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Dog Worm Pills - Popular Drugs
Dog Worm Pills - Popular Drugs
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Tablets for worms for a dog must be selected on the recommendation of a veterinarian, depending on the breed, age and weight of the animal. Modern anthelmintic drugs do not have a negative effect on the functioning of the internal organs of the animal, they are non-toxic and have practically no side effects.

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  • 1 Signs of worms in dogs
  • 2 Types of remedies for worms for dogs
  • 3 Tablets for worms for a dog

    • 3.1 The drug Drontal from worms in dogs
    • 3.2 The drug Polivercan from worms in dogs
    • 3.3 The drug Caniquantel for worms in dogs
    • 3.4 The drug Febtal for worms in dogs
    • 3.5 Advocate® withers drops for dogs against scabies mites, fleas and worms
  • 4 Tablets from worms for dogs Nexgard Spectra

    4.1 Benefits of tablets against parasites Nexgard Spectra

  • 5 List of the most popular anthelmintic drugs for dogs
  • 6 Preparations for worms for puppies
  • 7 What drug can worm a pregnant dog
  • 8 The best drug for deworming pregnant dogs Prazitel
  • 9 Prevention of worms in dogs

Signs of worms in dogs

There are two types of helminths in dogs: round and flat. Roundworms have one class - nematodes. Flatworms include classes of flukes and cestodes, which are referred to as tapeworms. Depending on the type of pathogen, worm diseases are called trematodosis, cestodosis and nematodosis.

What pills to give a dog for worms
What pills to give a dog for worms

To find out if your dog has worms, an analysis for helminth eggs, which can be done at any veterinary clinic, will help.

To find out if your dog has worms, an analysis for helminth eggs, which can be done at any veterinary clinic, will help. At the same time, veterinarians will be able to advise the most effective remedies for worms.

Signs of worms in dogs:

  • although the animal has a good appetite and it receives good nutrition, nevertheless, the animal is losing weight before our eyes;
  • the coat of a dog or cat does not shine at all, and has become dull;
  • in the pet's feces, parasites can be visually detected, they often have a light color, therefore they are visible with the naked eye, diarrhea is also possible;
  • vomiting appeared in a dog or cat, and worms are present in it;
  • itching in the anus, the dog constantly licks it, sometimes the booty "rides" on the floor;
  • the dog may suffer from seizures, due to the fact that the worms release dangerous toxins into the animal's body;
  • with a strong infection, inhibition in the development of puppies and kittens can be observed, they are not as active as their healthy counterparts

Types of remedies for worms for dogs

To drive away parasites, it is necessary to comprehensively approach the problem, that is, not only to choose an effective medicine for worms for dogs, but also to monitor his contacts with other animals, health and nutrition in the future.

Worm tablets for dogs. At the disposal of breeders and dog breeders are drugs from various manufacturers, differing in cost, duration and other parameters. But the main selection criterion is the form of release of an anti-worm agent for dogs.

Treatment for worms in a dog can take different time depending on the stage of infection and the type of worms, as well as the effectiveness of the remedy. What is better to give a drug for worms to dogs? Definitely one that is made by a trusted brand and has received positive reviews from dog breeders, for example, Advocate, Inspector, Dironet Spot-on, Rolf club helmintal, Drontal plus, Milbemax antihelmetic, etc.

Form of release of means against worms for dogs:

  • tablets: effective and safe, but allergic and not suitable for all breeds;
  • suspensions: quick result, combined effect, affordable cost (cannot be used during pregnancy);
  • drops: low-toxic, easy to apply, but do not give an effect immediately;
  • collars: an excellent means of prevention and treatment, but there is a risk of allergies;
  • powders, syrups, pastes, etc.

Worm pills for dogs

Drontal drug for worms in dogs

Bayer "Drontal Plus" for dogs 6 tablets / unitary enterprise. Bayer "Drontal Junior" for puppies 50 ml. Drontal Plus is intended for therapeutic and prophylactic treatment of dogs against round and tapeworms.

Ingredients: praziquantel; pyrantel embonate; febantel. For adult dogs, a single dose of 1 tablet per 10 kg of animal weight. Drontal Plus can be given to puppies, old and weakened animals, puppies and lactating bitches.

The drug Polivercan from worms in dogs

Worm tablets for dogs. Ceva "Polivercan" sugar cube. Broad spectrum anthelmintic, effective against all worms found in dogs and cats.

What pills to give a dog for worms
What pills to give a dog for worms

Ingredients: oxybendazole: against roundworms; niclosamide : against flatworms. Dosage and method of administration: 1 cube per 10 kg of animal body weight. The maximum dose is 6 cubes.

The drug Kanikvantel for worms in dogs

Broad-spectrum antihelmetic, used for mixed helminthiasis of dogs and cats, caused by round and flat worms. The drug disrupts the energy metabolism in the body of nematodes, inhibits the synthesis of ATP and paralyzes the neuromuscular system of cestodes, which leads to the death and release of parasites from the gastrointestinal tract.

What pills to give a dog for worms
What pills to give a dog for worms

Worm tablets for dogs. Due to the fact that flatworm infection in newborn puppies can occur only from the age of three weeks, treatment with Kaniquantel Plus, with a confirmed diagnosis of mixed infestation, should be started no earlier than after reaching the age of three weeks.

Dosage and method of administration:

  • 1 tablet "Kaniquantel Plus" per 10 kg of body weight;
  • in case of ascaris invasion, treatment with "Kanikvantel Plus" should be repeated in 2-3 weeks.
  • the tablets are administered to the animals once inside a piece of meat, sausage, with minced meat, porridge or on the root of the tongue, preferably before morning feeding and without the use of laxatives;
  • in case of refusal to feed with an anthelmintic, caniquantel plus is administered in the form of an aqueous suspension using a syringe or catheter. No special dietary measures are required.

The drug Febtal for worms in dogs

Composition: 5-phenyl-thio-2-benzimidazole carbamate; 1 tablet contains 150 mg of active ingredient. Indications for use: toxocariasis, toxascariasis, uncinariosis, ankylostomiasis, dipylidiosis, teniasis of dogs and cats.

What pills to give a dog for worms
What pills to give a dog for worms

Worm tablets for dogs. Febtal has a detrimental effect on all stages of development of nematodes and cestodes, disrupting carbohydrate metabolism and microtubular function of helminths, which leads to their death. For warm-blooded animals, the drug is moderately toxic (III hazard class according to GOST 12.1.007-76), in recommended doses it does not have embryotoxic, teratogenic and sensitizing effects.

Advocate® drops on the withers for dogs against scabies mites, fleas and worms

Advocate® is a combined antiparasitic drug. 1 ml of the drug contains imidacloprid - 100 mg and moxidectin - 25 mg. Advocate® is available in the form of drops on the withers in four dosages - for puppies and dogs up to 4 kg, for dogs 4–10 kg, for dogs 10–25 kg and for dogs over 25 kg. Manufacturer - Bayer company (Germany).

What pills to give a dog for worms
What pills to give a dog for worms

Advocate® is prescribed to dogs for the treatment and prevention of demodicosis (Demodex canis), otodectosis (Otodectes cynotis), sarcoptic mange (Sarcoptes scabiei var.canis), entomoses (Ctenocephalides felis, Ctenocephalide canis, Linognathus setosus, Tricishode leonine, Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala, Trichuris vulpis, Angiostrongylus vasorum.

Tablets from worms for dogs Nexgard Spectra

In veterinary pharmacies there is a wide variety of preparations for fleas, ticks and worms. These are a variety of sprays, drops on the withers and tablets.

The German company Boehringer Ingelheim has developed a flea and tick pill Nexgard Spectra. The active ingredients of the drug are afoxolaner and milbemycyma oxime. Afoxolaner is an insectoacaricide from the group of isoxazolines, known as the active ingredient of Frontline Nexgard.

Worm tablets for dogs. Nexgard Spectra is a convenient solution for getting rid of the most common helminths, fleas and ticks from dogs, preventing heartworm disease in one delicious chewable tablet!

Studies have shown similar pharmacokinetics of the molecules of afoxolaner, milbemycin oxime and their combination1. Thus, the action against fleas and ticks in Frontline Nexgard and Nexgard Spectra are on the same level.

Benefits of tablets from parasites Nexgard Spectra

Treatment efficacy for these diseases was> 98% one month after initiation of treatment. The prescription of the drug is simple and convenient for both the owner and the veterinarian due to the high palatability preserved at the Frontline Nexgard level.

What pills to give a dog for worms
What pills to give a dog for worms

Due to the fact that afoxolaner is prescribed once a month, the dog regularly gets an appointment with the veterinarian to assess the results of treatment, and the cost of treatment is optimized.

With the help of milbemycin oxime, the spectrum of action was extended to helminths. Nexgard Spectra provides 100% prevention of dirofilariasis and is highly effective against other nematodes2.

Nexgard Spectra tablets from worms for dogs, fleas and ticks have an attractive smell and taste for dogs, so you can easily feed the drug to your pet. You can add a pill to the food, or you can treat the dog just like that. It will help keep your family (including children!) From getting parasites from your dog.

The tablet is safe for dogs (if recommended). The safety of the Nexgard Spectra has been tested with five times overdose on over 700 dogs of various breeds, including collies2. In dogs, there were no negative changes associated with the use of the drug. Suitable for all dogs over 8 weeks old and weighing over 2 kg.

Advantages of Nexgard Spectrum tablets:

  • a wide spectrum of action: the Nexgard Spectra tablet destroys both internal parasites (worms) and external (fleas and ixodid ticks);
  • acts quickly and reliably: the drug takes 30 minutes to work, all fleas die after 6 hours. This speed of action does not allow fleas to lay eggs, which interrupts their development cycle, and also allows Nexgard Spectra to be used in the treatment of flea allergic dermatitis;
  • action of afoxolaner: against ixodid ticks begins 4 hours after application 2. Nexgard Spectra kills ticks within 24 hours. Studies have shown 100% efficacy in the prevention of babesiosis and borreliosis infection in dogs treated with afoxolaner3,4;
  • afoxolaner: effective for the treatment of generalized demodicosis, sarcoptic mange and otodectosis in dogs5,6,7,8;

List of the most popular anthelmintic drugs for dogs

There are a number of universal anthelmintics of the widest spectrum of action that are effective against all helminths found in dogs. The most famous of them are: Drontal; Polyvercan; Cestal Plus.

What pills to give a dog for worms
What pills to give a dog for worms

Tablets for worms for dogs such as Azinox Plus, Alben "S", Febtal, Dirofen, Prazicid, Serko-N DOG, act on round and tape worms at all stages of their development. Piradek is prescribed for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes for nematodes, including toxascariasis, toxocariasis, uncinariosis, ankylostomiasis, trichocephalosis.

Fendazole is intended not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of helminthiasis, which are caused by nematodes and cestodes. The drug is active against adult helminths, cestodes, as well as eggs and larvae of nematodes that live in the gastrointestinal tract and lungs.

Stronghold has a particularly broad spectrum of action. It stops the incubation of flea eggs and kills adult insects, removes scabies and ear mites, destroys dirofilariae that affect the heart, and also expels roundworms (toxocaras and roundworms) and hookworms.

Panakur is a white or yellowish microgranular powder. It allows for successful deworming in ankylostomatidosis, toxocariasis, tenisiosis. Troncil is used for deworming dogs against various nematodes, including ascaris, as well as tape worms and whipworms.

Vermidine is a combined broad-spectrum anthelmintic drug. It belongs to the economy class and is used for the prevention and treatment of helminthiasis in dogs of any age.

What pills to give a dog for worms
What pills to give a dog for worms

Worm tablets for dogs. With mixed helminthiasis, Kanikvantel Plus is recommended. Some dogs have a hard time giving a pill that is not tasty. This is especially true for small breeds. There are delicious preparations especially for such pets. For example, Histaral has a meaty aroma and at the same time it treats helminthiases caused by cestodes and nematodes.

Worm preparations for puppies

It is better for puppies to give special anthelmintic drugs, which are safer for a small organism. These are sweet suspension Prazicid, Drontal Junior, Dirofen, Pocox suspension, Febtal-combo, Caniverm.

What pills to give a dog for worms
What pills to give a dog for worms

Prazitel; prazitel suspension for puppies. The drug Praeitel® is produced in the form of a suspension from light yellow to light yellow with a cream shade. 1 ml of the suspension contains: praziquantel: Zmg; pyrantel pamoate: 30 mg. Small breed dogs and puppies orally 1 ml of suspension per 1 kg of animal weight.

What drug can be used to worm a pregnant dog

Worm tablets for dogs. Most anthelminthic drugs should not be given to pregnant dogs because of their negative effects on puppies. Taking anthelmintics is especially dangerous in the first half of pregnancy.

What pills to give a dog for worms
What pills to give a dog for worms

At this stage, all major systems and organs are formed in the fetus, therefore, any negative impact will lead to the development of pathology in babies. Also, antihelminthic drugs can provoke miscarriages.

What to do if the scheduled processing time before mating is hopelessly missed? On the one hand, deworming during pregnancy is dangerous, and on the other, infection with internal parasites will inevitably affect the development and growth of babies. Use a drug that is not contraindicated for pregnant dogs.

Remember: deworming a pet should be done with caution, preferably under the supervision of a veterinarian.

In the second half of pregnancy, the development of puppies stabilizes, all organs and organ systems have already formed. Then the kids will only grow and develop. Therefore, during this period, you can worm a pregnant dog, but for this you need to choose the right drug.

Many veterinarians, experienced dog breeders and kennel owners choose Prazitel, a broad spectrum drug for deworming animals during pregnancy.

The best drug for deworming pregnant dogs Prazitel

The optimal content of active ingredients in the preparation ensures complete safety for the health of a pregnant dog. The drug is well tolerated by dogs of all breeds and ages.

What pills to give a dog for worms
What pills to give a dog for worms

Worm tablets for dogs. Prazitel will protect the dog from the most common types of worms: round and tape. The active ingredients of the drug destroy parasites at all stages of their development: eggs, larvae, adults. Clinical studies confirm the high efficiency of Prazitel against helminths after a single application.

Prazitel comes in the form of a suspension, which is the most convenient form for use in dogs. Suspension Prazitel has a pleasant taste for the animal, its original consistency facilitates the use of the drug. Prazitel is also available in traditional tablet form.

An atraumatic syringe-dispenser is included in the package of the Prazitel suspension, with which the drug can be easily dispensed and given to the animal. The correct choice of dosage will ensure the required effectiveness of the application of Prazitel.

Prevention of worms in dogs

Recommendations for deworming:

  • adult dogs and cats should be carried out once every 3 months, including for prophylactic purposes;
  • for puppies and kittens, choose a preparation appropriate for their age and weight. You can not use products designed for adult animals due to the difference in dosages;
  • 7-10 days before vaccination, mating, in the second half of pregnancy, it is necessary to carry out extraordinary deworming;
  • with a significant degree of helminthic invasion, the animal should not be given a full dose of the drug at the same time in order to avoid intoxication and injury to the intestinal mucosa by a mass of dead parasites (this recommendation is especially relevant when deworming puppies and kittens);
  • in the case of a significant degree of infection, it is recommended to use an anthelmintic drug twice with an interval of 7–10 days;
  • Endoparasite drugs are toxic in nature. Therefore, we recommend that, after deworming, allow the animal's body to recover with the help of probiotic drugs or enterosorbents, metabolic stimulants (for example, Tsamax or Lignitin);
  • if you have several animals in the house, then the medicine must be given to all at the same time.

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