Flies Before The Eyes: Causes Of Appearance, Diseases And Courses Of Treatment

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Flies Before The Eyes: Causes Of Appearance, Diseases And Courses Of Treatment
Flies Before The Eyes: Causes Of Appearance, Diseases And Courses Of Treatment

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Most people could observe certain stripes or dots in front of their eyes, which flicker from side to side, and then completely disappear from view. Medicine calls this phenomenon "flies before the eyes." Let's figure out where they come from, what is the reason for their appearance, and what diseases may be associated with this.


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  • 3 What can be the diseases of the eye?
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What are flies in the eyes?

Flies in the eyes are an ophthalmic symptom, and it is associated with various diseases. It is often observed in old people and sometimes in young people. With this effect, vision does not fall, but it brings inconvenience when everything around is visible, as if through an eyepiece splashed with mud. This effect is also called vitreous opacity.

There is no danger to health as such, but contacting a specialist will not be superfluous.

Why do flies fly before my eyes?

Some, noticing midges in their eyes, panic and try to find out the reasons for their appearance, in which case the person does everything right, but in the end it may not be so scary. When looking at a lamp, the sun, the sky or a white surface, the flies will show themselves, but they will disappear rather quickly.


When observing flies on an ongoing basis, especially if they bring discomfort, you need to seek help from an ophthalmologist or therapist. Perhaps a person has signs of an ophthalmic disease.

Flies in the eyes of the cause:

  • a sharp increase or decrease in blood pressure caused by hypertension. If flies fly in front of your eyes, perhaps the blood supply is disturbed, sudden vasospasms with increased pressure rupture the capillaries of the eye;
  • fasting, poisoning, or heavy bleeding;
  • physical overwork, stress;
  • migraine, diseases of the central nervous system;
  • diabetes mellitus in the late stages can affect the blood vessels of the brain and cause eye flies;
  • osteochondrosis of the vertebral neck sections presses on the blood vessels leading not only to the brain, but also to the eyes;
  • severe pregnancy, constant toxicosis.

What kind of eye diseases can there be?


The resulting defect can be a harbinger of such basic diseases as:

  • hemophthalmus, with it, blood enters the vitreous, and the reason for this is trauma or any other damage to the eye;
  • retinal problems that develop into a veil that can only be removed surgically;
  • diabetic or hypertensive angiopathy, which disrupts the circulatory system in the eye;
  • cataract, which is characterized by a fly in the eye or a slight fog, possibly a bifurcation of objects or people in the field of view. It is dangerous and threatens with serious visual impairment;
  • detachment of the back of the CT;
  • hemorrhage;
  • retinal detachment and uveitis;
  • anemia is accompanied by hidden and obvious bleeding, leads to fainting and weakness, flies appear before the eyes.

Diseases of the brain


Neurological diseases also cause visual impairments. For example, a migraine causes a persistent headache in one half of the brain. Flies in front of your eyes, flashes of light and speech problems are a harbinger of this condition. Traumatic brain injury seriously disrupts the functioning of not only the brain, but also the eyes, people in this state experience a spark in their eyes or flickering flies.

With the following symptoms, flies also fly in the eyes (associated with a head injury): a person loses consciousness, experiences a severe headache, dizzy, vomiting, memory loss and convulsions.

A tumor in the occipital lobe of the brain causes flies, flashes of light and various shapes in the field of view. When the condition worsens, color perception is lost. Fortunately, this condition is rare.

Flies in the eyes treatment

In fact, there are no drugs that would eliminate this ailment, some argue that there are such, but they cannot be effective. However, there are those that affect the metabolism in the body and prevent the flies from developing further:

  • drops Emoxipin (three times a day drop by drop), the period of admission is a month;
  • Wobenzym tablets (three times a day, 5 tablets) for 3-4 weeks.

A fly in the eye, which causes damage to the retina, can lead to its detachment, and in order to prevent this, you will have to go for laser surgery. There are two ways to do it:

  1. using a VAG laser, in which the affected areas are crushed with a laser beam, such an operation is rarely performed, since it has strong side effects;
  2. replacement of the vitreous with saline. This method is unsafe, has complications, but is very effective, and is used in case of an exception.

Let's not pass by folk remedies. When flies appear, you should go to a healthy lifestyle (healthy lifestyle), because the condition of the eyes depends on the overall work of the body. This method will be the simplest:

  • balance your food intake;
  • do simple physical education or more difficult exercises;
  • do not work beyond your strength;
  • stop smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • do eye gymnastics;
  • sleep for 7-8 hours.

Seek medical attention if flies appear after a head injury, with a large number of them, and vague spots.

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