organisms is much weaker than in an adult. In the child's body, the presence of worms is felt more strongly, and all because of the inability of the body and its underdevelopment. Also, diarrhea, irritability, tearfulness and drowsiness are common in helminthiasis. This is due to the fact that parasites weaken the human body by literally sucking blood.

Features of some representatives of parasitic worms


The easiest way to be sure of suspicions about the presence of worms in the body is to be examined by a specialist by donating feces.

In human feces, worms live and multiply even after leaving the body, thanks to the favorable conditions for these parasites. The eggs that the worm has laid in the feces are in a safe environment that allows their development.

The fact is that you can see these parasites on your own, but after the next emptying. It depends on the type of worms and the characteristics of their exit from the body, since all kinds of helminths can live in a person's feces.

There are two main types of these parasitic worms - tapeworm and round. Sometimes trematodes (parasites-flukes) are also isolated, but this is in very rare cases. The easiest way to see round worms in human feces, and more specifically - pinworms. This parasite is distinguished by the solid structure of its body, so it can be easily distinguished from tapeworms.

The second type of these parasites is flatworms or tapeworms, as they are used to call them. They are distinguished by the flat shape of their body and its unrealistically long dimensions.

The main representative of this species of Ascaris. During its life cycle, the female roundworm can reach a length of 10 cm, and the bovine tapeworm - up to a couple of tens of meters. What is interesting is the fact that when leaving the human body, the flatworm does not leave it completely, but comes out partially, while removing non-living parts of its body for further regeneration of the body.

Based on this, you can roughly predict what kind of worm your body is affected by for further actions and treatment. It is difficult to imagine the whole problematics of this issue, when the quantity and quality of the offspring that worms give is unknown.

This is very important, since it is this factor that affects the speed of treatment and the accurate determination of one or another helminth in the body. For example, an adult mature roundworm can lay almost a million eggs at a time. Everything would be fine, but the problem remains valid - roundworms grow and develop rapidly. It is not easy to withdraw them, but no one said that it was impossible.

Pinworms are another matter. As medical practice shows, pinworms in childhood were infected, if not all, then 95 percent so for sure. And again, everything is connected with nothing more than violations of the rules of personal hygiene, poor cleaning of nails and their haircuts, as well as the use of unwashed fruits and vegetables in food.

These helminths are not as active as their counterpart from the class of flatworms, but they still have a number of features and effects on the human body. Itching and scabies in the anus always accompanies the victim from the effects of these worms on the body, since the female regularly comes out closer to the anus with her eggs.

How to identify parasites and their presence in the body and feces


The fact is that when parasites, helminths enter the body, they begin to multiply violently. As a result, their number in the body grows. Over time, their number becomes so large that they literally penetrate into all the "cracks" of the body, namely the intestines, stomach, and in some cases into the vessels and organs.

Here, in fact, because of their excessive amount, they are simply excreted from the body in the process of exiting feces. It is one thing when, as mentioned above, particles of helminths are excreted from the body. But the point is the release of the eggs of the worms.

Worms and their eggs in the feces of a child are seen better, since the digestive system in children is not fully formed. The worms that live in the feces can be observed when females debug their eggs right in the intestines.

And again it is worth returning to the topic of the number of helminths in the body - there must be a lot of them, so that you can see the eggs of the worms in the feces with your own eyes.

Stool analysis to identify parasites


Much has already been said above, so it is worth adding about the definition of the worms in the feces, and not their eggs.

With such intentions, it is better to go directly to a specialist, while preparing a feces analysis in advance. There they should already take the excrement for analysis and determine. This procedure is done if the worms are visible outside the fecal discharge, and in the case when they are not visible there.

In feces, parasites of the class of roundworms, in most cases, immediately after the division of feces can still be alive. They are displayed in their entirety.

Basic rules of prevention


Let's finish the topic about the problem of worms in the feces and go directly to the rules on how to protect yourself from worms.

First of all, wash your hands. Do this as often as possible. It is even better to wash your hands with special soap, household soap is also allowed. It is also worth mentioning the washing of some foods before eating. It is worth doing this more often, since a freshly bought fruit or vegetable from a supermarket counter is a good place to live for peculiar “foreigners”, including helminths. R

It is recommended to be regularly examined by a doctor, regardless of whether there are symptoms of helminthiasis or not.

Prevention is an excellent way to protect your health from the invasion of these guests. Cutting fingernails and toenails short, cooking meat before eating it, avoiding regular close contact with pets, keeping an eye on your stool, any non-causal changes may give you a reason to think.