Pinworms In Adults: Symptoms, Treatment And How To Remove

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Pinworms In Adults: Symptoms, Treatment And How To Remove
Pinworms In Adults: Symptoms, Treatment And How To Remove

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Pinworms in adults are white parasitic worms that cause enterobiasis. In the eggs that have entered the body, the larvae mature for a certain time, which subsequently turn into adults. After fertilization of the female, it will take 4 weeks before it moves from the intestine into the rectum. At night or in the evening, the female lays eggs in the preanal skin folds - the most suitable place in terms of temperature and humidity for egg maturation. Many people believe that only children are ill with enterobiasis, but this opinion is erroneous. Pinworms are able to turn a person's life into hell, as when infected, extremely unpleasant symptoms appear: itching in the anus, indigestion, sleep and appetite disturbances, nervousness, irritability.

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  • 2 Causes of pinworm infection in adults
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  • 4 Why are pinworms dangerous in adults
  • 5 Treatment of pinworms in adults
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  • 7 How to treat worms in adults
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What are pinworms

Pinworms are one of the most common human parasites, which are roundworms (nematodes). Pinworm infections are most common in children, but also in adults.

How to treat pinworms in adults
How to treat pinworms in adults

The pinworm is a white parasite, small in size and round in shape. Individuals of a female have dimensions: 8-13 mm in length, 0.5 mm in thickness, an oblong shape and a straight tail, pointed at the end. This feature of the tail of the female parasite explains its name - "pinworm", from the word "sharp".

Pinworm infection occurs from person to person, through the dust with the eggs of the parasite, objects that the patient touched. Pinworm eggs can also be carried to food by cockroaches and flies.

Due to the fact that the life cycle of the worm is very fleeting, and infection occurs from person to person, it is quite difficult to get rid of parasites, since in addition to taking anthelmintic drugs, it is necessary to process the patient's personal belongings, and isolate him from other carriers of the nematode.

The female helminth, having entered the human body by the oral route, and having mated with the male representative of the nematode, migrates to the large intestine, where it receives the necessary nutrients for life and the maturation of eggs from undigested food debris.

Pinworms in adults. Human infestation with pinworms is called enterobiasis, and occurs mainly when personal hygiene rules are not followed (insufficient hand washing). Mostly, pinworms live in the small intestine and upper large intestine, but in some cases they can also migrate to other organs and organ systems.

How to treat pinworms in adults
How to treat pinworms in adults

After 4 weeks, the female pinworm begins to migrate into the rectum at a speed of 12 cm per hour, crawls out of the anus and lays about 5000-15000 eggs in the perianal region, which after 4-6 hours fully mature and are ready for the further life cycle.

This process can be accompanied by itching, which prompts the infected person to scratch the anus, and thus contribute to the further spread of parasites that get into food from under the nails into the hands of other people (this is especially true for children who are in very close contact with each other and not always observing the rules of personal hygiene).

Causes of pinworm infection in adults

The main cause of pinworm infection is contact with a host of helminths. Pinworm eggs secreted by a sick person are transferred to clothes, door handles, household items, animal hair, food prepared by him.

In some cases, flies and cockroaches are distributors of helminth eggs. After contact with things or foods containing pinworm eggs, the person transfers them into the mouth and then into the small intestine.

There, representatives of both sexes grow from eggs, they mate and move to the large intestine for nutrition. After a month, a sexually mature female pinworm begins to lay eggs, crawling out of the rectum through the anus. The number of eggs in one clutch can reach 15 thousand.

Migration of pinworms in the perianal region causes severe itching. Thousands of eggs can be found under long nails, on unwashed hands. They get on the bed, dishes, food, underwear and clothes of other people.

When the patient scratches the skin, pinworm eggs fall under the nails, they remain on the hands. A person infected with pinworms scatters their eggs throughout their habitat.

Pinworms in adults. It is difficult to stay healthy if there is at least one patient with enterobiasis in the immediate environment. If there is a child in the family who visits a children's team and is not accustomed to following the rules of hygiene, it can be argued for sure that all family members are infected with pinworms.

They stop the spread of infection against the background of drug therapy, isolating the patient, treating his things and underwear. An additional precaution is to take food only with clean hands.

Diagnosis of pinworms in adults

Pinworms in adults. If enterobiasis is suspected, diagnostics should be carried out as soon as possible. The speed and correctness of treatment depends on its results. There are several ways to make a diagnosis.

How to treat pinworms in adults
How to treat pinworms in adults

First, it is necessary to pass a fecal analysis, traditional for helminthic invasions. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to be limited. The fact is that it will hardly be possible to detect pinworm eggs in the feces, since they are not in the intestine, but already outside it. However, in some cases, a small amount is still obtained, then the diagnosis becomes clear.

Unlike eggs, pinworms themselves are found in feces quite often. We are talking about dead adults and their remains. However, the absence of such in the sample taken for analysis is not an indicator, no doctor will say that a person is not infected, on the basis of the mere absence of traces of pinworms in the feces.

A better diagnosis of enterobiasis is carried out using another special analysis. It's called scraping and is done with duct tape.

It is applied to the anal area for a few seconds, and then peeled off. If eggs are present, they will be easily detected. Since enterobiasis treatment involves a rather long and difficult, it is best to start it as early as possible, so you should not delay with the analysis.

However, scraping for enterobiasis may not show the presence of the parasite. The fact is that females do not lay eggs every day. Therefore, to obtain a reliable result, the analysis is taken several times during a month, most often with breaks a week. However, if the patient is very unwell, the doctor may suggest a different scheme.

How to treat pinworms in adults
How to treat pinworms in adults

Pinworms in adults. You should know that not only children, especially those who attend educational institutions, but also adults who have representatives of the younger generation in their families are at risk for the onset of the disease. It is from them that infection usually emanates.

If you suspect a family member has worms, you can be sure that in order to heal alone, you will need to destroy the parasites from everyone.

Sometimes, with enterobiasis, a blood test is taken. In the early stages of the disease, it shows an increased number of eosinophils. It is also possible to visually inspect the anal area, where you can see not only traces of scratching, but also the nematodes themselves. Their size allows for this.

Why are pinworms dangerous in adults

Pinworms in adults. Pinworms cause a disease called enterobiasis. To a greater extent, this parasitic invasion is common among children, however, there are many adults in the world who are carriers of pinworms. This is due to the high viability of helminth eggs.

They retain the possibility of invasion for several weeks, even if they are outside the human body. Pinworm eggs are found in room dust, on clothes, on bedding, on household items, on furniture, etc.

In addition, any adult can catch pinworms from their own child. The transmission mechanism of the invasion is airborne or contact. Medicines for pinworms are prescribed by a doctor after the diagnosis is confirmed.

Undoubted proof of the presence of parasites in the body is the independent detection of worms in the feces. The sooner a person starts taking pinworm pills, the less harm the worms will do to his health.

It is very easy to become infected with enterobiasis, especially with insufficient adherence to the rules of personal hygiene. Adults also suffer from enterobiasis, in an increased risk zone people with low acidity of the stomach.

Worms cause great harm to human health are:

  • drop in immunity;
  • allergic reactions, which are most often manifested by itchy skin rashes;
  • violation of the digestive process, the development of chronic gastritis;
  • inflammation of the intestines due to mechanical damage to its mucous membrane by worms;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome, decreased performance.

Women with enterobiasis often suffer from vaginitis, as worms can crawl into the vagina and cause inflammation of the genitals.

Pinworms in adults. Taking medication for pinworms is a prerequisite for getting rid of worms. It is impossible to destroy them without medication.

Medicine knows cases when parasites penetrated the uterus and the peritoneal cavity, which led to serious inflammation and disruptions in the body.

Treatment of pinworms in adults

Pinworms in adults. It is necessary to entrust the treatment of enterobiasis to a parasitologist or infectious disease specialist. The specialist will conduct a series of laboratory tests that will help determine the exact picture of the disease. After passing the tests, the doctor will find out what type of parasites attacked the patient. Based on the results, he will prescribe a pinworm medicine.

Pinworm drugs have a different form of release. They are presented in the form of tablets, drops, suppositories, suspensions. It is preferable to treat pinworms in adults with medication in tablet form. Other options are more suitable for small patients as they are easier to use.

It is better to remove pinworms in adults with pills, since their dosage is standard. For therapy, you can easily calculate the amount of medication you need to drink. To get rid of pinworms forever and prevent infection with them in the future after a course of therapy, after 2 weeks, you should re-drink the medicine.

Some medicines for pinworms paralyze worms, after which they are excreted from the intestines along with feces.

Self-medication is extremely hazardous to health. Many drugs for enterobiasis in adults are highly toxic, and the instructions for them contain a considerable list of side effects.

Many drugs for pinworms are toxic, which can have a bad effect on the body. If the treatment of enterobiasis is carried out by means of correctly selected drugs, the side effects will be bypassed, and the parasites will die and leave the intestines.

The effectiveness of drugs against parasites is provided due to the negative impact not only on mature individuals, but also on larvae and eggs. The active substances of antihelminthic agents block the metabolic processes in the body of the worm, which leads to their death.

Features of taking pills for adults with worms

Pinworms in adults. Therapy of enterobiasis, like any other parasitic disease, is within the competence of an infectious disease doctor or a parasitologist. To determine the type of worms, the doctor will write the patient directions for testing. Only after a high-quality diagnosis can you pick up pills for pinworms or other parasites that will really give the desired effect.

How to treat pinworms in adults
How to treat pinworms in adults

In no case should you engage in self-treatment and acquire medicines for worms without appropriate prescriptions, since they all have a toxic effect. Moreover, incorrect calculation of the dose, or a violation of the frequency of taking medications significantly increases the risk of side effects and complications of therapy.

Medicines for worms for adults are available in several forms: tablets; suspensions; candles; drops. Adult patients are most often prescribed tablet forms of drugs. The liquid form is more suitable for treating children.

Tablets are convenient in that they are in standard dosage. This makes it easy to calculate the amount of medication you need to take to get rid of the parasites. The course of treatment for enterobiasis can vary from 1 to 3 days. Two weeks later, the course must be repeated again, which will allow achieving a lasting effect of the therapy.

How to treat worms in adults

Pinworms in adults. Popular anthelmintic drugs are:

Pirantel: tablets for pinworms in adults with a mild effect. The drug contains the only active ingredient - pyrantel.

How to treat pinworms in adults
How to treat pinworms in adults

It blocks neuromuscular impulses of parasites, leading to their death. Removal of the remains of helminths occurs along with feces. The drug is taken once, the dosage is calculated based on the patient's weight - 10 mg / kg. Pirantel has no contraindications, except for hypersensitivity, rarely causes side reactions.

Decaris: anthelmintic tablets that disrupt the bioenergetic processes of helminths. The active ingredient is levamisole hydrochloride.

The medicine is contraindicated during breastfeeding, with agranulocytosis.

For adults, Dekaris is prescribed as a single dose of 150 mg. While taking the medication, you may experience - headache, nausea, heart palpitations.

Nemozole: an anthelmintic drug, the action of which is based on the suppression of the polymerization of beta-tubulin of helminths. The active ingredient of the drug is albendazole. Tablets for adults are prescribed in a daily dosage of 0.4 g.

How to treat pinworms in adults
How to treat pinworms in adults

The drug is contraindicated in case of retinal damage, pregnancy, hematopoietic dysfunction. Sometimes, while taking Nemozole, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, skin rash may occur.

Vermox: broad-spectrum anthelmintic. The active ingredient - mebendazole - disrupts the utilization of glucose, depletes pinworm tissue.

For adults and children over 12 years old, Vermox is prescribed 100 mg once a day.

The course of treatment is 3 days. While taking the tablets, the side effects are insignificant, but the medicine is contraindicated in ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, liver disease, during pregnancy and lactation. The analogue of Vermox for the active ingredient is Wormin.

How to treat pinworms in adults
How to treat pinworms in adults

Carbendacim: an antihelminthic drug based on benzimidazole derivatives. The active ingredient paralyzes the muscular system of roundworms, as a result of which it loses its ability to fixate in the intestine. When pinworms are detected, the dosage for adults is calculated by the scales - 10 mg / kg. The duration of treatment is one day. With caution, Carbendacim is prescribed during pregnancy and lactation. While taking the pills, you may experience an allergic reaction, weakness and nausea.

During pregnancy or because of intolerance to semi-synthetic active ingredients, the use of many drugs becomes difficult. In this case, it is worth taking a closer look at herbal medicines.

A large number of positive reviews for the candles Girudotex and Helmavitol. They contain - extract of tansy, wormwood, garlic, pumpkin seed oil and cocoa. Suppositories are administered 1 piece per day after bowel movement. The course of treatment is 3-4 days.

Treatment with folk remedies

For many centuries, folk remedies have been used to get rid of parasites. This is especially true today for those who prefer home treatment. Despite the effectiveness of various herbs and products, you still cannot refuse to consult a good specialist. After all, helminths can provoke complications, secondary bacterial infections, and the acute form can easily turn into a chronic one. However, traditional medicine has several benefits. One of them is the possibility of using anthelmintics during pregnancy. This cannot be said about modern medicines.

Treatment with folk remedies for parasites
Treatment with folk remedies for parasites

Important! Before starting treatment, pregnant women must consult with their doctor about the appropriateness of taking certain herbs and products.

Pumpkin seed

The film between the seed and the peel has an antiparasitic effect, therefore, during treatment, you need to clean them yourself. Crush 300 grams of seeds and mix with 100 grams of honey. Within an hour, eat the resulting mixture on an empty stomach, do not seize anything. Drink a laxative after 4-5 hours. To enhance the effect and facilitate the withdrawal of pinworms, an herbal or soda enema should be done in the morning and in the evening.

Pumpkin seed for parasites
Pumpkin seed for parasites


An effective antiparasitic natural medicine. Garlic treatment can be done in two ways. During the day you need to eat 1-2 cloves of garlic, always on an empty stomach and not less than half an hour before meals. For those who do not accept pure garlic, another option is suitable - garlic enemas.

The use of garlic for worms
The use of garlic for worms

The recipe is very simple:

  1. Finely chop and crush one small head of garlic.
  2. Pour the gruel with warm boiled water. Half a glass will be sufficient.
  3. Cover and wrap well. Let it brew for at least 12 hours.
  4. Strain thoroughly. Before use, carry out the usual cleansing enema.

For one procedure, 50 ml of garlic infusion will be enough. Introduce the entire volume into the rectum, squeezing the buttocks, hold the liquid for 2-3 minutes. Repeat the garlic enema daily for at least 7 days.

Garlic for parasites
Garlic for parasites


It is a good remedy not only for worms, but also for the treatment of gastritis, cholecystitis, enteritis, colitis. That is, the use of tansy as an antiparasitic agent will have an additional therapeutic or prophylactic effect on the digestive tract. It is used both in the form of decoctions for oral administration and as a herbal enema.

  1. 20 grams of dry tansy inflorescences must be filled with two glasses of milk and 2 crushed garlic cloves must be added.
  2. Boil the mixture over low heat for about 10-12 minutes, strain and cool. Drink a tablespoon 15-30 minutes before meals, three times a day.
  3. If milk is replaced with water, the broth can be used for an enema.
Tansy from worms
Tansy from worms

How to eat with worms in adults

Pinworms in adults. To increase the effectiveness of drug therapy, to reduce the load on the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract), to stabilize the intestinal microflora, doctors recommend switching to a diet during treatment.

How to treat pinworms in adults
How to treat pinworms in adults

The basis of the diet should be sour milk products, fresh herbs, nuts, low-fat broths. It is better to eat fractionally, in small portions. From drinks it is worth giving preference to sour freshly squeezed natural juices, special herbal decoctions or medicinal teas.

Not desirable on the menu: flour or confectionery products, sweet pastries; fried or fatty foods; vegetables with a high percentage of starch; bananas; sweet grapes; potatoes; pasta; alcohol.

Prevention of worms in adults

Pinworms in adults. To prevent pinworms from entering the body, observe the following precautions:

  • avoid eating questionable foods that have not been thoroughly cooked - raw fish, meat, unwashed vegetables or fruits;
  • never try grapes, berries or other vegetables in the market. Do not ask the seller to cut a watermelon or melon;
  • no matter how clean your pets seem, do not kiss them; do not allow pets to eat, do not sleep in the same bed; wash your hands after dealing with animals;
  • give deworming courses to cats and cats at least once every six months;
  • do not comb itchy areas;
  • regularly disinfect the bathroom, iron bed linen, towels, do wet cleaning in the rooms;
  • wash your hands thoroughly after visiting crowded places, after using the toilet, before eating.

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