Birch Tar - Use To Cleanse The Body

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Birch Tar - Use To Cleanse The Body
Birch Tar - Use To Cleanse The Body
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Birch tar - application. Tar is an old folk remedy for many diseases. Taking birch tar inside has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system, dissolves atherosclerotic plaques, lowers the level of dangerous cholesterol in the blood, cleanses the body of worms, parasites, pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Promotes the elimination of toxic substances, carcinogens, toxins, normalizes the entire gastrointestinal tract, treats infectious diseases of the genitourinary sphere, pathologies of the upper respiratory tract, colds, including infectious (otitis media, laryngitis, tonsillitis), oncology.

The benefits of tar are appreciated by both doctors and patients, even ardent opponents of traditional medicine cannot deny the miraculous effect of tar on the body. Most often, birch tar is used to treat dermatological diseases, followed by cleansing the body.

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  • 1 Cleansing the body with birch tar
  • 2 Production process and composition of birch tar
  • 3 Birch tar - benefits and harms
  • 4 Birch tar - instructions for use
  • 5 Birch tar - use to cleanse the body
  • 6 Things to Consider If You Want to Start Cleansing

    6.1 Treatment of helminthic invasions

  • 7 Indications for cleaning with birch tar
  • 8 Recipes for cleaning the body with tar
  • 9 Positive Effects of Cleansing the Body
  • 10 Harm and contraindications when using birch tar when cleansing the body
  • 11 What changes will occur in the body after a course of tar cleansing
  • 12 Tar cleansing: reviews

Cleansing the body with birch tar

Cleansing the body implies a comprehensive cleansing of all internal organs from milestone to bottom. And you need to start from the center - this is the intestine. The gastrointestinal tract is the main organ of nutrition and excretion of the whole organism, therefore it must be kept clean. Of course, with today's lifestyles, this is almost impossible to do. We recommend that you purify the body in stages: know your diagnosis and use natural remedies for treatment. After cleansing, stick to a proper diet and lifestyle so that you no longer have to resort to treatment.

Birch tar - application
Birch tar - application

Birch tar - application. In the pharmacy, you can find many cheap and natural medicines, the use of which people have found tens, if not hundreds of years ago. Medicines obtained from natural raw materials are in no way inferior to synthetic medicines in terms of the degree of effectiveness, and sometimes they are many times superior. And since the issues of effective cleansing of the body are now gaining relevance due to the increasing deterioration of the ecological situation on the planet, it is worth mentioning one tool - birch tar.

This drug has found a wide variety of applications for more than one hundred years. Nowadays, birch tar purchased in a pharmacy is often used by folk medicine both as an external and internal medicine, one of the purposes of which is to cleanse the body of toxins, slags and pathogens.

What other useful properties does birch tar have and how to use it so as not to harm yourself? Now we will find out.

Production process and composition of birch tar

Birch tar - application. Birch tar was very popular in Russia, and the tar craft was considered a very honorable occupation. Initially, tarters supplied tar for technical purposes - they lubricated wooden wheels, leather and fabric clothes, since tar has strong water repellency. The secrets of tar mining have been passed down by craftsmen from generation to generation. With the discovery of the beneficial properties of tar (the ability to remove parasites, fight tumors, treat skin ailments), its demand has also increased. Now, of course, there is no point in getting tar - to get it, you just need to look at the nearest pharmacy.

The next step is fractional distillation of this liquid. As a result, medical birch tar (low-boiling fraction) and tar for technical needs (high-boiling fraction) are obtained.

Birch tar consists of resins, cresols, phenolic compounds, toluene, benzene, xylene, salicylic acid, phytoncides, organic acids, guaiacol (it is this substance that determines the disinfecting and anti-rotting effect of birch tar).

Birch tar - benefits and harms

Birch tar - application
Birch tar - application

The substance of the product is black, thick, with a characteristic odor. Currently, the properties of birch tar are well understood, the instructions for using the product are quite detailed. These qualities allow at the present time to use the agent as: bactericidal; antipruritic; absorbable; regenerating. The composition of birch tar contains resin that determine its benefits and harms, phytoncides, natural organic acids, phenol, toluene, dioxybenzene.

Birch tar - application. The main application of the product is external use in the treatment of skin diseases to cleanse the skin, relieve irritation and inflammation, since the product has wonderful disinfecting properties.

For internal use, birch tar is not used too often, there are some nuances here, and I will talk about them below in the instructions for use. Healers are sure that the remedy effectively copes and helps with: inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract; oncological diseases; urolithiasis and dysfunction of the genitourinary system; colds; infections in the mouth.

Birch tar - instructions for use

Birch tar - application. In order to get the maximum benefit and not harm your health, with the internal use of birch tar, you should know that the product is not used in its pure form, it must be diluted with milk and water:

  • female diseases of an inflammatory nature, diseases of the genitourinary system. For the treatment of these diseases, tar is taken with a tablespoon of milk according to the following scheme: on the first day, drop 1 drop, on the second - 2, and so on, add until you reach 15 drops per tablespoon. Then gradually reduce the amount drop by drop a day until you reach 5. After that, stop the treatment;
  • atherosclerosis. It is useful to add in 50 ml. milk 10 drops of tar and drink 1 time a day. Take the course - 45 days;
  • mastopathy. The tool is used according to the following scheme: 200 ml. take 3 drops of milk in the first 3 days, in the next 3 - 5 drops each, for the next 3 days, increase the dose to 7 drops for the same 200 ml. milk. The course of treatment can be repeated after a pause of 10 days;
  • the following recipe for the treatment of mastopathy: drip 5 drops of tar on a small piece of bread and eat it before bed. Add a drop the next day. Then add daily drop by drop, bringing the number of them to 10. For the next two weeks, eat a piece of bread with 10 drops daily, then start reducing the number of drops, bringing to 5. The total course of treatment will last 24 days;
  • lung diseases, bronchitis. Add tar to cold, filtered water (and 8 parts of water - 1 part of the product). Let stand 2 days at room temperature. Consume under Art. spoon in the evening for 10 days;
  • worms. The treatment lasts 12 days. Add 1 drop of tar to a spoonful of honey on the first day. Then increase the number of drops daily by one.

Birch tar - use to cleanse the body

Of course, nobody uses tar in its natural form. Such experiments can lead to dire consequences. The drugs remove cholesterol, toxins, heavy metals, and other harmful substances from the body. Tar restores bowel function and takes care of strengthening the immune system. If you suffer from infections every season, then such cleaning will relieve you of bronchitis.

Birch tar - application
Birch tar - application

The use of birch tar in cleansing the body is a fairly well-known procedure, but the reviews about it are sometimes literally enthusiastic. After completing only half of the course, my friend noted that her skin became clear: acne disappears, the body, not only the face, became soft as silk to the touch and velvety; you will forget about constipation; joint pain will pass; get rid of excess sweating.

I want to warn you right away that this is not a completely safe way, but if you act carefully and according to the instructions, or under the supervision of a doctor, then the cleansing of the body will take place effectively and without harm. Take the warning seriously: the tar contains a carcinogen - benzopyrine, exceeding its dosage increases the risk of oncology.

Carry out the procedure no more than 2 times a year, in spring and autumn:

  • to cleanse the body, treat with a course of 24 days;
  • in milk at room temperature (50 - 100 ml.) Drop from 5 to 10 drops, no more. Start with 5 drops, gradually increasing to 10. Take 1 hour before meals, once a day. It will take 5 days;
  • from day 6 to day 19, eat bread with 10 drops of the product;
  • then begin to reduce the dose: on day 20 - 9 drops, and one drop every day, bringing the amount to 5. The total course of cleansing lasts 24 days.

Birch tar - application. Some sources indicate a longer time for using tar to cleanse the body, but do not forget that when used uncontrolled, the product may not be beneficial but harm, birch tar is not entirely harmless.

Sometimes it is very important to pay attention to cleansing the whole body. This procedure will not only improve your well-being, but also prevent possible diseases.

What to consider if you want to start cleansing

  • Birch tar - application. There is no doubt that birch tar has antibacterial, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory properties. Official medicine recommends it for external use in inflammatory diseases and skin injuries, dislocations, cuts, fungal infections;
  • no clinical trials have been conducted on the use of birch tar internally. One can only assume that this natural substance may well be useful for cleansing the mucous membranes of the intestines, blood, tissues and organs. Especially when it comes to inflammatory diseases;
  • the dosage of birch tar should be selected individually and start taking with one drop of the drug. Gradually increase and bring no more than 7-10 drops. The duration of the first course of treatment is a maximum of 10 days;
Birch tar - application
Birch tar - application
  • it cannot be said that cleansing the body with birch tar is a dangerous treatment. Although the ingredients in its composition are not healing in themselves. In small doses, they can have a stimulating effect on metabolism, strengthening the immune system. In addition, they help us get rid of microbes, fungi, parasites;
  • unfortunately, there are no clear, developed schemes, the selection of dosages should be carried out individually, there are no reliable criteria for monitoring treatment;
  • this method can be used by people who believe in it and have their own experience of using it for health.

Treatment of helminthic invasions

Birch tar - application. Tar contributes to the destruction with the subsequent excretion of lamblia, tapeworms, ascaris and other parasites and worms. Traditional healers recommend cleaning from worms in a course that lasts from 16 to 24 days. The easiest way is to take the tar added to natural honey. The remedy is taken on an empty stomach, before bedtime, with a glass of drinking water.

A portion of honey during the entire course remains unchanged - 1 tsp. The amount of tar depends on the day of therapy. On the first day, 1 drop of resin is added to honey, on the second - 2, on the third - 3, and so on until the 8th day. The countdown begins from the 9th day, bringing the number of drops of tar to 1. A repeated course (if necessary) is possible after a 10-day break. It should be noted that it is advisable to use birch tar from parasites under the control of a parasitologist with laboratory tests.

According to the reviews of numerous patients, birch tar, when taken internally, has a positive effect on the entire body. After the course of treatment, the susceptibility to ARVI decreases, the bronchi and lungs are cleared, intestinal motility is activated, the stool is normalized, blood vessels are strengthened, hair loss stops, the color and condition of the skin improves.

Indications for cleansing with birch tar

In folk medicine, this substance has found application as a cleansing agent, since it has pronounced antibacterial, antiseptic, antiparasitic properties. It removes from the body under-oxidized and harmful intermediate metabolic products, cholesterol, heavy metals, uric acid and many other toxins.

Birch tar - application. Cleansing the body with birch tar is the method of choice. Since antiseptic properties are very pronounced in it, it is best to apply this cleaning if you suspect helminthic invasions, with dysbiosis and chronic inflammatory bowel diseases

Birch tar - application
Birch tar - application

In folk medicine, this substance has found application as a cleansing agent, since it has pronounced antibacterial, antiseptic, antiparasitic properties.

If you have very oily skin with a tendency to acne formation, it is recommended to take this product internally in combination with external use. Tar burns pimples, it is added to creams, shower gel, cleansing milk, which are usually used. They even make a mask that removes oily sheen and pimples from the skin. To do this, mix 2 teaspoons of tar and olive oil, adding a teaspoon of honey. Apply to face for 20 minutes and rinse off.

Also, this method is suitable for those who often catch colds, have had infectious diseases, suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases of internal organs, with reduced immunity.

Recipes for cleansing the body with tar

  • Birch tar - application. Slice of bread with drops of tar before bedtime: Day 1: Before bedtime, eat a slice of black bread, on which drop 5 drops of tar. Do not eat or drink anything; 2-7 days: add 1 drop daily and bring to 10 drops; 8 - 18 days: Take 10 drops continuously at night; 19 - 24 days: start reducing the dosage, one drop at a time and bring the number of drops per dose to 5.; this completes the purification process. Course 24 days. You can repeat it after 6 months;
  • tar water: you should take one part of birch tar per 8 servings of water. Place in a glass jar. Stir with a wooden stick. In fact, it does not dissolve in water, but useful substances pass from tar into a liquid. The oily liquid remains on the surface. After settling with a spoon, you need to remove the upper insoluble layer. You need to take tar water 1-2 tablespoons once a day on an empty stomach, for only 10 days. The video at the end of the article will show all the nuances of preparing tar water;
  • honey with birch tar: instead of bread, you can take a spoonful of honey and drip tar on it. Then proceed according to the same scheme as given above for bread with tar;
  • milk with the addition of birch tar: tar can be drunk on an empty stomach, dropping one drop into a tablespoon of milk.

The positive effects of cleansing the body

  • Digestive system: the pathogenic microflora of the intestine is neutralized and the phenomena of dysbiosis pass. There is a sanitation of the intestines from helminthic invasions, lamblia. Inflammation and erosion and mucosal polyps heal. Intestinal motility improves and constipation disappears. The enzymatic activity of the small intestine and pancreas is improving;
  • liver and blood: slags and toxins accumulate in the venous blood under the influence of birch tar. In the liver, all harmful substances are neutralized and, together with bile, enter the large intestine, then are removed from the body. Purified blood enriches tissues and organs with useful substances;
  • kidneys: due to the filtration function of the kidneys, the blood is purified, and all harmful substances, including uric acid, enter the bladder with urine;
  • a person's general well-being improves, working capacity increases, psychological state and sleep are normalized. The skin becomes without any flaws, pimples, age spots. Healthy complexion, soft, pleasant skin. The functions of all organs and systems improve, chronic diseases pass into a compensated stage.

Harm and contraindications when using birch tar when cleansing the body

Birch tar - application. With the undoubted benefits of birch tar in helping human health, it is not as safe as we would like. Improper use can cause significant harm to the body. The problem is that the product contains carcinogenic substances. It is not possible to remove carcinogens during the distillation of birch bark - at the same time, useful properties are destroyed.

Birch tar - application
Birch tar - application

Contraindication to the use of a birch bark distillation product is breastfeeding and pregnancy.

Birch tar - application. A high concentration of the product can harm the skin, accelerate its aging, and dry it out. Therefore, when used externally, tar is usually mixed with cream or other cosmetics. The exception is tar water, it can be used without fear;

  • a contraindication to the use of a birch bark distillation product is breastfeeding and pregnancy;
  • it is categorically impossible to apply the remedy to everyone who is allergic to an odorous substance;
  • for some kidney diseases, you can use the tool after consulting in the clinic.

In all other cases, harm and side effects associated with the use of tar are associated with a violation of the rules for its use. To prevent this from happening: dilute the product; do not exceed dosage; do not arbitrarily increase the treatment time.

What changes will occur in the body after a course of tar cleansing

  • Strengthening the filtering abilities of the kidneys will help more effectively cleanse the blood and excrete all harmful substances in the urine;
  • in the gastrointestinal tract will occur: neutralization of pathogenic microflora; elimination of dysbiosis; solving the problem of constipation; increased activity of enzymes in the pancreas and intestines; elimination of foci of inflammation; release of the intestines from parasites;
  • overall well-being will improve. And this is an increase in efficiency, strengthening of the nervous system, immunity and protection from stress;
  • skin and hair will become healthier and more beautiful;
  • there will be an improvement in the nutrition of tissues and organs with useful substances, since the blood will be purified;
  • the load on the liver will decrease, because all harmful substances will be neutralized and successfully removed from the body.

Tar cleansing: reviews

Natalya: I decided to "clean myself" with birch tar. I could only endure one procedure - I dripped it on the bread and tried to eat it. Feeling like having drunk a liter of gasoline. I brushed my teeth several times - it didn't help. The smell was in the mouth and throughout the apartment. This is where I finished.

Birch tar - application
Birch tar - application

Margarita: an attempt to cleanse the body with tar ended in failure for me. Having eaten bread with 5 drops of tar in the evening, the next morning I felt terrible - nausea, drowsiness, weakness. But the course still decided to continue. When I reached 10 drops, it got worse and I had to call an ambulance. The pressure jumped a lot. Hypertensive crisis became my diagnosis. It almost came to a stroke. In general, I strongly advise against engaging in such self-medication - I experienced its consequences on myself.

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