Prevention Of Helminthiasis In Humans: TOP 5 Recipes And Antihelminthic Drugs For Prevention

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Prevention Of Helminthiasis In Humans: TOP 5 Recipes And Antihelminthic Drugs For Prevention
Prevention Of Helminthiasis In Humans: TOP 5 Recipes And Antihelminthic Drugs For Prevention

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Helminthiases are diseases that arise during the development of lower multicellular organisms in the body, they are called helminths.

They are found everywhere, for example, in water, food, land. Therefore, it is very important to know what kind of prevention of helminthiasis exists in order to protect against their defeat.


  • 1 Preventive measures
  • 2 Prophylaxis with drugs
  • 3 Hygienic prevention
  • 4 Food processing

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Preventive actions


Prevention of helminthiasis is a specific set of measures aimed at reducing the risk of infection with parasites. That is, this is the prevention of possible infection and the elimination of contact with pathogenic microbes.

Infection is believed to be caused by eating food that has not been properly cleaned. These are not washed vegetables, berries, fruits, and the development of the disease can also be triggered by plain water.

Liquid that has not been boiled or is infested with worms from wild plants and herbs.

In addition, you can become infected with parasites in other ways. The most common method of infection is contact with animals. It can be a pet or an outdoor pet, they are the most likely to carry parasite eggs.

It is very important to consume meat that is well cooked or fried so that all microbes are destroyed during heat treatment. Fish delicacies can be infected with parasite eggs, for this reason, you should try not to eat half-cooked fish.

Infection with helminths can occur if you swim in a body of water or in close contact with the ground affected by the infection. You can often hear a warning from health care workers to wash their hands upon returning from the street. In public places, a person comes into contact with various objects, and they contain various bacteria that lead to infection.

All meat and fish products must be heat treated. Wash your hands with soap and water as often as possible, and also try to completely eliminate contact with people who have diseases such as enterobiasis and hymenolepiasis. Drink plain water only after it has been boiled.

Infection with helminthiases is possible at home, most often this is due to the accumulation of dust on household items. In order to prevent illness, it is necessary to wet the house as often as possible.

When cooking, keep an eye on the cleanliness of kitchen tools; also, the dishes must be thoroughly washed and preferably doused with boiling water. In summer, do not swim in polluted water bodies.

As a rule, before the swimming season, experts take samples for contamination and then inform people about the presence of reservoirs that are suitable for swimming. Also, the prevention of the disease provides for the refusal to travel to tropical countries, where the situation is unfavorable.

Prevention with the use of drugs


Health care workers do not always support this method of protection, as it is a one-off. The result cannot persist for a long period of time; a few days after taking the drug, parasite infection is possible.

Most of the population, with mild illness, is in no hurry to seek medical help, and this leads to serious problems and the development of other diseases. It is very difficult to determine the defeat of the body by parasites by symptoms, since they are insignificant, which is what poses a health hazard.

Treatment and prevention of helminths without a diagnosis is still possible. If the house is inhabited by animals such as dogs, cats or rodents. A person who is at risk systematically carries out prevention using anthelmintic drugs.

People who work with the earth or use dirty liquid can drink medicines for parasites without a doctor's prescription. When helminthiasis is found in one family member, the rest of the prophylaxis is necessary.

Choosing drugs must take into account which parasite is in the body. All medicines have a different type of effect. For example, when infected with opisthorchiasis, it is recommended to use azinox or biltricide preparations. They will be more effective in this case. And when the body is damaged by such a parasite as invasions, decaris is used.

In the treatment of the disease, drugs can be used - vermox, pyrantel, nemozol, sanoxal, vormin. They are considered to be effective remedies for helminthiasis infection.

Hygienic prevention


To protect the entry into the body of adult worms, personal hygiene must be observed. Most types of helminthiasis get inside through dirty limbs of the hands. Everyone knows from childhood that they should be kept clean. But adults sometimes neglect simple rules, and helminths develop in the body. To protect yourself from them, you need to make it a rule to wash your hands before eating.

After returning from a walk, wash your hands under warm water using an antibacterial agent. When buying vegetables or fruits, a person tries them, but doctors do not recommend doing this. This conclusion is based on the fact that unwashed food contains a significant amount of helminth eggs.

You can get infected with parasites as you like. For example, through baskets or carts in supermarkets, holding on to the handrail in public transport.

When visiting the toilet, it is also necessary to wash your hands for prevention. This is due to the fact that helminthiases can persist on the toilet. The toilet must be regularly treated with disinfectants.

There are parasites that are transmitted by contact, such as enterobiasis or hymenolepiasis. Infection is possible through a handshake with a sick person, the eggs of the parasites fall on the skin, and then penetrate into the body, where they begin to develop.

Treatment is with drugs. When a family member is infected with an infection, it is required as a preventive measure to often change bedding, wash it only at high temperatures, and iron it after drying. It is worth performing daily hygiene procedures.

Food processing


A significant number of parasites develop in fish and animals. Eating food that is contaminated with gilmitosis is very dangerous to human life.

Infection of vegetables, fruits, herbs, plants, berries, greens occurs when the soil is fertilized with manure, or when they are watered with non-pure water. Fish foods are often carriers of parasite species such as tapeworm or feline fluke.

To prevent the risk of infection, there are some tips for eating fish that need to be followed. Before cutting the carcass, a visual examination is carried out. It should be cut according to the rules, and when cooking and frying, watch out for readiness. If it is just boiled, then the process should be long. When it is fried, it is necessary to constantly turn the fish over.

Eating meat from infected animals is a serious threat to life. For example, if you eat contaminated pork, you can get teniasis. Infected lamb or beef provokes the onset of a disease such as teniarinchiasis. To prevent disease, you need to carefully inspect the meat product before purchasing, as well as during cooking.

To prevent possible infection, it is necessary to avoid steaks with blood, do not eat raw meat, such as minced meat. When cooking meat, the processing temperature should reach about 200 degrees, and the product needs to be boiled for an hour.

When cooking meat, many prefer to boil it in a large piece. But this is not correct, small pieces are required to cook, up to a maximum of 8 centimeters. This promotes better cooking of the product. Pathogenic microorganisms die when the food product is deeply frozen.

It is advisable to purchase meat in stores where a sanitary examination is regularly carried out, which does not allow parasitic products to be sold. As a rule, an examination is carried out for the presence of Trichinella, which are considered the most dangerous to health.

Most often, children who attend educational institutions are susceptible to parasites. And they can already infect adults, so it is extremely important to observe preventive measures. The disease can be treated with special drugs.

Today pharmacology offers a large selection of medicines, which are mainly available in tablet form. The drugs are required to be used only after examination by the attending physician. Each medicine is aimed at fighting a specific parasite.

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