Datura Herb Application And Photo

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Datura Herb Application And Photo
Datura Herb Application And Photo

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Datura grass is a poisonous plant that grows in our latitudes. Not all people use dope herb for its intended purpose, which is why dope poisoning is not so rare. Datura is widely used in the treatment of various diseases in traditional and alternative medicine, as well as as a cosmetic product. Datura is not difficult to grow in a garden; its large flowers are often used by gardeners to improve the area. An annual herb. In folk and traditional medicine, it is valued for its narcotic, antispasmodic, analgesic, antitussive action. It belongs to the class of highly poisonous plants.

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  • 1 Poisonous plant Datura
  • 2 Description of common dope
  • 3 Properties of common dope
  • 4 Growing Datura - Datura Herb

    4.1 Rules for growing in the garden

  • 5 Use of Datura

    • 5.1 Usage in traditional medicine
    • 5.2 Datura in traditional medicine
  • 6 Features of preparation and use

    6.1 Broth, infusion, alcohol tincture

  • 7 Datura - recipes

    7.1 Datura tincture - recipes

  • 8 Side effects of dope

    8.1 Signs of overdose and emergency treatment

  • 9 Datura oil for hair removal
  • 10 Contraindications and symptoms of poisoning

Poisonous plant dope

All parts of the herb in question - seeds, flowers, leaves and stem - contain alkaloid toxins, including:

  • atropine;
  • hyoscyamine;
  • scopolamine.

In high doses, these components intensely affect the cerebral cortex and central nervous system, causing hallucinations, delirium, mydriasis, amnesia and tachycardia.

Datura herb
Datura herb

Similar effects were previously used in witchcraft rituals and rituals. As a result, Datura herb has acquired more than one other name:

  • grass of sorcerers;
  • foolish drunk;
  • waterfall;
  • devil's grass;
  • thymus;
  • crazy grass;
  • mad potion;
  • stupor grass;
  • stinking dope.

Description of ordinary dope

Datura grass is an annual herb belonging to the Solanaceae family. The height of the plant is from 0.5 to 1 m, the stem is erect, naked, the leaves are alternate up to 15 cm long, the flowers are large, with a white funnel-shaped corolla.

The genus Datura (lat.Datura) has about 15 plant species. Datura is common in countries with a temperate climate, in the steppe zones. Grows in the south of Ukraine and the Crimea. The most famous plant species are common dope, purple dope and Indian dope.

The plant is very poisonous, has hallucinogenic properties, which has been known since ancient times. However, the healers of the past also knew about the healing qualities of this herb - references to dope as a medicinal plant can be found in a herbalist published in the XII century.

The use of Datura can cause vivid hallucinations - and these qualities were fully used by sorcerers and shamans of different nations for their rituals. Due to its special qualities, dope was considered a sacred plant among the ancient Aztecs. Their priests placed dope seeds on the altar, took tinctures of the plant to "communicate with God."

Datura herb
Datura herb

In India, Datura was called the "sacred flower of Shiva" for its "magical" and medicinal properties. And Carlos Castaneda in one of the books calls it "the devil's flower."

Datura grass common grows like a weed in yards, on roadsides, in the shade of buildings, preferring moist soil. For medicinal purposes, dope is cultivated in the Crimea. Datura Indian is grown in some places as an ornamental plant.

Datura ordinary properties

Datura grass plant in large quantities can be found in any area. Usually, the dope chooses the following territories for their habitation: wastelands, roadsides and vegetable gardens. This flower plant grows up to 1.5 meters.

It has a thick stem and huge leaves with small teeth. The root of this herbaceous plant is completely white and rather long, with taproots.

Fragrant and large flowers are most often white, but purple can also be found. In their shape, they resemble a small lily. They sprout in the convolutions of the stem, and in one place there can be no more than one of them.

There are only five flower petals. The buds bloom only in the evening. The fruits of "naughty grass" consist of a capsule in which there are four sections covered with small thorns. Each box contains about 800 grains. Datura begins to bloom in July and ends its flowering only at the end of September, and already in October the fruits begin to ripen.

Datura Cultivation - Datura Herb

The intoxicating grass is grown by the owners not only because the plant does not require special care, but also blooms for a long period. It is necessary to prepare the soil in advance. To do this, mix humus, sand and earth. Autumn is an excellent season for preparing the soil.

Datura herb
Datura herb

In spring, seeds are sown and seedlings are planted. For a quick sprout of dope, it is better to sow the seed in special molds or boxes. They are filled with pre-prepared soil, and seedlings appear in 10-14 days.

Datura herb. Seedlings must be watered daily, but do not overflow or stagnate water. To protect the seedlings from pests and diseases, it must be watered with a weak solution of manganese. In May, seedlings are planted in open ground. Observe the distance between young shoots 1 m. Because the plant grows, over time it becomes large. In order for the culture to develop well, it is necessary to transplant it into black soil in the spring.

Growing rules in the garden

Datura grass is actively used by flower growers to decorate farmsteads and flower beds. A large, broad-leaved plant with abundant flowering can often be found among other representatives of the domestic flora.

Datura is a well-flowering and not whimsical shrub. Its white flower in the shape of a large bell exudes a heady aroma in the evening hours, becomes a decoration of a flower garden. But, when growing at home, you need to be careful.

Datura dope is a poisonous plant, so if there are children in the house, then you must either warn them about the dangerous properties of this shrub, or refuse to cultivate it in the garden.

Growing a plant on its own will not be difficult. Which everyone can handle. Datura stramonium is a perennial plant, but in our climatic conditions it is planted annually.

Datura herb
Datura herb

Some caring flower growers manage to dig up a flower and, during the winter cold, grow dope indoors as a large (1-1.5 m) indoor flower.

But we will talk about seasonal cultivation of datura from seeds. First of all, you need:

  • properly prepare seeds for growing;
  • will take care of the soil for planting in advance.

In the fall, prepare the soil from:

  • small black soil - two parts;
  • humus - two parts;
  • coarse river sand - one part.

All components are mixed, moistened and left in a warm room (you can use the cellar) until spring.

Datura herb
Datura herb

When the time comes for planting seeds, and this is March or May (if the dope is sown directly into the open ground), they must be checked for germination and "woke up"

Datura herb. When the time comes for planting seeds, and this is March or May (if the dope is sown directly into the open ground), they must be checked for germination and "woke up". For this, seeds are placed in a small container and filled with hot water for 5 centimeters. Those that have surfaced need to be thrown away, they are not suitable for landing. The rest can be sown in prepared soil.

It is necessary to monitor the moisture content of the soil in order to reduce evaporation, until shoots appear, the container can be covered with an ordinary newspaper. In about two or three weeks, common dope will begin to germinate.

When planting Datura seeds directly into open ground, the following rules must be considered:

  • the air temperature must be warm enough;
  • the soil is used prepared in the fall;
  • the landing site is sunny, without drafts.

After the place where the plant will be grown has been determined, a minor soil replacement is carried out. The upper part of the soil is removed, and in return a mixture of earth, humus and sand is poured out.

Datura herb
Datura herb

In it, pre-moistened, seeds are planted at a distance of one meter (an adult plant is quite voluminous and needs space for normal development) ten centimeters in depth. With proper planting and care, in July, ordinary dope will delight you with gorgeous white flowers and an intoxicating aroma.

The datura is fed with mineral and organic fertilizers, one by one, once a week. It is also good to fertilize the soil with lime milk twice a season.

Datura herb. The care of a plant grown as an indoor flower is somewhat different. In this case, the cocklebur bush requires more attention from the grower. With the onset of cold weather, watering is reduced. A flower grown indoors does not need feeding in winter. But he needs proper pruning, otherwise new flowers will not appear on old branches.

Datura herb
Datura herb

Therefore, when the dope fades, the inflorescences are removed and the branches are pruned. To collect seeds, leave a part of the flowers that bloomed at the very beginning of summer. In October-November they will ripen and the seeds can be harvested. With the onset of spring, the datura is planted in open ground.

In addition to seeds, Datura can be grown independently from cuttings. The procedure is quite simple. All you need to do is prepare the cutting properly. A young stem with two internodes is chosen. Then it is placed in a glass of water to form roots. When they appear, the stalk can be planted in a pot with soil, and with the arrival of the May heat, it can be completely transplanted into open ground.

Depending on the species, Datura can delight with flowers in the form of bells, stars, or look like roses. Today, in addition to white and lilac colors, other colors lilac, yellow, violet, and red are artificially obtained.

Datura not only pleases with its external beauty, but also helps to cope with many unpleasant odors that become absolutely imperceptible due to its concentrated aroma.

Datura use

Datura herb. Special cigarettes are made from the leaves of the herb to help with asthma. As a pain reliever, a tincture of dope seeds is used for gastric colitis.

The prepared infusion is taken for shortness of breath, spasm, convulsions, hiccups, seasickness, increased excitability of the genital organ (male).

The agent reduces the secretory activity of the sweat and salivary glands, causes an increase in the frequency and contraction of the heartbeat. Reduces the production of digestive enzymes, the activity of the pancreas. It also reduces the tone of the abdominal muscles, tones the respiratory system.

Datura grass is used for alcohol poisoning, asthmatic attack, respiratory depression.

The drug is used for renal attacks and liver disease, cholecystitis. Eliminates spasms in diseases such as ulcers, gastritis, constipation. The medicine treats cardiovascular disease, bradycardia.

Use in traditional medicine

In addition to the pharmacological properties of the herb, Datura has an antiseptic and soothing effect.

Datura herb
Datura herb

It can be used to cure a number of diseases of the respiratory system:

  • bronchitis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • whooping cough;
  • diseases that are accompanied by muscle spasms.

Along with other medicinal herbs, Datura is widely used in the treatment of diseases such as:

  • stomach ulcer;
  • duodenal ulcer;
  • spastic constipation;
  • colitis;
  • bradycardia.

Modern research in the field of oncological diseases has revealed a positive trend in the treatment of malignant tumors of the stomach with the use of the herb of Datura and adonis.

Datura in folk medicine

Datura herb. In folk medicine, crushed dried leaves of dope are used for convulsive coughing and severe shortness of breath. With bronchial asthma, you can breathe smoke from burnt leaves.

Datura herb
Datura herb

Infusion of Datura leaves or seeds relieves pain in stomach cancer. As a sedative, dope infusions are taken for neurasthenia, mental disorders, epilepsy, convulsions, increased sexual excitability.

Outwardly, a decoction of dope seeds is used to rinse the throat and oral mucosa, to make compresses for mastopathy and mastitis, tumors from bruises, inflammation of the lymph nodes.

The anesthetic and antiseptic properties of the plant are used for douching with a decoction of dope for inflammation of the ovaries, partial prolapse of the uterus, and diseases of the genital organs.

Datura herb oil extract is used externally to treat eczema, as well as to remove body hair for cosmetic purposes.

Features of preparation and use

What is the use of Datura in folk medicine? What methods of cooking this plant are there? And how is it safe to use the various dosage forms of Datura?

Broth, infusion, alcohol tincture

Due to its narcotic properties, the Datura plant is not sold in the pharmacy. But its leaves, seeds, as well as the finished oil are freely sold on the Internet. Also, herbal preparations can be made from raw materials harvested by yourself.

Making a decoction from seeds

  1. Take 1 tsp. grass seed.
  2. Pour a glass of boiling water over.
  3. Boil for 1 minute.
  4. Insist 30 minutes.

The broth must be filtered. Applied externally for rinsing, douching, enemas, lotions, compresses. It is also added to medicinal baths for rheumatic, muscle pains, prolapse of the colon and uterus.

Datura herb
Datura herb

Preparation of infusion from leaves

  1. Take 20 g of dry leaves.
  2. Pour a glass of boiling water over.
  3. Breathe over the steam.

Vapors of such an infusion are inhaled through the nose for 10 minutes with asthma and whooping cough.

Preparation of alcoholic tincture from seeds

  1. Take 1 part of crushed seeds.
  2. Fill with 5 parts alcohol (70%).
  3. Insist 7 days.
  4. Strain.

The tincture is taken orally in a strict dosage - 2 drops 3 times a day, diluted in a tablespoon of water. The recipes are taken from "Herbalist" V. V. Reshetnyak, I. V. Tsigura, from the book "Treatment with plants" A. V. Reshetnikov, E. I. Semchinskaya.

Datura - recipes

Decoctions, alcoholic tinctures or powder are made from ordinary dope.

Powdered dried dope leaves treat cough and severe shortness of breath. Take the powder three times a day at the tip of a knife. To alleviate the condition of a patient with bronchial asthma, he can also inhale smoke from burnt dope leaves.

In conditions such as neurasthenia, mental disorders, epilepsy, convulsions, increased sexual excitability, an infusion of dope leaves is taken as a sedative, for the preparation of which 1 tsp. dope seeds are poured with a glass of boiling water, insisted for about half an hour and taken three times a day, a teaspoon. This infusion is also used to relieve pain in stomach cancer.

Decoction of dope seeds (externally) treat mastopathy and mastitis, tumors from bruises, inflammation of the lymph nodes. For its preparation, 1 tsp follows. pour 200 gr of seeds. water and boil for about 1 minute. Then, having insisted for about half an hour, squeeze and take a teaspoon, diluting the broth in 0.5 cups of water. This broth can also be used to gargle and gargle the mouth.

Datura herb
Datura herb

For the prevention of stroke, heart attack, getting rid of blood clots, dope tincture is used, for the preparation of which 85 gr. dry seeds are poured with 500 gr. vodka and insist 15 days, shaking daily. Take a tincture for a month on an empty stomach, 25 drops, diluting them in 100 ml of water.

Datura herb. In case of rectal prolapse, the infusion of dope leaves is used for sitz baths. For this 20 gr. dry raw materials are poured with a glass of boiling water and, having insisted for about an hour, are poured into a bucket of warm boiled water.

Datura tincture - recipes

Datura herb
Datura herb

Compresses and rinses are best done using alcohol infusion. It is easy to make it at home:

  1. In proportions 1: 5, mix grass seeds and 70 percent alcohol.
  2. Leave in the dark and warm for a week, occasionally shaking the container.
  3. Strain, pour into another bowl.

There is also a recipe for an aqueous tincture:

  1. Place half a teaspoon of dope seeds in a glass, pour boiling water to the top.
  2. Insist 30-45 minutes, drain.
  3. Pour the cooled medicine into a clean jar with a lid.

Datura side effects

At first glance, ordinary dope poisoning is not so easy. But, due to the widespread use in the treatment of many ailments, not all patients adhere to the required dosages, as a result of which poisoning occurs.

Datura herb
Datura herb

There are cases that the herb is used as a hallucinogenic agent - they smoke or simply inhale the smoke from burning leaves. In such cases, poisoning can also occur.

The main symptoms of poisoning:

  • sore throat;
  • sharp excitability;
  • vomiting, nausea;
  • dilated pupils of the eyes;
  • dryness of the oral mucosa;
  • the appearance of hallucinations;
  • paralysis of some parts of the body.

At the first signs, seek medical attention immediately. Symptoms may appear within the first 10 minutes or after 15 hours. After treatment, the pupils may remain dilated for more than a week.

Overdose Signs and Emergency Treatment

With prolonged, uncontrolled use and overdose, the following signs of poisoning may appear:

  • sore throat and hoarseness;
  • severe dryness of the mucous membrane of the eyes and mouth;
  • thirst;
  • strong nervous excitement;
  • paralysis;
  • dilated pupils;
  • fast pulse;
  • redness of the skin;
  • headache;
  • speech disorder;
  • hallucinations;
  • coma.

Providing emergency care:

  • call a doctor immediately;
  • before the arrival of an ambulance, wash the stomach with a weak solution of potassium permanganate;
  • drink sorbents (the simplest is activated carbon).

In a medical institution, medications are prescribed that block the action of alkaloids, carry out symptomatic therapy, and restore the work of vital organs and systems.

Security measures:

  • do not take dope without a doctor's prescription;
  • if the drug is prescribed by a homeopathic doctor, there should be feedback;
  • do not increase the dose and course of treatment;
  • when rinsing, do not swallow the broth, spit out saliva;
  • be careful to apply dope externally, since its vapors are considered poisonous.

Datura-herb is used narrowly in folk medicine - to relieve spastic cough in bronchial asthma and whooping cough, in case of stomach cramps. Also in homeopathy, tincture is used to treat nervous excitement. It is used externally as an anesthetic for neuralgia, bruises, sprains.

Datura oil for hair removal

Datura herb. Many women who have tried this method on themselves claim that the dope herb removes unwanted hair quickly and permanently. As a rule, the achievement of the result depends on the quality of the purchased raw materials, as well as the individual characteristics of the organism. Coarse and dark hair is less susceptible to removal, so it will have to be processed for at least 3 months.

Datura herb
Datura herb

Many women who have tried this method on themselves claim that the dope herb removes unwanted hair quickly and forever.

Datura oil tincture is sold in pharmacies and some online stores. It is very difficult to cook it on your own, moreover, there is a danger of being poisoned by the fumes of a poisonous plant. To remove hair, apply oil to problem areas 1-2 times a day. After 10 days, they should begin to fall out on their own.

There is an option to buy ordinary dope in the form of dried leaves and prepare a decoction for hair removal. You can purchase raw materials either from trusted people in the market who grow grass, or order on a website dedicated to phytotherapy.

Contraindications and symptoms of poisoning

It must be remembered that dope is a strong poison, therefore it is recommended to collect grass with gloves. Datura drugs should be used only after consulting a doctor. When treating with Datura, it is important to observe the exact dosage of the medicine. Datura drugs are contraindicated for glaucoma, pregnancy.

Datura herb
Datura herb

Datura herb. Signs of dope poisoning: increased heart rate, dry mouth, hallucinations, unreasonable fear or laughter, nausea, blurred or lost vision, convulsions.

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