Pinworms In Adults: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

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Pinworms In Adults: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment
Pinworms In Adults: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

Video: Pinworms In Adults: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

Video: Pinworms In Adults: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment
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Pinworms in adults are a special type of worms that live in the human body. Treatment of pinworms in adults is not an easy task, which can take a lot of time. During treatment for pinworms, a person may experience malaise, weakness, nausea, and other unpleasant symptoms. To minimize the risk of side effects and to obtain the best treatment results, you should take the drugs prescribed by your doctor.

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  • 1 How enterobiasis manifests itself
  • 2 Features of the structure and life cycle of pinworms
  • 3 The main mechanisms of the spread of worms
  • 4 Symptoms of pinworms in humans
  • 5 Diagnosis of pinworms
  • 6 Treatment of enterobiasis with drugs
  • 7 Getting rid of pinworms during pregnancy
  • 8 Features of care for pinworms in adults
  • 9 Tablet "from worms"
  • 10 Interesting Facts About Human Parasites

How enterobiasis manifests itself

If the infection was not so long ago, and a small number of eggs of these helminths got into the body, then the symptoms may not appear, or be so smoothed that the person does not even think that he is sick.

In the presence of a large number of parasites in adults and babies, enterobiasis begins to manifest itself as follows:

  1. There is severe itching in the anal area, especially pronounced at night and in the evening, since at this moment the eggs are laid by the female of the parasite.
  2. In the absence of hygiene and treatment, itching becomes continuous, constant scratching does not allow you to sleep peacefully, the person loses sleep. The patient begins to complain of fatigue and weakness. Babies in this condition constantly cry, are capricious, breastfeed poorly and lose weight, since the waste products of pinworms poison the body.
  3. On the anus, there are multiple microcracks, areas of pronounced redness and irritation.

    The accession of a secondary infection can lead to complications.

  4. The constant presence of a large number of pinworms in the intestines leads to the development of diarrhea and constipation, the stool becomes bloody, and dysbiosis develops. Sometimes, symptoms of bowel irritation include pain around the belly button.

There is a theory that still needs confirmation. She says that with the accumulation of helminths in the appendix, its inflammation can occur.

The symptoms of enterobiasis are confirmed by a blood test. There, eosinophilia and a decrease in hemoglobin levels are determined.

How to treat pinworms in adults
How to treat pinworms in adults

To clarify the diagnosis in a person, you should not use the analysis of feces, since pinworms are not found in it. You can determine the pathology using scraping from the anus. Since parasites do not lay eggs all the time, this analysis should be carried out three times. Especially when it comes to children attending school or kindergarten.

For the treatment of the disease in adults, tablets or capsules are usually used in conjunction with strict adherence to hygiene procedures. It is widely practiced to get rid of pinworms using folk methods (garlic, herbs, salty enemas, some food).

Features of the structure and life cycle of pinworms

Despite the small size of the human pinworm, it is capable of causing tremendous harm to the body, especially in the event of a mass invasion. When an invasive pinworm egg enters the human gastrointestinal tract, a mobile larva hatches from it, which begins a gradual migration through the intestines and reaches sexual maturity in two weeks. After fertilization, the male dies, and the female pinworm continues to migrate to the anus: it is here that she will lay eggs (from 5 to 20,000). This completes the development cycle of the pinworm.

How long do pinworms live? Their life cycle is relatively short and is 3-4 weeks, however, enterobiasis can last much longer, which is explained by the self-infection mechanism: the patient constantly swallows new eggs, which are scattered through linen, clothes, and fall on their hands. Therefore, the answer to the question "can pinworms pass on their own?" - negative. Pinworm infection will not only not go away without effective treatment and taking suitable drugs, but it will also become chronic, leading to new dangerous consequences. The incubation period for pinworms is also minimal.

The body of pinworms is maximally adapted to life in the human body: thanks to the pointed rear end, they easily move through the intestines, feeding on the nutrients in it, as well as beneficial microflora. Children's pinworm lives mainly in the lower part of the small intestine, but can also be found in other parts of it. For example, parasites are often found in the appendix - presumably, their vital activity is capable of causing inflammation (provoking appendicitis).

The main mechanisms of the spread of worms

  • Soil, sand and other types of soil are the most fertile habitat for worm eggs. Fruiting plants are in continuous contact with the ground. When harvesting, greens, fruits and vegetables come into contact with the hands of workers, with the dusty shelves of vegetable stores, and trucks. In such conditions, food contamination with parasite eggs is highly likely. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly wash products of plant origin under running water, and then pour over with boiling water. You should be especially vigilant in rural areas where pets walk around the yard and then go into the house. It is not difficult to imagine what kind of sewage a cat or dog can put into the house after a night walk. Flies and cockroaches are also carriers of helminth eggs. When sitting on food, insects can infect your food.

    Any contact with soil and sand can lead to the entry of parasites into the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly, especially under the nails. This applies in particular to children.

  • From person to person. This infection mechanism is highly efficient. For example, pinworms lay eggs at night in the area around the anus. A child, in a state of sleep, scratches the place where the eggs are laid, as itching begins there. Thousands of eggs fall on clothes, on the bed, and in the morning on the doorknobs and on everything that a little fidget touches in the morning even before washing hands and washing. As a result, the whole family is at risk of infection.
  • By contact with water. Open bodies of water contain a huge number of types of worms. Bathing and accidental ingestion of water is a serious risk of infection

Children are much more likely than adults to be susceptible to helminthic invasion. This is due to the fact that the child's body is poorly protected (defense mechanisms are just being formed), and the child is actively in contact with the external environment. It is worth an incredible effort for parents to accustom him to basic rules of personal hygiene. A baby under 6 years old is at high risk of infection. According to statistics, about 95% of children under 4-5 years old are infected with worms. Therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to prevention.

Symptoms of pinworms in humans

In enterobiasis for adults, symptoms at first may not appear in any way. Moreover, pinworms not only do not cause symptoms, but can also be destroyed by the body's own defenses, especially if their number is negligible. In cases where a person lives alone, he carefully observes personal hygiene, re-invasion does not happen, and adult parasites die on their own due to a short life cycle. Accordingly, the symptoms of enterobiasis do not manifest themselves in any way.

How to treat pinworms in adults
How to treat pinworms in adults

The main symptoms of the disease become apparent when adults begin to lay eggs. As already mentioned, this is severe itching in the anal area. However, given its nocturnal appearance during deep sleep, a person may not be aware that he has symptoms of enterobiasis.

Enterobiasis symptoms begin to manifest in full force when the number of parasites in the human body becomes very large. You can imagine how many eggs in this case will be laid simultaneously. Therefore, the itch over time becomes not only truly painful, but also becomes permanent. That is, a person suffers from it not only at night, so he can easily determine the presence of a problem.

Over time, the signs of pinworms become even more pronounced. In the area of the anus, wounds and cracks appear from frequent and strong friction. The place for them is far from the most suitable, since other pathogenic microorganisms rush to them. Dermatitis, secondary infections begin. This condition is difficult to ignore, but many people manage to refuse to visit the doctor.

In the absence of timely and proper treatment, the pinworm colony becomes more and more, constantly polluting the body with toxins. This does not affect health in the best way. Signs of enterobiasis, characteristic of this period, appear:

  • stool disorders, manifested either by bouts of diarrhea or by severe constipation;
  • dysbiosis develops;
  • feces acquire a mushy consistency mixed with blood and foam;
  • there is increased fatigue, irritability;
  • various sleep disorders develop, as a result of which a person constantly feels tired.

Symptoms of pinworms in adults after a while are manifested by the development of infectious diseases of the genital organs, into which parasites gradually begin to fall. Also, patients complain of abdominal pain, most often in the navel.

How to treat pinworms in adults
How to treat pinworms in adults

From the described symptoms, it is very clear what the danger of pinworms is. If you don't get rid of them, your health condition will only get worse every day. It should be understood that parasites by themselves will never disappear, on the contrary, every day they will become more and more. Specialists are aware of such severe cases of the disease when the patient had to be hospitalized for serious treatment in the hospital.

Pinworm diagnostics

If enterobiasis is suspected, diagnostics should be carried out as soon as possible. The speed and correctness of treatment depends on its results. There are several ways to make a diagnosis.

First, it is necessary to pass a fecal analysis, traditional for helminthic invasions. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to be limited. The fact is that it will hardly be possible to detect pinworm eggs in the feces, since they are not in the intestine, but already outside it. However, in some cases, a small amount is still obtained, then the diagnosis becomes clear.

Unlike eggs, pinworms themselves are found in feces quite often. We are talking about dead adults and their remains. However, the absence of such in the sample taken for analysis is not an indicator, no doctor will say that a person is not infected, on the basis of the mere absence of traces of pinworms in the feces.

A better diagnosis of enterobiasis is carried out using another special analysis. It's called scraping and is done with duct tape. It is applied to the anal area for a few seconds, and then peeled off. If eggs are present, they will be easily detected. Since enterobiasis treatment involves a rather long and difficult, it is best to start it as early as possible, so you should not delay with the analysis.

However, scraping for enterobiasis may not show the presence of the parasite. The fact is that females do not lay eggs every day. Therefore, to obtain a reliable result, the analysis is taken several times during a month, most often with breaks a week. However, if the patient is very unwell, the doctor may suggest a different scheme.

How to treat pinworms in adults
How to treat pinworms in adults

Sometimes, with enterobiasis, a blood test is taken. In the early stages of the disease, it shows an increased number of eosinophils. It is also possible to visually inspect the anal area, where you can see not only traces of scratching, but also the nematodes themselves. Their size allows for this.

You should know that not only children, especially those who attend educational institutions, but also adults who have representatives of the younger generation in their families are at risk for the onset of the disease. It is from them that infection usually emanates. If you suspect a family member has worms, you can be sure that in order to heal alone, you will need to destroy the parasites from everyone.

Treatment of enterobiasis with drugs

How to treat pinworms in humans? For this, there are special effective drugs that are given to both adults and children. The doctor strictly determines the dosage of the drug, since it depends on the age of the person. In modern pharmacology, the most effective means are used:

  1. Nemozole. It is considered one of the most powerful drugs for pinworms. It is better absorbed together with the intake of fatty foods. It is not recommended for use by pregnant women and young children under two years of age. Has pronounced side effects on the liver and the hematopoietic system.
  2. Levamisole. It has immunomodulatory properties, which makes it possible to use it not only for helminthiasis, but also for some infectious pathologies.

    It is not used for severe liver or kidney failure, as well as for acute leukemia.

  3. Pirantel. It is considered one of the mildest remedies. Its tablet form is used in adults and children after 3 years of age. Pyrantel in suspension is used in infants over 6 months old.
  4. Piperazine. It is considered the safest, and can be used for enterobiasis in pregnant women.

In order for the drugs to work more effectively, it is necessary to eat only light food that does not lead to constipation.

You can get rid of helminths faster if you take a pill in the morning and a laxative or a cleansing enema in the evening.

Treatment should take place in courses, 2-3 approaches. This is to prevent re-infection.

With severe itching, you can take antihistamines, and a soda enema will also help (for it you need to take half a teaspoon in a glass of water).

Medicines should be taken strictly as prescribed by a doctor - only in this case you can get rid of pinworms and not harm your body.

Getting rid of pinworms during pregnancy

Treatment of pinworms with folk remedies in pregnant women is absolutely necessary. This can be done by using foods that are intolerant of helminths. When breastfeeding, the treatment is somewhat more difficult, because when using some products that include garlic or pepper, the taste of breast milk changes, and the baby may refuse to eat.

How to treat pinworms in adults
How to treat pinworms in adults

Effective recipes for worms for pregnant women:

  1. Enterobiasis in pregnant women is well treated with onion infusion. To make it, you need to grind one medium onion into a glass of boiling water and let this mixture brew for 12 hours. Drink after straining half a glass a day, repeat for four days.
  2. You can grate the onion, add a little salt and vegetable oil. Eat this portion at night, repeat for five days.
  3. Drink half a glass of beet juice twice a day for two weeks. You can use carrot juice in the same way.
  4. Garlic will help to remove pinworms during pregnancy. Chop two medium cloves and add a little water. Swallow this mixture, and then drink it with a large volume of water - at least 1.5 liters, for 3 days. Take a break for 7 days, then the treatment can be repeated.

    Garlic should not be used in the first trimester, especially with increased uterine tone and stomach diseases.

  5. Flax seed will help to improve intestinal motility, which decreases during pregnancy, and to get rid of parasites. It is necessary to take a teaspoon of seeds in half a glass of water and insist overnight. Drink in the morning before breakfast. This method can be used in combination with other methods.
  6. It will not harm a pregnant woman to use pumpkin seeds for this purpose. To do this, one hundred grams of pumpkin seeds are mixed in a crushed and peeled form with half a glass of vegetable oil. Leave to infuse overnight and eat in the morning. Do this for three days in a row. After a break of two days, repeat the procedure. The symptoms of the disease should disappear.

During pregnancy, any treatment should be agreed with a doctor, only in this case there can be a guarantee of a speedy recovery and the birth of a healthy baby.

Features of help with pinworms in adults

Despite the fact that pinworms are predominantly found in children, adults also do not always get around this problem. For any person, those recipes that can be used to treat the symptoms of enterobiasis in pregnant women and children are suitable, some other recipes can be added to them:

  1. Treatment with wormwood. Leaves, as well as finely chopped plant stems and pumpkin seeds, taken in equal amounts, are poured with vodka (1 part of the mixture is 2 parts of vodka) and kept for a week. Strain and take 50 ml before meals, twice a day. This treatment can only be carried out by adults, since the product contains alcohol.
  2. To remove pinworms in adults, it is enough to eat garlic, several cloves every day for a week.
  3. Onion gruel is poured with the same amount of vodka, and insisted for seven days. Within three days, take twice a tablespoon before meals.

Tablet "from worms"

In modern pharmacology, there are many different remedies for human worms and other abominations. It would seem that what is easier - took a pill, and everything is in order! But, the whole point is that most antiparasitic and antiprotozoal drugs have a lot of contraindications.

Very often, these contraindications concern precisely those who need treatment in the first place: pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, people with chronic diseases of internal organs.

Traditional medicine comes to the rescue, which has long used proven recipes for parasites. The components for such recipes are provided by nature itself - these are flowers and seeds of some plants.

Carnation from parasites has been known among the people for a long time. Its flowers (a widespread spice) are capable of destroying round, flat and tapeworms, and are also successfully used against fungi and protozoan bacteria. The advantage of carnation flowers is that they destroy the larvae and eggs of parasites, preventing them from developing in the body.

Clove shows its healing properties against parasites not only in the intestines, but also in the blood plasma, in the reproductive organs, in the nervous system. Therefore, such a definition as "carnation from worms" is too narrow in nature, not revealing all the possibilities of dry flowers of the plant.

Interesting facts about human parasites

  • According to the WHO, about 3 billion people are infected annually with helminthic infestations. Enterobiasis affects 1.2 billion, hookworm - 0.9 billion, trichocephalosis - 0.7 billion. And this is only official statistics !;
  • In European countries, every third inhabitant carries intestinal parasites in the body;
  • Russia suffers from influenza and parasites in relatively equal amounts;
  • Some parasites are localized in the brain, eyeball, bone marrow and can live there for up to 30 years. For example, cytisterk.;

Ascaris females lay 240,000 eggs per day. Constant reinfection will not allow a person to be cured the first time. Repeated courses of treatment are required;

  • The waste products of parasites - poisons and toxins - undermine human health 24 hours a day;
  • Some types of tapeworms are up to 12 meters long. Sometimes it threatens with obstruction of the human intestine;
  • Pumpkin seeds contain cucurbitins, which help to heal worm infestation without resorting to medications. Children are often given pumpkin seeds for prevention;
  • It is optimal to treat pets every 3 months. So you will save yourself and children from parasites;
  • Worm eggs can wait in the wings on the door handles for up to 6 months.

Summing up, it should be said that regular prevention of helminthic infections, even with cheap drugs (they are also considered the most gentle), helps to protect the whole family. Be responsible for hand and body hygiene and prepare food thoroughly for use. Children and pets need constant monitoring for parasites.

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