Trichomonas - Treatment Of Trichomoniasis In Men And Women

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Trichomonas - Treatment Of Trichomoniasis In Men And Women
Trichomonas - Treatment Of Trichomoniasis In Men And Women

Video: Trichomonas - Treatment Of Trichomoniasis In Men And Women

Video: Trichomonas - Treatment Of Trichomoniasis In Men And Women
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No one in the world, even the all-knowing experts of the World Health Organization (WHO), know exactly what millions and billions of dollars the fight against HIV is costing humanity. Against the backdrop of this never-ending campaign, the challenges of treating a host of other sexually transmitted diseases seem insignificant.

Practicing venereologists are well aware: how many human destinies, strong marriages and happy families were broken by a single one - Trichomonas. Microscopic, unadapted to an aggressive environment, in the human body, it nevertheless develops such a violent activity that the life of the victim turns into a living hell.


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Under attack - every tenth


Unbelievable, but it is a fact. Not AIDS, but trichomoniasis - an ailment that affects the genitourinary system, among the leaders among infectious diseases transmitted during sexual intercourse. And according to the same WHO, more than 10% of the world's population suffers from it. The microorganism, known to science under the Latin name Trichomonas vaginalis, like a virus, is distinguished by a fair amount of insidiousness and destructive effect on the reproductive organs.

In the male body, it behaves for a long time quieter than water, lower than grass. So the victim of the sterner sex does not even know about her. And at this time, it can infect more than one woman. But as it develops, the infection begins to strike at the normal functioning of the prostate gland, provoking the development of prostatitis, impotence, back pain and memory impairment.

So, underestimating her, like any enemy, is highly undesirable. As well as delaying a visit to the doctor. It is enough to provide correct, timely treatment and Trichomonas will leave only unpleasant memories in itself, instead of chronic problems.

Symptoms and Diagnosis


The harmful microorganism does not immediately manifest itself. The duration of the incubation period, during which he manages to get stronger and start acting, on average, is from 10 days to a month. Regardless of gender, the developed infection manifests itself quite painfully.

In men, it is accompanied at first by itching and burning when urinating. Later, inflammation of the outer side of the urethral opening and the appearance of whitish or transparent discharge. Gradually, the symptoms worsen.

The fair half of humanity experiences much more unpleasant sensations in comparison with the stronger sex. Pain during urination, itching and irritation of the labia, heaviness in the lower abdomen, menstrual irregularities, purulent gray-yellow discharge and severe cramps in the vaginal area at the time of intercourse. In some cases, ulcers may form on the labia.

The procedure is simple - first, a sample of discharge is taken: from the urethra in men, and from the back of the vagina in women. Samples are examined under a microscope. Trichomonas are highly mobile and it is not difficult to notice them. Usually half an hour is enough for the final diagnosis.

But this is not always the case. Sometimes the appearance of the parasite differs markedly from the typical one. In this case, one has to resort to "heavy artillery": to check the DNA of microorganisms from the taken smear for compliance with the "program" of other known pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases, to examine the patient's venous blood for antibodies that counteract the aggression of the parasite.

How is Trichomonas treated?


No matter how primitive the structure of Trichomonas is, the treatment of the disease is very difficult. Therefore, the patient should give up any hope of self-healing. The advice of already healed friends and acquaintances will not help here, but will only aggravate the anamnesis.

The whole process should take place under the vigilant supervision of the attending physician. In the arsenal of the latter, not only drugs, but also strict prescriptions, which are strictly not recommended to be violated.

With antibiotics. As practice has shown, the well-known Trichopolis perfectly copes with the parasite. And also drugs based on it: Tiberal, Tinidazole and Nimorazole. For women, vaginal suppositories Ginalgin, Klion-D or Pimafucin are suitable.

For women, only a physician can select the correct dosage and regimen. Therefore, amateur performance on the part of the patient is contraindicated. To enhance the effect and support the immune system, all kinds of multivitamins are often prescribed. The necessary ones, again, will be determined by the doctor.

The role of the patient in this case is reduced to the exact adherence to these instructions. Symptoms usually resolve within two weeks of starting the medication. And here it is difficult for the victim of Trichomonas to resist the temptation to abandon treatment.

You don't need to give in to him in any case. Don't confuse relief with recovery. The parasites have not yet been killed, but hid. It takes at least a month to completely defeat them.

An important nuance

All this time, both sexual partners must take drugs and follow the doctor's instructions. For them, for this period, a taboo is imposed on sex, alcohol and spicy food. Neither one nor the other, nor the third, does not contribute to recovery at all and all efforts can be lost.

After a month's course of therapy, repeated tests are performed. A woman at this time needs to be examined regularly by a gynecologist for 3 months, a man - by an andrologist. But, as doctors say, one course of therapy is not enough.

In most cases, Trichomonas are still present in the body, although they do not reproduce. Then a second course is prescribed. In general, it can take up to 3 years for patients to heal completely. Of course, subject to regular treatment and following all the rules.

But then you shouldn't relax. Immunity to Trichomonas in the human body, alas, is not developed. And any sexual affair “on the side” threatens the parasite's early return.

How to treat at home


Traditional medicine has accumulated considerable experience in the fight against an unpleasant disease. Just remember that her recommendations are suitable for concomitant rather than primary treatment. Therefore, before you plunge headlong into reading all kinds of "medical books", consult with doctors.

They have earned a positive reputation:

  • garlic and onions. The squeezed out and carefully strained juice of these plants should be diluted with glycerin in a ratio of 1/1 suitable for vaginal microclysters and rinsing the head of the urethra. But not recommended for pregnant women.
  • aloe. An excellent medicinal plant. The juice of flowers over 3 years old, squeezed onto a tampon, helps to relieve inflammation of the vaginal walls. However, you should not get carried away with the procedure.
  • horseradish. A kilogram of root, finely grated and filled with a liter of water, should be infused in the refrigerator for a day. Use within a month for douching and rinsing the head of the urethra.
  • calendula. An excellent antiseptic, in no way inferior to aloe juice. The flowers of this plant and steep boiling water in a ratio of 1/3 will give a decoction, which after 2-3 hours of infusion can also be used for microclysters and rinsing.

And I would like to finish our review with the old parable of the fox.

- How many ways do you know to escape from a dog? - asked the redhead.

“A thousand and one,” the cheat replied. - The main thing is to never meet with her.

This remark is quite true for sexually transmitted diseases. In families where a man and a woman do not make connections "on the side" of Trichomonas is unlikely to ever appear. And those who do not yet have a permanent sexual partner should remember that casual sex must be protected.

And if none of you has a strong desire to make a personal contribution to the statistics of the growth of sexually transmitted diseases - use a condom. Since the time of the loving English king Henry VIII, mankind has not yet come up with a more reliable means of protection. Protect yourself and be healthy!