Wormwood From Worms - How To Cook And Take

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Wormwood From Worms - How To Cook And Take
Wormwood From Worms - How To Cook And Take

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Video: Wormwood From Worms - How To Cook And Take
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Wormwood from worms. Wormwood is a unique medicinal plant that is used by many people to cleanse the body. Wormwood is known to be effective against many types of worms, but it should be used with great care. A high content of natural bitterness can relax spasmodic bile ducts, therefore, wormwood is contraindicated for people with diseases of the biliary tract. Also, the use of wormwood can harm women with gynecological diseases. Be extremely careful!

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  • 1 General information about wormwood
  • 2 Anthelmintic properties of the medicinal plant wormwood
  • 3 What parasites are wormwood effective against
  • 4 Ways to use wormwood to eliminate parasites
  • 5 Recipes for making wormwood from worms and their use
  • 6 Cleansing the body of parasites with wormwood
  • 7 Features of wormwood therapy with worms
  • 8 Side effects when taking wormwood
  • 9 Contraindications to the use of wormwood

General information about wormwood

It is a very valuable medicinal plant. The story about him goes back a long way. Among the ancient Slavs, wormwood was considered a cult plant with the ability to cleanse the spiritual and physical world.

Wormwood from worms
Wormwood from worms

Yogis and Buddhists have used wormwood essential oil in meditation as one of the best ways to help them focus. Even today, many people believe that the aroma (smell) of wormwood scares away evil spirits, protects from the evil eye and damage.

Wormwood from worms. The most popular among the people for its healing, cleansing and cosmetic properties is bitter wormwood. It differs from other species primarily in its general grayish-silver color. The upper surfaces of the leaves of wormwood are whitish in color and the stem also looks silky-grayish. And the flower baskets of this plant are yellow.

As studies show, they affect about 90% of the entire population of the planet. This is a perennial wild plant with a characteristic specific aroma and a very bitter taste. The smell of wormwood is quite strong and resembles a bitter-tart taste. It grows almost everywhere, has a straight, up to 1.5 m in height, spreading stem.

Wormwood leaves are harvested before flowering, plucking them without petioles. Plant stems with tops are cut at the beginning of flowering. Dried in the shade in a well-ventilated area.

The shelf life of medicinal raw materials is 2 years.

Anthelmintic properties of the medicinal plant wormwood

Wormwood from worms. Bitter wormwood is one of the most commonly used plants to cleanse the body of worms. Only tansy and pumpkin seeds have similar properties. In the Pharmacopoeia of our country, an herb with a specific odor and bitter taste is also included as an anthelminthic astringent.

For wormwood, the following medicinal properties against parasites are characteristic:

  • a significant content of natural bitterness (lactones and bitter glycosides) determine the anthelmintic effect of the plant;
  • bitterness has the ability to stimulate the secretion of bile and digestive enzymes that normalize the work of gastrointestinal juice, which is upset by worms;
  • a high concentration of chamazulene in wormwood causes anti-inflammatory and mild laxative therapeutic activity of bitter wormwood;
  • chamazulenogen and prochamazulenogen enhance the phagocytic functions of the blood, which makes it possible to cleanse the human body from accumulated toxic waste products of parasitic worms.

Bitter wormwood contains various biologically active substances - flavonoids, trace elements, saponins, phytoncides, organic acids, vitamins. Thanks to this combination, the course reception of infusions or decoctions strengthens human immunity, which is reduced as a result of helminthic invasions.

Wormwood from worms. As you know, helminthic invasion has a negative effect on the entire human body, and therefore the effect of wormwood is especially valuable in several aspects:

  • as an anthelmintic due to the high content of bitterness in the composition of wormwood, which has a detrimental effect on parasites, and not only helminths;
  • due to the secretory effect on stimulating the secretion of the gallbladder, normalizing the digestive tract and intestinal microflora;
  • as a means of detoxification (cleansing) of the blood and the whole body from toxic waste products of worms (antienzymes);
  • for the general strengthening of the body and its immune system.

In addition, the plant also has anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, analgesic, antiseptic, antipyretic and anticonvulsant effects, which led to its use in a number of diseases, including:

  • with pathologies of the nervous system, including sleep disorders;
  • with metabolic disorders;
  • with diseases of the genitourinary tract and reproductive system;
  • with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • with tumors;
  • in the treatment of alcoholism.
Wormwood from worms
Wormwood from worms

What parasites are wormwood effective against

Wormwood from worms. It is important to note the fact that it is important to use not only leaves against worms, but also inflorescences, stems, seeds and even roots of this herb. Raw materials must be collected at the very moment when the grass is just beginning to bloom, after which the wormwood is dried.

Wormwood from worms
Wormwood from worms

This can be done either in the oven (the process will be faster, but it is quite complicated due to the fact that it is necessary to control the temperature), or in a ventilated place where no light enters - in this case, the process will take time.

Worms are afraid of bitterness - it is due to this that wormwood is effective in the fight against them.

Thanks to wormwood, you can get rid of almost all types of parasites, namely:

  • roundworms: this includes such types of worms as pinworms, whipworms, roundworms, trichinella;
  • tape: tapeworm, tapeworm;
  • the simplest helminths;
  • flukes: Siberian fluke, lamblia, liver fluke;
  • flat parasites, etc.

Nevertheless, during therapy, it is imperative to follow certain rules - in order not to harm the body. It is also advisable to consult with your doctor in order to eliminate the risk of allergic reactions in case of individual intolerance.

Ways to use wormwood to eliminate parasites

Wormwood from worms. So, let's consider the most effective and common methods of treating worms using this tool:

Powder: usually worms are afraid of bitterness - it is because of this that wormwood is effective in combating them. The recipe can be prepared even by a person who has never in his life faced the treatment of diseases with herbs. You will need the leaves of this plant - it is desirable to collect them from June to August.

Next, they must be well dried. Wash the leaves, place them on clean paper, after which you will need to leave the wormwood in a dark place that is well ventilated. As soon as the leaves begin to break in your hands, they need to be crushed. To do this, you can use a coffee grinder, a sieve, or just carefully grind the raw materials with your hands.

Wormwood from worms
Wormwood from worms

The best option is to put the resulting powder in special gelatin capsules, which are sold in any pharmacy. This way you can take the medicine without discomfort (wormwood has a very bitter taste). Otherwise, the powder can simply be mixed with honey - it will eliminate the discomfort.

The maximum you can take per day is two tablespoons of dry powder, and only once a day. The course lasts 7 days. After a week of therapy, we take a break for another 7 days, and repeat the therapy again.

Tincture: you can prepare it in several ways, here we will consider the most popular, simple and at the same time effective. Boil 400 ml of water, then add a spoonful of dry product to it. Insist for about 20-30 minutes, cool. After that, you can apply the infusion - always on an empty stomach, three times a day. After 30 minutes, you can start your meal.

It is noteworthy that in some cases, parasites can attack not only the intestines, but also the skin and eyes of a person. In such cases, lotions will help.

Prepare a decoction according to the above recipe, moisten a cotton-gauze swab in it and apply to the affected areas. By the way, in case of intestinal damage, this infusion is also suitable - with its help you can do enemas.

Wormwood from worms
Wormwood from worms

Inhalation: This rarely happens, but sometimes parasites attack the lungs. In such cases, it will be useful not only to take infusions based on medicinal herbs, but also to do inhalation. This will clear your lungs.

For inhalation, apply wormwood gruel. The grass must be fresh. It is noteworthy that it is in the fresh grass that the maximum of essential oils is contained, thanks to which you can achieve a lasting healing effect. But the raw materials that remain after the procedures do not need to be thrown away - they can be rubbed into problem areas of the skin.

Oil: judging by the reviews of people who have been treated with wormwood oil, this type of preparation of raw materials is very effective.

Prepare 1.5 kg of grass leaves, as well as 0.5 unrefined oil - it is advisable to buy it not in the supermarket, but in the market. Mix everything, send it to a cool, cold place for 14 days, the mixture will need to be stirred periodically. Next, you will need to strain the drug, and use it daily.

We do it as follows: hold a tablespoon of the resulting oil in your mouth for about a minute. Then thoroughly rinse the mouth with it and spit it out. You can't swallow! The procedure must be repeated three times a day. Store this oil in a dark, cool place.

Recipes for making wormwood from worms and their use

Recipes for making bitter wormwood from worms:

Wormwood from worms. The herb wormwood, cloves, which is used in cooking (powder), chop flax seeds and take in equal parts, each half a teaspoon. Drink the resulting mixture with one glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice. Helps to heal from worms and some other types of parasites.

Wormwood affects more than 100 parasites of their intermediate and mature stages, while cloves have a special effect on larvae and their eggs. To get rid of worms, these components must always be used together.

Drink the tincture on an empty stomach, one glass 2 times a day, preferably 30 minutes before lunch and before dinner. The course should be carried out for several weeks, until the intestines are completely cleared of worms. Use as a general antihelminthic agent.

How to get rid of worms and parasites with the help of dry wormwood. Take dry wormwood crushed into powder, about 100g. Why dry? Since the broth, tested in practice, does not reach the remote areas of the large intestine, it is absorbed by the intestines along the way and at the final stage remains in a low concentration, and it is required that the wormwood passes through the entire path and heals all parts of the digestive tract.

First, we take the first 3 days for 1 incomplete teaspoon. dry wormwood and every 2-2.5 hours: put a portion in your mouth and wash it down with water. It turns out 5-6 times a day, then we reduce it to 3-4 times, we do not get attached to the time of eating.

Wormwood from worms
Wormwood from worms

Also, a remarkable effect in getting rid of various worms and parasites is given by a triad (3 components), this is an infusion of a mixture of dry wormwood of walnut peel, clove seeds.

Treatment with wormwood is carried out for 1 week, the entire body is involved in the cleaning at once, it is recommended to carry it out 2 times a year - in autumn and spring, and it is advisable to adhere to a vegetarian diet during the cleaning.

For a while, weakness and exacerbation of old diseases may be observed during cleansing with wormwood (joints ache, get sick in the side, cutting pains occur when stones move.

You can simultaneously do wormwood enemas once a day and douche with an infusion of wormwood (1-2 teaspoons for 1 liter of boiling water, infused to body temperature, strain) twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Also, a wonderful effect in getting rid of various worms and parasites is given by a triad (3 components), this is an infusion of a mixture of dry wormwood of a walnut peel, carnation seeds, and of course the Russian triad of V. A. Ivanchenko: which includes wormwood, tansy and cloves in powder.

Cleansing the body of parasites with wormwood

Wormwood from worms. When treating any type of helminthiasis, it should be borne in mind that biologically active substances of wormwood can only be destroyed by adults. In relation to the larvae and eggs of parasitic worms, the plant does not show antihelminthic activity. Therefore, when drawing up a therapeutic regimen, it is necessary to include pharmacological preparations in it. This will provide a comprehensive effect on worms at any stage of development.

Reception of infusions and decoctions should be carried out in compliance with special rules to speed up recovery.

If there are contraindications to taking anthelmintic drugs, the doctor will recommend the use of medicinal fees. In addition to wormwood, they contain tansy, cloves and other herbs. This combination will provide a complete cleansing of the digestive tract from lamblia and worms.

What you need to consider before brewing wormwood from parasites:

  • the greatest antihelminthic efficacy is possessed by dosage forms of bitter wormwood, prepared from dry plant materials;
  • during therapy, one-time and daily dosages, as well as the duration of the course of treatment, cannot be exceeded due to the likelihood of the development of general intoxication of the body;
  • when conducting anthelmintic therapy, adjustments should be made to the diet - to limit the consumption of meat, milk, eggs, baked and puff pastries, sweets;
  • during the purification of the body from parasites, it is strictly forbidden to use any alcoholic beverages.

Since most types of helminthiasis can be transmitted by contact and everyday life, it is necessary to treat all family members. Pets should be examined by a veterinarian and treated for worms.

Features of wormwood therapy with worms

Wormwood from worms. Despite the high anthelmintic activity of the herb, cleansing wormwood from parasites is not always successful. The fact is that at certain stages of the destruction of parasitic worms, the body needs help.

How to take wormwood from worms
How to take wormwood from worms

Reception of pharmacological preparations will accelerate the elimination of not only the waste products of worms, but also the poisonous compounds of wormwood. Without the use of medicines, cleansing will cause no less harm to the body than helminth invasion.

To increase the effectiveness of therapy, doctors recommend that patients act according to the following algorithm:

  • at the stage of preparation for cleansing, it is necessary to remove accumulated toxins and toxins from the gastrointestinal tract with the help of enterosorbents and eubiotics Polyphepan, Smekta, Lactobacterin;
  • simultaneously with the infusion of wormwood, you need to take anthelmintic drugs that destroy the eggs and larvae of parasitic worms - Dekaris, Nemazol, Pirantel;
  • after removing worms or lamblia, you should cleanse the body of their waste products, taking antihistamines (Cetrin, Zirtek, Loratadin) and mild laxatives (Forlax, Duphalac, Poslabin) means;
  • during the rehabilitation period, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system, restore damaged tissues and organs. A course intake of balanced vitamin complexes (Pikovit, Supradin, Complivit) and immunostimulants (Echinacea tincture, Immunal) will help speed up recovery.

Side effects when taking wormwood

Wormwood from worms. However, it is important to note that wormwood should be used according to the indicated dosage - in no case exceeding it. Otherwise, unexpected and very unpleasant consequences may occur, which can cause irreparable harm to the body.

How to take wormwood from worms
How to take wormwood from worms

It is also important to consider the fact that some people have an individual intolerance to this product. In this case, the manifestation of allergic reactions is possible.

Who should not use wormwood:

  • you cannot use infusions, decoctions based on wormwood for people who have gastrointestinal diseases. For example, this herb is not recommended for ulcers, gastritis - due to the fact that these diseases can be exacerbated due to the fact that the plant has the ability to enhance the function of the organs of the system, which is responsible for digestion;
  • experts do not recommend using wormwood for the treatment if the patient has a predisposition to allergic reactions;
  • with prolonged use of this herb, and in large quantities, the appearance of hallucinations and even seizures is possible - this is due to the fact that wormwood tends to excite the central nervous system;
  • if the dosage has been exceeded, the person may vomit.

Wormwood is a serious medicinal plant that must be used wisely. Surely many have heard more than once that the herb is a hallucinogen - that is why all experts strongly recommend that the therapy for worms be carried out carefully, in no case exceeding the indicated dosage, especially this factor concerns young children - due to the fact that they have a fragile body.

Contraindications to the use of wormwood

Wormwood from worms. Take with caution in case of problems with the central nervous system. It is forbidden to use in children with such disorders of the central nervous system.

Contraindications to the use of wormwood:

  • during pregnancy and lactation - it is advisable not to use wormwood in any form. The herb can increase the tone of the uterus - and this is a direct way to interruption. Therefore, it is better for women in position to abandon this method of getting rid of worms. In addition, wormwood can negatively affect the development of the unborn child;
  • very carefully - with gallstone disease. This is due to the fact that the essential oils of wormwood relax the spasmodic bile ducts and a stone from the bile ducts can "move on its way", and after relaxation there always comes a compression phase and stones can get stuck in the biliary tract, provoking an attack of pain and even surgical intervention. the "effect" of wormwood treatment can be obtained by drinking a large dose at once. Therefore, you just need to observe the dosage and know about contraindications, then there will be no problems;
How to take wormwood from worms
How to take wormwood from worms
  • in diseases of the lungs, which are accompanied by obstructions, one cannot be treated with wormwood. The special composition of this medicinal herb can enhance the course of the disease;
  • the rehabilitation period after the performed surgical intervention;
  • in females - diseases in the gynecological part. Start therapy only after consulting a doctor;
  • children who are under 12 years old, as well as the elderly, should also consult with a therapist before starting treatment in order to avoid unwanted side effects;
  • also, an overdose can cause hallucinations and over-excitement of the psyche, and then - a rollback, up to depression and even sometimes - death! Of course, we are talking about very high dosages, but it is better to know about this. Not so harmless "ordinary herbs" as many used to think …