Getting Rid Of Parasites - Treatments, Methods And Recipes

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Getting Rid Of Parasites - Treatments, Methods And Recipes
Getting Rid Of Parasites - Treatments, Methods And Recipes
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Getting rid of parasites. Parasites can take up residence in your body out of the blue. Unbeknownst to yourself, you can pick up a worm infestation by eating an unwashed apple or sipping water from an unknown source. Parasites will certainly give you a lot of trouble: indigestion, headache, fever, weakness and general malaise. All antiparasitic agents should be prescribed by a specialist after laboratory tests have been carried out and an accurate diagnosis has been made. It is dangerous to engage in self-medication, since drugs intended to fight parasitic infections are toxic, and their improper use threatens with serious consequences for the body. In addition, the stages of therapy must be organized correctly. Do not think that it is enough to take a pill and you can forget about the infection. Far from itand a competent doctor will always explain to the patient that preliminary preparation is necessary first. It is important to know how to get rid of parasites properly. Of course, the best option is to go to the doctor, but you can try to remove the worms yourself.

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  • 1 Who are parasites and how do they get infected

    1.1 Varieties of parasites

  • 2 Symptoms of the presence of parasites in the body
  • 3 In which organs can parasites live
  • 4 Effective folk methods for parasites in the human body
  • 5 Treatment of parasites in the stomach with medicines
  • 6 Getting rid of parasites at home
  • 7 Treatment of parasites during pregnancy
  • 8 Prevention of parasites

Who are parasites and how do they get infected

Parasites attack … They make their way into the human body in different ways, where they get a place for permanent or temporary habitation, as well as free food. They cannot exist without a master, since they do not know how to get food. Parasites are able to migrate from one host to another and live on everything ready as long as he is able to feed or they are not put out on the street.

Getting rid of parasites
Getting rid of parasites

Getting rid of parasites. Let's find out who these parasites are, and what are they? Are there any signs of their habitation in the body? And also we will learn methods of getting rid of them, consider how to cleanse the body of parasites at home. Let's see what can be used to cleanse a child. Let's start with general information about parasites.

In most cases, people are unaware that they have parasites in their bodies. Moreover, the parasite chooses not only the intestines as a habitat, but also other internal organs - the liver, gallbladder, etc. Helminthic invasion is asymptomatic until a certain time, without causing any particular inconvenience. But, despite this, it should be understood that infection with worms or helminths can cause serious disorders of the nervous and digestive systems, skin and allergic diseases, as well as provoke a deterioration in metabolic processes and premature aging of the body.

According to some scientists, the presence of helminths inhibits the treatment of many diseases. The eggs of parasites enter the human body through dirty hands, unwashed vegetables and fruits, contaminated fish and meat, dirty water, blood-sucking insects, as well as through contact with soil. In order to prevent the appearance of parasites in the body, special attention should be paid to precautions in dealing with pets - cats and dogs.

Getting rid of parasites
Getting rid of parasites

Getting rid of parasites. All parasites are characterized by three characteristics: they pose a threat to their host, depend on him, and have a connection with him. That is, all living organisms that have such properties are parasites. Those that live in humans can be divided into protozoa and helminths (worms). The simplest parasites cause parasitoses - diseases, the occurrence of which they provoke: amoebiasis, giardiasis, balantidiasis, malaria, trypanosomiasis, toxoplasmosis, trichomoniasis and others. Helminths are a source of: ascariasis, opisthorchiasis, echinococcosis, enterobiasis and other diseases.

Parasitosis is characterized by several transmission routes: food, when eggs are swallowed; contact - by active penetration of larvae through the skin in polluted water bodies; sexual - this is how unicellular parasites are transmitted; from insects, through their bites - the protozoa penetrate into the blood.

Each type of parasite is characterized by its own development cycle, a favorite habitat in the body. They can live in the intestines, liver, lungs, and even muscles. Some of them multiply or move through the bloodstream. For treatment, it is important to divide them into intestinal and extraintestinal forms. The particular symptoms of parasitic diseases are very different. Let's consider only the general clinical signs of the presence of parasites in the body.

Varieties of parasites

Getting rid of parasites. The human body is an ideal habitat for parasites that can enter it through contaminated food, water, or through contact with an infected person or animal. The term "parasites" means different types of living organisms (protozoa, helminths). Entering the tissues of internal organs, they begin to feed on their juices and cells, depriving a person of the nutrients he needs and instead releasing toxic products of their vital activity that poison the body. All human parasites can be divided into several main groups:

  • Protozoa (lamblia, chlamydia, amoeba, Trichomonas, toxoplasmosis).
  • Nematodes or roundworms (worms, roundworms, pinworms, trichinella, whipworm, toxocara).
  • Cestodes or tapeworms (different types of tapeworms, echinococcosis, tapeworms, etc.).
  • Trematodes or flatworms (these are pulmonary, liver flukes, flukes, cercariasis, etc.).

Let us dwell in more detail on the most common types of parasites that infect humans:

Lablia are the simplest parasites of the flagellate class. More often diagnosed in children, transmitted through dirty hands or food. They disrupt liver function, provoke the development of dysbiosis, disrupt the normal intestinal microflora.

Pinworms - parasitize in the large intestine, adults reach 1 cm in length.This is the most common helminthiasis in children. A feature of pinworms is the reproduction process, in which adults leave the anus at night and lay eggs in the folds of the skin, on underwear and bedding. This process causes severe itching of the skin.

Ascaris is a common parasite, reaching a length of 40 cm. Infection occurs through water, soil, food, dirty hands. The parasite is capable of rapid reproduction; its larvae easily penetrate the blood, liver, lungs, eyes and other organs. Roundworms take nutrients and cause disorders of the digestive system, anemia, allergic reactions, and contribute to the development of a number of serious diseases.

Toksokara - live in the body of animals (cats, dogs). A child can become infected with parasites by playing in a sandbox where animal secretions may be. The adult parasite reaches 30 cm in length. In the body, it multiplies and causes general malaise, abdominal pain, indigestion and other unpleasant symptoms.

Wide ribbon. Infection occurs when eating raw fish. In the body, this parasite is in a twisted state, its length can reach 10 meters. It feeds on all the nutrients that enter the body with food. The result of this neighborhood is anemia, vitamin deficiency, constant fatigue, weakness, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.

Pork and bovine tapeworms (tapeworms). Parasites that enter the body when eating raw or poorly cooked meat. In length, they reach from 2 to 7 meters. Tapeworm larvae, which can infect the eyes and brain, are especially dangerous.

Feline fluke is a parasite from the fluke class. It is small in size, lives in the bile ducts and gall bladder. Infection occurs through raw or insufficiently heat-treated fish. The disease is accompanied by high fever, muscle and joint pains, digestive system disorders, and damage to the pancreas.

Symptoms of the presence of parasites in the body

Getting rid of parasites. Before you start cleaning your body from parasites at home, you need to find out whether to worry. The following are a number of symptoms that will make you suspect helminthiasis:

  • if someone illegally lodges in the body, there is general malaise, weakness, decreased performance, weight loss is often observed;
  • all parasites provoke periodic rashes on the skin, which can pass and reappear;
  • if the localization of parasites occurs in the intestine, then the patient may be disturbed by nausea, sometimes vomiting, abdominal pain without clear localization;
  • helminthiases cause increased irritability, general malaise, for which, at first glance, there is no reason. This is due to intoxication with the waste products of helminths;
  • the first sign of helminthic colonization may be the detection of their representatives in feces;
  • often indicates a disease, an increase in the blood of eosinophils, the appearance of anemia;
  • when helminths accumulate in the liver, jaundice develops, and when the bile ducts are blocked, colic;
  • parasites sometimes provoke acute conditions, for example, with a strong colonization of the intestine, they cause obstruction. And echinococcus, when the mother ruptures, will lead to toxic damage to organs and a strong proliferation of daughter eggs in the place where the rupture occurred;
  • infection may be accompanied by a decrease in immunity, which is manifested by frequent colds.

To determine the exact presence of parasites in the body, it is necessary to tell the doctor in detail all the symptoms, describe your contacts with dirty water bodies, animals that may be carriers of the infection. Non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene should also be mentioned to help the specialist correctly diagnose.

In what organs can parasites live?

Getting rid of parasites
Getting rid of parasites

Getting rid of parasites. Worm parasites are divided into two categories, which correspond to the site of activity in the donor's body:

  • abdominal - worms that live in various parts of the gastrointestinal tract. There are about 100 varieties of intestinal parasites, and there are a couple of dozen species for each section of the intestine. The small intestine is ready to accept roundworm, antilostomy, broad tapeworms and other less common "brethren". The small intestine "will share living space" with pinworms, dwarf tapeworm and others. The medical literature describes cases when one person was simultaneously infected with several types of parasites;
  • tissue - worms localized in organs, tissues and even in the blood. Modern medicine successfully copes with paragonimiasis (lungs), cysticercosis (brain), echinococcosis (liver) and filariasis (lymphatic vessels). Some larvae of worms move through the body through the circulatory system and randomly attach to any organ. If many eggs are introduced, the entire body may be infected.

Effective folk methods for parasites in the human body

How to remove parasites from the human body with folk remedies? To the greatest regret, any parasite can settle inside a person, often dangerous to health. It weakens the immune power of a person and the intake of antibiotics that destroy the beneficial microflora that protects health.

Getting rid of parasites
Getting rid of parasites

Getting rid of parasites. What medicinal plants have the most effective effect, and how to properly cleanse body organs using folk methods? Parasites every minute poison the body with toxic waste products, so it is imperative to get rid of them in a timely manner. But medicine does not have a universal remedy for all types of parasites at once. There are also no unique folk remedies that condition the simultaneous elimination of all representatives of the pathogenic flora and fauna.

No organ of the human body is immune from the invasion of pathogenic microflora:

  • parasites of the schistome fluke circulate inside the blood vessels;
  • the bile ducts are occupied by fluke worms;
  • the muscles are inhabited by the larvae of the Trichinella parasite;
  • lamblia reproduce in the duodenum and liver;
  • pinworms, roundworms, bovine tapeworm, whipworm, many other parasites attack the epithelium of the small intestine;
  • the mucous membranes of the mouth, larynx, and also the vagina are inhabited by the parasites Candida fungi and the simplest Trichomonas;
  • intracellular obligate parasites of chlamydia affect the larynx, bronchial mucosa, lung tissue, as well as the human genitals.

Cleansing the body with folk and pharmaceutical means should be carried out under an important condition: the initial accurate diagnosis of the type of parasites, the number, stage of their development, and habitat. It is impossible to determine this without a doctor, it is imperative to pass tests. Based on the results of the examination, the doctor prescribes antiparasitic chemical agents - those that are recommended by modern medicine, or will suggest removing pathogenic microorganisms at home using reliable and harmless folk methods.

Getting rid of parasites
Getting rid of parasites

The exception is non-toxic antiparasitic pumpkin seeds and carrots, but even they have contraindications: diabetes mellitus, allergies, ulcerative inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. Coordinate the cleansing of the body from parasites at home with a doctor, take care of yourself and your household.

Getting rid of parasites. If you need to cleanse yourself of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasitizing in the human body, medicinal herbs serve only as an aid to medications. Their use should also be under the supervision of doctors.

Treatment of parasites in the stomach with medicines

Nematodes are toxocaras, whipworms, roundworms, pinworms and trichinella. The most common parasites from this group are roundworms and pinworms. If these worms infect the human intestines, then he is recommended to take one of the following drugs: Nemozol, Gelmodol-VM, Vormil with the active ingredient albendazole; Dekaris with the active ingredient levamisole; Vormin, Vermox, Vermakar, Termox, Vero-Mebendazole, Mebex with the active ingredient Mebendazole; Piperazine; Pirantel, Helmintox, Kombantrin, Nemocid with the active ingredient pyrantel; Pirkon, Vanquin, Pirvinium (based on pyrvinium embonate); Medamin based on carbendacim

Getting rid of parasites
Getting rid of parasites

for the elimination of tapeworms parasitizing in the human intestine, Niclosamide is recommended. For the treatment of combined invasions (giardiasis, echinococcosis, neurocysticercosis), provoked by Taenia solium larvae, as well as with nematodosis, Nemozole (Albendazole) is indicated. Effectively with the help of Nemozole, you can fight extraintestinal invasions of cestodes. When infected with lamblia, bovine and dwarf tapeworm, tapeworm, malaria or leishmaniasis, Mepacrine (Akrihin) is indicated

Getting rid of parasites at home

  • Peeled pumpkin seeds. Consume 3 times a day raw on an empty stomach. Do not remove the green film. The daily allowance for up to 7 years of age is 150 grams, from 7 to 11 years - 200 grams, after 11 years 200 - up to 500 grams. You can thoroughly crush them into powder, dilute with olive oil (sunflower). Take oil only on an empty stomach, do not drink it. Drink a laxative (any) before bed;
  • garlic: boil peeled cloves of a whole head of garlic in 250 ml of milk until soft. Strain the cooled mass. Cleaning: make a micro enema at night. Repeat the procedure for 7 days. At the same time during the day 2 - 4 cloves of garlic to eat on an empty stomach, without adding salt;
Getting rid of parasites
Getting rid of parasites
  • carrot juice, or grated carrots. 100 grams to remove parasites should be consumed on an empty stomach 2 - 3 times a day, if there are few worms;
  • carrot seeds: with extensive parasitic infestation, make an aqueous infusion of 1 tbsp. l. carrot seeds: pour 200 ml of boiling water into the product, keep it covered for 1.5 hours, filter. Drink the remedy every 4 hours between meals;
  • lingonberry juice: mix with ground pumpkin seeds (100 g) until you get a puree consistency. In the evening, eat salted herring, in the morning - half a serving of pumpkin puree. An hour later you need to finish off the remaining medicinal mixture, lie quietly on the sofa for 2.5 hours. Drink a laxative - castor oil (1 tablespoon), and move vigorously for a couple of hours. The tapeworm will crawl out with the excrement in 3 - 4 hours;
Getting rid of parasites
Getting rid of parasites
  • unripe (green) walnuts. 5 tbsp. l. chopped nuts need to be brewed with 300 ml of salted boiling water. Withstand the drink for half an hour, filter, drink the folk remedy in 5 doses, in portions, throughout the day. Be sure to use a laxative (castor oil);
  • onion tincture: finely chop the onion. Fill half of the container in which it will be infused. Better to take a bottle or jar of 0.5 liters. Pour vodka into a container with onions to the top, leave for 10 days at room temperature. Free the tincture from the onion. Take 1-2 tablespoons before meals twice a day.
  • Method number 2 - onion decoction. In this case, the onion is also finely chopped. Pour boiling water over, leave overnight, then strain. Take a decoction of 100 ml 2 times 3-4 days;
  • tincture of garlic with horseradish; chop 25 g of garlic and horseradish, mix and pour 0.5 l of vodka. Leave to infuse for 10 days. Periodically, the tincture must be shaken. Take 1 tablespoon 30 minutes before meals 2 times a day;
Getting rid of parasites
Getting rid of parasites
  • enema from a decoction of garlic; crush two cloves of garlic and place in an enamel bowl. Add 2 tablespoons of tansy, pour it all over 0.5 liters of milk, boil for 10 minutes. Then cool the broth, pass through cheesecloth. For one enema, take 2 glasses of the prepared liquid. It is recommended to repeat the procedure for a week;
  • decoction of herbs; mixed in equal parts chamomile, sea wormwood, bitter wormwood, tansy. Take 1 tablespoon of this mixture, brew 200 ml of boiling water, insist and filter. Take 200 ml 2 times within 3 days;
  • pomegranate: even after heat treatment, pomegranate juice obtained by cold pressing kills oral Trichomonas, bacteria, parasites, fungi - penicillium and candida. Pomegranate acts against parasites in all organs and systems of the human body. Infusions, decoctions, powder are prepared from pomegranate, oil is made from pomegranate seed.

Helminths do not like products of high acidity, therefore, ancient traditional medicine recommends cleansing the body with sour juices, sauerkraut, sorrel, kvass, homemade apple cider vinegar.

Getting rid of parasites
Getting rid of parasites

Getting rid of parasites. Acute "methods of cleansing the intestines from parasites at home using garlic, onions, horseradish, vodka - cannot be used in case of severe indigestion, liver and digestive tract diseases. The use of wormwood can increase intoxication, therefore it is forbidden to use it for toxic phenomena of any origin. Before making the decoctions and tinctures described above, you must definitely ask your doctor for permission so as not to harm yourself.

Getting rid of parasites. A significant plus is that it also affects the extraintestinal forms of worms. Such cleaning of the body from parasites is considered safe for use at home, since there is no toxic effect on other organs. There is also a downside to the coin - the device does not destroy eggs, so it does not completely cure. And also with the mass death of adult helminths, severe intoxication may occur, therefore the use of this device is justified only in the early stages of infection with parasites, during the aftercare period after the main course of therapy, as well as to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

Treatment of parasites during pregnancy

Getting rid of parasites. If a pregnant woman has been diagnosed with parasites, then she is prohibited from taking any pills for parasites in the first 4 months of gestation. This is due to the fact that they are capable of causing more harm to a woman and the child developing in her womb than the helminths themselves. Taking any medications during pregnancy should be agreed with your doctor. In addition, during this period, only Piperazine can be taken.

If a woman has pinworms, then the drug is taken 5 days in a row, 2 times a day. Then you need to take a break of 7 days and repeat the course 1 to 3 times. Single dose 1.5-2 g.

If a woman has roundworms, then she needs to take Piperazine for two days (2 times a day) in the same dosage as with pinworms. The drug should be drunk 60 minutes before or after a meal.

Getting rid of parasites. Pinworms during pregnancy are not a cause for panic. It was found that if all hygienic measures are observed, they will independently be excreted from the body after a few weeks. Therefore, self-healing is not excluded. To do this, you just need to thoroughly steam your underwear and follow the rules of personal hygiene:

  • hands should be washed after using the restroom and after changing bed linen;
  • it is important to handle your hands before eating (even before snacking) and before you start preparing food;
  • handling hands after interacting with any animals;
  • processing fruits and vegetables before eating them.

Prevention of parasites

Getting rid of parasites. Medical and preventive measures are aimed at maintaining personal hygiene, washing hands, vegetables, fruits:

  1. wash your hands with detergent every time you come from the street, after using the toilet, before eating;
  2. treat the dining table with a disinfectant solution;
  3. use boiled water;
  4. scald dill, parsley, other herbs with boiling water before serving. This applies to fruits, vegetables;
  5. subject to thorough culinary thermal processing of meat products.

Insidious parasites find loopholes to enter the human body. One has only to give up personal hygiene a couple of times to pick up these parasites. That is why doctors recommend prophylaxis of helminths. The symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body vary greatly.

Getting rid of parasites. Therefore, after carefully examining yourself, you need to consult a doctor who will prescribe the necessary examination, and then treatment. And also note that home remedies are not always used, but only with the permission of the doctor and are only part of the treatment, which should be comprehensive. Only in this case there will be a result and it is possible to cope with the parasites to the end.

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