Cucumber Tapeworm In Humans - Symptoms Of Infection And Treatment Methods For Tapeworm

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Cucumber Tapeworm In Humans - Symptoms Of Infection And Treatment Methods For Tapeworm
Cucumber Tapeworm In Humans - Symptoms Of Infection And Treatment Methods For Tapeworm

Video: Cucumber Tapeworm In Humans - Symptoms Of Infection And Treatment Methods For Tapeworm

Video: Cucumber Tapeworm In Humans - Symptoms Of Infection And Treatment Methods For Tapeworm
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Worms called cucumber tapeworm or dog tapeworm are one of the types of parasite pathogens in our body. Most often, this parasite is picked up by animals (dogs, cats), cucumber tapeworm in humans is rare. Cucumber tapeworm belongs to the class of tapeworms, the cucumber helminth got this name, because it looks like a cucumber, or rather cucumber seeds.

An adult borage can be up to seventy cm long, and no more than three millimeters wide. On the body of the worm there is a proboscis and suckers, there are only 4 of them, on the head of the parasite there are four rows of hooks. With the help of hooks, the parasite clings to the intestinal walls.

Each helminth carries a cocoon containing eggs. When the segments of the cucumber tapeworm become independently active and detach from the helminth, their shell falls apart, and the eggs are planted in the intestinal cavity.


  • 1 Development of cucumber tapeworm
  • 2 Symptoms of the disease
  • 3 Treatment methods
  • 4 Preventive measures

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The development of the cucumber tapeworm


The cucumber tapeworm parasite itself develops with the participation of two owners. The main carrier of this parasite is the flea of animals. Human infection can occur completely by accident. The flea is an intermediate carrier in the body of which the invasion is formed.

Active segments come out with feces. And when these feces with eggs enter the environment, their shell bursts, and the eggs are swallowed by fleas, then there is a chain reaction - fleas infect animals. A person can become infected if he accidentally swallows a flea; this can happen when eating foods that have gotten into animal hair.

Infection with such a parasite as cucumber tapeworm occurs mainly in the spring and summer. As a rule, children pick up parasites much more often than adults.

When it enters the small intestine, the tapeworm clings to its walls. The stage of maturation of the helminth occurs on the twentieth day. At this stage, parasitic properties are shown, which accompany the development of clinical relapses.

Cucumber tapeworm infects not only street animals, but also domestic inhabitants. In order to protect yourself and your beloved pet, you need to make sure that your pet does not have fleas, systematically observe the rules of hygiene.

A person or an animal is already the final carrier of this parasite, and cannot infect others.

For a person, infection with such a helminth can be fraught with the most unpredictable consequences:

  1. the occurrence of anemia;
  2. various allergic manifestations;
  3. malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract.

Symptoms of the disease


Although a person very rarely can become infected with this disease, if the parasite has already entered the body, then the symptoms are very pronounced.

Signs of manifestation:

  1. nervous excitement;
  2. lack of appetite;
  3. headache;
  4. dizziness;
  5. nausea;
  6. vomiting;
  7. strong salivation;
  8. severe itching in the anus;
  9. diarrhea;
  10. rapid weight loss;
  11. pallor of the skin;
  12. frequent and intense pain in the navel area.

All of the above symptoms can also appear in the feces of cucumber tapeworm.

If a person develops symptoms similar to infection with cucumber tapeworm, then you should go to a specialist as soon as possible, self-medication can lead to bad consequences. The specialist will identify which particular parasite is in the body and prescribe the appropriate drugs and give advice on all the nuances in the fight against invasion.

Treatment methods


In order not to get infected with borage, you must follow several main rules:

  1. If there is a pet in the home, then helminth infection is likely. In order for this not to happen, it is necessary to carry out prophylaxis with anthelmintic agents for the pet regularly, bathe with special anti-flea shampoos, and give medicine against worms.
  2. Cucumber tapeworm cannot appear in a person who observes the rules of hygiene, washes his hands after visiting the bathroom, on the street and after petting his pet. This most basic rule should be known to both children and adults, since through the hands of parasites and bacteria appear in the body.
  3. You can not contact with street animals, they are the first carriers of parasites. For this, it is imperative to explain to the child what can happen due to the usual stroking of a street little kitten or puppy. If the child has had contact with a street animal, then he must immediately wash his hands with soap and water. In order for the child to have a more accessible concept of infection with parasites, you can show a video about helminths.

When the first symptoms of infection with this type of worms appear, you should immediately consult a doctor, self-medication can lead to deterioration in health and further complications.

It is easier to remove the cucumber tapeworm and without consequences at an early stage. The specialist will prescribe tests to identify the type of parasite and only after that you can start treatment. Which is assigned directly based on the obtained test results.

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