Worms - How To Understand That You Have Worms, Symptoms And Signs

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Worms - How To Understand That You Have Worms, Symptoms And Signs
Worms - How To Understand That You Have Worms, Symptoms And Signs

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In the recent past, it was believed that helminths "start" only in people who lead an asocial lifestyle or disdain the rules of personal hygiene.

This diagnosis was indecent, and its owners were terribly shy and hid it. It is for this reason that many were afraid to turn to specialists in order to carry out the necessary diagnostic measures aimed at identifying worms. Fortunately, the situation has changed dramatically in our time.

Today, many know that parasites can appear even in those who keep their bodies and homes clean.

Their presence is not a shameful diagnosis, but a problem that requires an immediate solution, since helminths cause many serious diseases. So everyone who cares about their health should know if there are worms in his body.


  • 1 Symptoms suggestive of parasites in an adult
  • 2 How to understand that a child has parasites
  • 3 What to do to understand if there are parasites in the body

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Symptoms Indicating Parasites in an Adult


In general, the signs of helminthiasis in children and adults are similar, but there are still some differences. Now we will look at the symptoms of this problem in people of mature age, since they are the ones who read our material.

The second part of the article will talk about the signs of parasite infestation in babies.

Appetite disorders

For a long time, increased appetite is considered the main symptom of the presence of worms. You can often hear people who are constantly chewing something are advised to pass the appropriate tests. Indeed, gluttony (this is not an insult, but a medical term) often indicates the presence of worms. But sometimes excessive appetite is caused by other problems, in particular, increased metabolism.

Sometimes, after the appearance of parasites, people, on the contrary, lose their appetite. Of course, it sometimes disappears for other reasons. In any case, it is useful to see a doctor if you experience one of these symptoms.

Weight loss

Unexpected and unfounded weight loss should always be alarming. Even if you are on a weight loss diet, it should go away gradually.

If the kilograms began to evaporate at a high speed (especially if you did not plan to part with them), this may indicate the presence of "uninvited guests."

Itching and discomfort in the anus

Many consider this common symptom to be the first sign of hemorrhoids. But sometimes unpleasant sensations in this area are caused by worms. After all, it is through the anus that they usually leave our body.

Of course, having felt itching in this part of your body, it cannot be ruled out that this indicates hemorrhoids. But it's wise to get tested for worms too.


Many of those who do not know how to find out if there are worms, do not even know that one of their signs is anemia. The reasons for its appearance with helminthiasis are quite obvious.

Parasites often feed on human blood, which reduces the amount of red blood cells in it - erythrocytes. So if you notice anemia in yourself - contact a medical institution and do not forget to get tested, which we will talk about below.

Disorders in the digestive system

Think about how well your intestines are working. Frequent constipation or, conversely, diarrhea may indicate the presence of parasites.

Bloating, belching, and frequent vomiting may indicate the same. Of course, more often these problems speak of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, but it cannot be ruled out that they are caused by worms.

Nervous system disorders

It is difficult to argue with the fact that modern life is very difficult. Stress lies in wait for us everywhere: at work, in transport, on the street, in shops and even at home. And the one who does not experience them is unique today. As a rule, we do not at all associate the state of constant stress with the presence of worms, but in vain.

Drowsiness, lethargy, apathy, irritability, lack of strength to do anything, depression, chronic fatigue - if you feel any of this, it is likely that the worms have settled in your body and began to dominate there. So do not delay and contact the specialists.

Parasites will go away - problems from the nervous system will also disappear. Life without worms is much quieter in every sense.

Chronic runny nose and cough

Disturbances in the work of the respiratory system also often indicate infection with helminths, because they often penetrate the lungs. One of the most common symptoms is a chronic cough.

If you are constantly coughing and cannot solve this problem with the help of medicines and folk remedies, it is useful to be tested for parasites. It is likely that it is their activity that causes the cough. The same goes for chronic rhinitis and other similar phenomena.

Persistent colds

If a person has worms, his immunity is always reduced. And this is understandable. Parasites "steal" resources that are vital to us ourselves. As a result, the body naturally weakens. And the surest sign of this is constant colds.

Lesion of the skin

In the presence of helminths, people often notice various skin problems. If the body has worms, redness, peeling, rash, acne, papillomas, boils, etc. often appear on the face and body. Again, sometimes the causes of their occurrence are completely unrelated to worms.

But if you are trying to cure rashes, abscesses and inflammations with the help of medicines and cosmetics, and the effect is zero, it is reasonable to get tested. Otherwise, the worm will destroy your body not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

Teeth grinding in sleep

Of course, on your own you will not be able to determine whether you are grinding your teeth during sleep.

But if you notice this symptom in someone close to you, it is quite possible that it is infected with helminths. The faster you diagnose, the better.

How to understand that a child has parasites


The process of diagnosing helminthiasis in children without tests is complicated by the fact that the child cannot always correctly formulate the answer to the question of what exactly worries him. And kids won't be able to tell about it at all.

So parents need to know: there is a specific list of symptoms that indicate the presence of worms.

First of all, violations in the behavior of the child may indicate this. If the baby has become too moody, restless, it is quite possible that he has developed parasites.

Opposite signs often speak about the same: lethargy, passivity, increased fatigue, loss of interest in the world around, parents, games, sports, studies. If you notice that your child's behavior has changed, this is in any case a reason to go to the doctor. But don't forget to check it for helminths as well.

The presence of parasites in children is often indicated by such non-obvious signs as brittle hair and nails, peeling of the skin on the body and face, increased salivation during sleep, and an increase in cravings for sweets.

If the baby is constantly scratching the anus, infection with helminths is more than likely. Moreover, often worms (usually pinworms) even crawl out of the anus of children. This happens most often during sleep. If you find worms in the crib, go to the doctor immediately.

What to do to understand if there are parasites in the body


We hope our article has given you comprehensive information on how to understand that you have worms. But only a specialist can give the final answer to this question.

The most accurate diagnostic method today is the analysis of feces for worm eggs. He surrenders three times in a row. This allows the laboratory employee to identify if there are parasites in the stool and which ones.

After that, the doctor prescribes a treatment that will allow you to forget about worms very soon.

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