Eggs Worm - Scraping: How To Hand Over To A Child And An Adult

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Eggs Worm - Scraping: How To Hand Over To A Child And An Adult
Eggs Worm - Scraping: How To Hand Over To A Child And An Adult

Video: Eggs Worm - Scraping: How To Hand Over To A Child And An Adult

Video: Eggs Worm - Scraping: How To Hand Over To A Child And An Adult
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Worm eggs - scraping: a sure way to determine the presence or absence of helminths in your body. The method is distinguished by its reliability, simplicity, and efficiency of obtaining results. Infection with parasites is fraught with serious consequences: general intoxication of the body, poor health, disruption in the work of internal organs and systems.

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  • 1 What determines the analysis of feces for worm eggs
  • 2 Types of stool tests

    • 2.1 Research on worm eggs when passing coprogram
    • 2.2 Scraping on the eggs of the worm
    • 2.3 Delivery of feces analysis using the enrichment method
    • 2.4 Testing for worm eggs using the thick smear method
    • 2.5 Delivery of feces analysis using the PCR method
  • 3 When they donate feces for analysis for worm eggs
  • 4 How to pass a scraping analysis of feces on an egg worm to a child
  • 5 How to prepare for the delivery of a scraping analysis of feces for eggs of worms
  • 6 Collection of feces for scraping for eggs, worm
  • 7 How to collect material for scraping on eggs of the worm in a plastic container
  • 8 How to collect feces for worm eggs on a special glass slide
  • 9 Is it possible to store feces for analysis for helminth eggs

What determines the analysis of feces for worm eggs

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 90% of the world's population suffers from parasitic diseases. The most common parasites are roundworms and pinworms. Based on this data, detecting and treating parasitic diseases is a very important step towards your health.

How to take a scraping for eggs worm
How to take a scraping for eggs worm

Worms are parasitic worms that live in the human body. The life cycle of many worms is designed in such a way that their eggs must enter the external environment (this is a necessary condition for their maturation). From the human body, eggs get out with feces. Therefore, with helminthic invasion, the likelihood of finding helminth eggs in the feces is quite high.

This group of analyzes is aimed at detecting parasite eggs in the feces. This will allow you to detect the presence of parasites in your body, the group to which these parasites belong, and accordingly select the most effective treatment.

Normally, a person's feces should not contain any traces of parasites (eggs, larvae, worms and parts of parasites). In order to obtain the most reliable results, it is necessary to carry out 2-4 analyzes of feces for helminth eggs at intervals of several days.

Three groups of parasites are most common:

  • nematodes or roundworms: (these include: Ascaris, Vlasoglavs, Nekators, Krivogolovki duodenal);
  • trematodes or flukes: (these include: Schistosomes, Feline fluke, Liver fluke, Paradoxical leukochloridia);
  • cestodes or tapeworms: (these include: Bovine tapeworm, Pork tapeworm, Broad tapeworm).

Types of stool tests

Modern medicine offers several methods by which feces are examined for eggs of worms. Which of them needs to be done and how to pass, the attending physician will explain. It all depends on the ultimate goal.

Analysis of feces for parasites can be assigned both general and selective. You can also conduct a study of feces for the presence of intestinal pathology, changes in microflora. When the doctor recommends taking a stool test, he issues a special form (direction), in which it is already noted what exactly to look for.

Each type of research has its own characteristics that relate to and preparation for them. It even matters how much stool analysis can be stored.

Research for worm eggs when passing a coprogram

This is the most common stool test, both for the presence of parasite eggs and for various health problems. It is carried out in several stages - macroscopic, chemical, microscopic and bacteriological examination of excrement.

How to take a scraping for eggs worm
How to take a scraping for eggs worm

The study of feces begins with a check of its physical properties. During this stage, the laboratory assistant determines how the masses look, how they smell, how much they weigh, what they contain. Some changes in the stool indicate an infection with worms. For example, if the consistency deviates from the norm (diarrhea is a common occurrence in helminthiasis).

The next step is chemical research. During it, the collected feces for analysis are checked using reactions to detect hidden blood, protein, stercobilin, bilirubin. It helps diagnose various bowel problems.

If the feces contain occult blood, this indicates the possible presence of helminths that injure the intestines.

Further, when a specialist examines the excrement under a microscope, he can identify undigested fibers (muscle or plant), acids, salts and other impurities. This study also includes an analysis for oviduct and worm larvae.

Bacteriological research helps to detect the causative agents of intestinal infections and even the species ratio. Sowing on nutrient media objectively shows the qualitative and quantitative changes in the intestinal microflora.

Egg scraping worm

How to take a scraping for eggs worm
How to take a scraping for eggs worm

A form with a direction for such a study is given for the detection of enterobiasis. In this case, you do not need to think about how to take a feces test, since the stool is not examined in it.

To detect pinworms, the laboratory assistant uses a cotton swab, with which a swab is taken from the folds around the anus of the patient under study. You can prepare a sample yourself to get tested for oviduct.

It is necessary immediately after waking up in the morning to wipe the folds at the anus. Then a cotton swab with a smear is placed in a clean container, and it can be taken to the clinic, but no later than 2 hours after collection.

It is advisable to take a sample for scraping on the ovipositor before going to the toilet, not to urinate or wash before doing this, otherwise the analysis may turn out to be false-negative. The result form will be ready within 2 days.

Feces analysis using the enrichment method

How to take a scraping for eggs worm
How to take a scraping for eggs worm

Such analysis of feces for helminth eggs includes the use of special reagents, with which the collected material is mixed. Then the floating particles are removed from the sample and examined on a glass slide under a microscope.

The patient in the laboratory is given a collection tube containing a specific medium. For the delivery of feces for analysis, it is performed in portions over several days. In this case, the tube must be tightly closed every time.

Testing for worm eggs using the thick smear method

A pea-sized piece is taken from the biomaterial passed for analysis for worm eggs and placed on a glass slide. Then cover the sample with cellophane film and press down so that the material smears on the glass, but does not go beyond the film.

To lighten, the smear is left for about 1 hour at a temperature of about +20. After the required time has elapsed, the eggs of helminths are counted under a microscope. The second name of this type of research is the Kato method. Hookworms and rat tapeworm can also be detected by the Kato method.

Delivery of feces analysis using the PCR method

This study is a detailed analysis of feces. It is highly sensitive and specific.

The detailed analysis is considered the most accurate. In comparison with a conventional coprogram, it gives many times more information, since the study includes the use of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), based on the detection of the DNA of the worm.

With the help of a detailed analysis of eggs, it is possible to identify the presence of a variety of parasites at any stage of their development. PCR was originally used for genetic testing. Now the range of application of this method has expanded significantly - from analysis for worms to early diagnosis of cancer.

The direction for PCR is given in the event that it is not possible to unambiguously identify the parasite. This analysis of feces for helminths is a complex molecular study. DNA is extracted from a stool sample to carry out the reaction. This method is used not only for the analysis of egg-leaf, but also for the detection of other parasites, for example, protozoa.

After the stool has been collected, the sample is treated with a special preservative in the laboratory. This allows the material to be stored and transported at room temperature. If a preservative is not used, then the feces for the worm eggs are kept refrigerated or frozen.

With all the advantages of PCR diagnostics, for someone the price of the analysis will be a serious disadvantage. It costs from 1,500 rubles, depending on the hospital or laboratory. Moreover, it is not done in the clinic.

When they donate feces for analysis for worm eggs

How to take a scraping for eggs worm
How to take a scraping for eggs worm

Analysis of feces for eggs of worms is necessary in the following cases:

  • if you suspect a helminthic invasion (allergic manifestations, stool disorders, abdominal pain, itching in the anus, nausea, etc.);
  • a month after completing a course of treatment for helminthiasis (to confirm its effectiveness);
  • when registering a child in a kindergarten or school (form 026y);
  • when issuing a certificate to the pool;
  • in preparation for hospitalization;
  • when registering a medical book.

How to pass a scraping analysis of feces on an egg worm to a child

Many parents are sure that there is nothing special about this process. But in fact, there are some points that must be taken into account before taking a stool test. This will help you get the most accurate results.

How to take a scraping for eggs worm
How to take a scraping for eggs worm

The child needs to be prepared before collecting feces for analysis for an egg leaf. If he is taking any medications, it is advisable to stop taking them. The exception is essential drugs.

The next rule concerns food. We will have to exclude from the children's diet foods that cause increased gas production, for example, some vegetables (cabbage, beets), fatty meat dishes, buns and cakes.

Do not give your child a laxative and do not give an enema - the process should be natural. To collect the test, prepare a clean, dry container (do not use disinfectants) or a sheet of paper. Make sure your child urinates beforehand.

Collect feces with a clean stick or spatula from several areas. If there are inclusions of blood or mucus in the stool, add those as well. For very young children, it is enough to take feces from the diaper.

Place the collected biomaterial in a container with a lid prepared in advance (a clean and dry glass or plastic jar, a special container sold in a pharmacy). Fill it up by 1/3, not more. It is advisable to donate the feces to the egg-leaf the same morning, but if this is not possible, then wrap the container in several plastic bags and refrigerate. So you can store feces for another 2-3 days.

How to prepare for the delivery of a scraping analysis of feces for eggs of worms

Preparation for analysis consists in excluding factors that can distort the results of the study. For several days before the study, do not use: castor oil; preparations containing bismuth and magnesium; antidiarrheal drugs; antibiotics.

How to take a scraping for eggs worm
How to take a scraping for eggs worm

It is advisable to exclude from the daily diet all foods that can cause gastrointestinal upset, bloating, heartburn and other unpleasant moments, for example, fecal impaction, in which bowel movements are delayed for several days.

From vegetables, it is necessary to exclude beets, which contribute to loosening of the stool, cabbage, which often causes bloating and flatulence, cucumbers (fresh, salted, pickled). It is also necessary to exclude fatty meat dishes and sweet pastries.

During this period, you should not take laxatives, antibiotics, iron supplements, vitamins and other powerful drugs. They can negatively affect research results. If the patient is undergoing a course of therapy in which it is impossible to cancel the intake of one or another drug, it is better to donate feces after the end of treatment.

From fruits, it is worth giving up citrus fruits, pears, prunes, dried apricots. Some berries are also prohibited during this period - blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, raspberries. Juices, compotes, jelly can be drunk, but in limited quantities. Carbonated drinks and mineral water will also have to be eliminated.

Rules for preparing for the delivery of an analysis of scraping for eggs, worms:

  • urinate before collecting material so that urine does not enter the feces;
  • you need to take a clean, dry container where bowel movements will be carried out;
  • from the material obtained, it is necessary to take 8-10 cm3 (~ 2 teaspoons). Feces are collected using a special "spoon" which is built into the lid of a special container, which should be given to you to collect feces;
  • feces for analysis are collected from different parts of the feces (top, sides, inside);
  • the material (feces) is placed in a container given to you, and is tightly closed;
  • it is necessary to sign the container (your name and surname, the date of collection of the analysis).

Collection of feces for scraping for eggs, worm

It is very important that urine or vaginal discharge (such as menstrual blood) does not enter the stool during the act of defecation. Samples are taken from different locations. If there is mucus or blood in the faeces, such fragments must also be collected. How much stool is needed for analysis? On average, the volume is at least 10 ml.

How to take a scraping for eggs worm
How to take a scraping for eggs worm

An important rule is that the container for collecting feces cannot be disinfected. It is enough that it is clean and dry. Adults can collect stool after natural emptying. In young children, the material for analysis is taken directly from the diaper. If you provide for how to correctly take a feces analysis, then the results will be as accurate as possible.

Many people doubt how to properly collect a stool analysis. You can do this with a disposable stick, spoon, or purchase a ready-made container at a pharmacy. The kit already includes a container, a stick, and a lid that closes tightly.

Young mothers are often interested in how much the analysis is valid and whether it is possible to pass feces for worms in advance when passing a medical examination before entering kindergarten or school. Pediatricians recommend doing this several times, only in this way the result will be reliable. In the meantime, the analysis is being prepared, you can safely bypass the specialists. The result is considered valid within 10 days after receiving a response.

How to collect material for scraping eggs for worms in a plastic container

How to take a scraping for eggs worm
How to take a scraping for eggs worm

A plastic test tube with a lid, which has a long stick with cotton at the end (this is a ready-made container with a material for collecting material).

More about the method:

  • put on gloves; open the test tube and get a stick with a cotton swab;
  • spread the buttocks, and hold (rub) the tip of a stick with a cotton swab over the skin around the anus;
  • carefully, without touching any surfaces, lower the stick back into the test tube;
  • close the lid tightly.

How to collect feces for worm eggs on a special glass slide


  • put on gloves;
  • carefully peel off the adhesive tape (we try not to touch the glass surface from which we peeled off the adhesive tape);
  • spread the buttocks and stick the duct tape on the skin of the anus and surrounding areas. (stick on for 1-2 seconds);
  • carefully peel it off the skin and glue it back on the slide to the same place where the tape was. (Do not touch the adhesive surface of the tape.).

Is it possible to store feces for analysis for helminth eggs

To obtain the most accurate data, it is strongly recommended to donate feces for analysis for helminth eggs within 30-45 minutes after defecation. Stores can be stored for 5-8 hours in a refrigerator in a tightly closed container at a temperature of + 4 ° C - + 8 ° C. However, storage can adversely affect test results.

For analysis, it is necessary to collect 8-10 cm3 (~ 2 teaspoons) of feces. The obtained material is recommended to be taken to the laboratory as soon as possible, this will allow the most qualitative analysis and will allow obtaining the most reliable results.

If you do not have the opportunity to take the material to the laboratory as soon as possible, you can store the material in the refrigerator at + 4 ° C / + 8 ° C for 8 hours. The longer the material stays in the refrigerator, the less accurate the results will be.

Usually they hand over the material to the laboratory of the district clinic, attaching a form with a referral from the doctor, since only he knows what the study is called and why it is necessary to donate feces for worm eggs.

In order not to become the object of the dominance of parasites, it is enough to follow simple rules of hygiene, and to monitor the state of health, be examined annually. The most affordable option in most cases is the analysis of feces for worm eggs.

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