Colon Cleaning According To Neumyvakin - System And Methods

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Colon Cleaning According To Neumyvakin - System And Methods
Colon Cleaning According To Neumyvakin - System And Methods
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Colon cleaning according to Neumyvakin. Professor Neumyvakin is known for his discoveries in the field of traditional medicine. Many women and men listen to the advice of Dr. Neumyvakin, trying on themselves the methods he proposed. Particular attention in his books is paid to unconventional methods of cleansing internal organs: from gallstones, kidney and fecal stones, from radionuclides, heavy metals, nitrates, food additives, and finally the living inhabitants of the body - parasites. As noted by most patients, the professor's advice turns out to be very effective. The method of cleansing the body according to Neumyvakin at home does not require much effort and expensive drugs, but the reviews about it are only positive.

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  • 1 Who is Professor Neumyvakin
  • 2 Why do you need body cleansing
  • 3 General recommendations for bowel cleansing
  • 4 Methodology of the Neumyvakin system to cleanse the body
  • 5 Cleansing the body at home according to Neumyvakin

    • 5.1 Ivan Neumyvakin. Nutrition and purification system
    • 5.2 Colon cleansing according to Neumyvakin
    • 5.3 Cleansing the liver according to Neumyvakin
    • 5.4 Cleansing the kidneys according to Neumyvakin
    • 5.5 Cleansing joints and cleansing blood vessels according to Neumyvakin
  • 6 Soda cleaning of the intestines based on the Neumyvakin method

    • 6.1 Method 1. Drink soda
    • 6.2 Method 2. We clean the intestines with soda and whey
  • 7 Treatment of the intestines with enemas with soda according to Neumyvakin
  • 8 Conclusion

Who is Professor Neumyvakin

Colon cleaning according to Neumyvakin
Colon cleaning according to Neumyvakin

Neumyvakin Ivan Pavlovich - professor, doctor of medical science, doctor, state prize laureate, full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, author of 200 scientific papers, honored member of the Russian trade union of traditional medicine specialists.

Neumyvakin deservedly received the title of "The best folk healer in Russia." Throughout his career, Ivan Pavlovich managed to develop many methods and principles of providing medical assistance to astronauts during flights of various durations.

As a rule, at the present time, modern medicine is aimed at making "big money" on diseases of people, Professor Neumyvakin teaches how to overcome the disease and always be healthy without visiting a pharmacy.

He coordinated the work of leading state specialists in the field of cosmetic medicine. Neumyvakin is the creator of a unique hospital - a cosmo hospital on board.

Why do you need body cleansing

Colon cleansing. The human body can self-cleanse itself, but it is better to help it than to observe how it begins to work for wear from bad ecology, malnutrition.

And his poisoning leads to excess weight, headaches, lethargy, apathy. This is followed by serious illnesses, including cancer. Now you understand how seriously you need to take the cleansing of this organ?

Next, we move on to cleansing the liver. A contaminated liver is not able to cleanse the blood well, and this leads to the fact that toxins begin to poison the entire body. In addition, the liver secretes bile, which helps break down fats. Is a clogged organ really capable of coping with its task?

Colon cleansing. Cleansing must begin with the intestines, as it collects the most toxins and toxins. Due to the lack of daily use of clean water, intake of low-quality products, improper nutrition, food cannot be completely digested, therefore it begins to ferment there, rot, poisoning our body.

Then we cleanse the kidneys - another blood filter. It is important to know that after cleansing the liver, the kidneys themselves begin to cope with the cleansing task. There are also many ways to cleanse joints, lymph, blood, and parasites. Even in ancient times, people looked for and found ways to cleanse their body, and we will find it.

General recommendations for bowel cleansing

Colon cleansing. You should start cleaning the body from the intestines. This must be done for the following reason. The use of drugs inside kills the beneficial intestinal microflora, populates it with dangerous forms that are resistant to drugs and especially to antibiotics. This disfigures the metabolism, causing dysbiosis.

Children suffer greatly from it. The reason is weaning from the mother at birth, the deprivation of the baby's mother's milk. Therefore, to cleanse the intestines, it is necessary to carry out not only special procedures, but also monitor a balanced diet, having previously eliminated dysbiosis.

Power supply during cleaning is separate, i.e. protein products (meat, fish, eggs, broths, nuts, seeds, legumes, mushrooms) are used separately from carbohydrates (bread and flour products, potatoes, cereals, sugar, honey) with a time difference of at least two hours.

The listed products can be combined with fats, oils, as well as with "live" products - vegetables and herbs. Milk (its casein is not digested in the body) and other dairy products are removed from the diet.

Laxatives should only be taken as a last resort, as they dry out the intestinal mucosa and cause cracks.

Colon cleansing. Elimination of dysbiosis. For a week or two in the morning on an empty stomach, an hour before meals, eat (without everything) a clove of garlic and a clove in the evening - 2 hours after eating. A sign of healing will be the absence of stomach bloating after eating. The fermentation process in the gastrointestinal tract will stop.

Bowel cleansing, the fight against dysbiosis and separate nutrition should be started at the same time. When cleaning the intestines, remember that it was the dump in the intestine that led to atrophy of the intestinal muscles and to its lethargy, that is, atony. Many researchers and healers suggest that bowel cleansing should be carried out along with cleansing the entire gastrointestinal tract (GIT).

In order for bowel movements to be natural and regular, it is necessary to introduce porridge, black bread and other cereals, bran, and a lot of raw vegetables into the diet. They will return your intestinal muscles strength, and the mucous membrane - the enzymatic absorption capacity.

The method of the Neumyvakin system to cleanse the body

Colon cleansing. So, everything, it would seem, is very simple: he brought the acidity indicator back to normal and - goodbye, illness. However, it is not so easy to do this in everyday life. Firstly, it is necessary to get rid of the already existing excessive acidification of the body, and secondly, to know how to prevent it in the future. All this is happening at the Center of Professor Neumyvakin.

Today, many wellness centers promote such a method of cleansing the body as colon hydrotherapy - a special technology for washing the large intestine. The spectacle, of course, is not for the faint of heart: mud comes out, undigested lumps of food, just everything that is formed as a result of acidification of the body, says Ivan Neumyvakin.

In this case, hydrocolonotherapy cleans only the large intestine. And the small intestine, where the whole kitchen of the body is located, where all the substances necessary for the internal organs are synthesized, remains dirty.

The peculiarity of my method is precisely to clean this kitchen, thereby restoring the ph of the blood to normal in just 3 weeks. At the same time, we are not talking about refusing food - you cannot starve. The purification of the body is based on the so-called physiological starvation, as a result of which the intestine "learns" to work in an autonomous mode - in the alkaline ph indicator mode.

According to Ivan Pavlovich, despite the simplicity of the technique (and the fairly wide dissemination of information about it. It is still not recommended to use it without the supervision of a specialist. The best confirmation of these words is the fact that Neumyvakin himself prefers to undergo a purification course directly at the Center.

Colon cleaning according to Neumyvakin
Colon cleaning according to Neumyvakin

Colon cleansing. Another novelty of the updated Neumyvakin Center is a cedar phyto-barrel. Despite the fact that such barrels are used in many institutions, even in beauty salons, the effect, the result obtained by the patient at the Center, has significant differences from the salon procedure.

The whole point is again in the use of alkaline water, which, along with the general cleansing of the body according to my method, contributes to the maximum removal of toxins from the body. We even experimented and after a 30-minute stay of the patient in the phyto-barrel we gave him a sniff of sweat, many started vomiting. But this is an indicator of how stinking the picture is inside.

So I can declare with full responsibility that it is possible not to get sick. To be healthy, a person must know how to do this and properly take care of his "car". We cleanse dirt, restore blood ph to normal, teach the patient to do what he has to do, and once a year, in spite of everything, carry out a "checkup" at the Center.

Nevertheless, after 3 weeks all biochemical parameters become absolutely normal, - says Ivan Pavlovich. Most of them, by the end of the first course, can refuse the drugs that they have been taking for years. Sometimes patients bring medical records with them, and, indeed, with such indicators it is better to die. After 3 weeks, we ask for an analysis, they go to their home - they do an analysis, and everything is fine.

Cleansing the body at home according to Neumyvakin

Colon cleansing. Among the many methods for freeing the body from harmful substances, the method of cleansing the organs and systems of Professor I.P. Neumyvakin won wide popularity. According to Dr. Neumyvakin, cleansing the body is the most effective way to prevent all diseases.

The technique is a stepwise cleansing of internal organs. You should start with the intestines, then the kidneys and liver, then the joints, and finally the vessels.

The duration of the course for each of the organs varies from several days to several weeks. At the same time, Dr. Neumyvakin advises not to wait for the off-season (it is at this time that it is customary to cleanse), but to cleanse the body at any time of the year.

Ivan Neumyvakin. Nutrition and purification system

Colon cleaning according to Neumyvakin
Colon cleaning according to Neumyvakin

Colon cleansing. When cleaning the body, you should follow all the rules of the cleansing method at home by Dr. Neumyvakin. To properly carry out cleansing according to Neumyvakin at home, you need to start by changing the diet. 7-10 days before the start of cleansing, only herbal products should be present in the daily menu.

A vegetarian diet is needed to make it easier for the body to adapt to subsequent cleansing procedures. In addition, it is necessary to exclude such a culinary method of processing food as frying. The basis of nutrition should be vegetables rich in fiber (raw, stewed, baked, boiled).

Colon cleansing according to Neumyvakin

Bowel cleansing at home should be done for 28 days by means of an enema.

The scheme is as follows:

  • 1st week - daily;
  • 2nd week - every other day;
  • 3rd week - every two days;
  • 4th week - every three days.

Colon cleansing. An enema should be done in the morning.

During bowel cleansing, you can only drink clean water.

The solution is prepared on the basis of beets: 400 gr. boil the grated root vegetable in 750 ml of water over low heat for 15-20 minutes. Wrap in a blanket for half an hour. Strain. Top up the resulting volume with a liter of boiled water.

Cleansing the liver according to Neumyvakin

3-4 days before the start of the procedure, drink choleretic tea at night. Observe vegetarianism in food intake. On the fourth day, at 18:00, take two allochol tablets, then take a hot bath and do an enema.

At 19:00, lie with your right side on a hot heating pad, and alternately drink three tablespoons of lemon juice and olive oil. The volume of liquids should be 100 grams each. each.

Cleansing the kidneys according to Neumyvakin

Drink any herbal laxative a day before the start of the procedure. Rosehip berries (5-6 pcs.) Crush and pour 600 ml of boiling water. Insist on the night. Strain, add a couple of teaspoons of sorbitol. Drink a glass of infusion every hour.

Cleansing joints and cleansing blood vessels according to Neumyvakin

Colon cleaning according to Neumyvakin
Colon cleaning according to Neumyvakin

Boil 4-5 grams in 300ml of water. bay leaf for 15-20 minutes, infuse overnight. Strain and drink in small portions throughout the day. Repeat after a week.

Neumyvakin considers the following rules to be the basics of a healthy diet: chew food thoroughly, do not wash down food intake with liquid. You can drink only an hour after eating; drink at least 2000 ml of water per day.

Purification of blood vessels:

  • boil 1.5 g for 15 minutes. ginger (powder) in 1.5 liters of water, add a pinch of black pepper;
  • cool and filter;
  • add liquid honey (3 tablespoons);
  • Season 1/3 cup of the broth with lemon juice (1/3 cup) and boiled water (1/3 cup);
  • drink three times a day before meals.

Bowel soda cleaning based on the Neumyvakin method

Intestinal cleansing must be performed to heal the whole body and get rid of many diseases. Traditional medicine offers many effective ways to cleanse the intestines. Today I want to share with you several effective ways that will help rid you of toxins, toxins and parasites that live and poison your body.

Method 1. Drink soda

Colon cleansing. This bowel cleanse with soda is done in the morning, as soon as you wake up. First, drink one glass of water at room temperature, do not go to bed, start moving. It is good if the bowel movement occurs immediately.

Then drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in it. Remember to keep the soda solution hot and not scald. After a quarter of an hour, drink another glass of soda solution (for a glass of water - a teaspoon of soda).

Thus, drink another glass of solution every quarter of an hour, and again. In total, you should have four doses of baking soda every 15 minutes. Within 1-2 hours you will have a bowel movement, after which you need to continue drinking water with soda, only reduce the dosage of the powder to 0.5 teaspoon. Soda water should be drunk until light yellow water starts to come out.

Method 2. We clean the intestines with soda and whey

Colon cleansing. The popular recipe for bowel cleansing with soda and whey has become very popular. The cleansing procedure is performed using an enema, and a specific diet is also used. Take two liters of whey and dissolve one tablespoon of baking soda in it.

On the first day of cleansing, in the morning on an empty stomach, do a cleansing enema. About an hour before meals, drink 50 grams of lemon and garlic infusion. Throughout the day, you must not eat any food, but only drink kefir, tomato juice and water.

On the second day - make an enema and drink 50 grams of lemon infusion with garlic. Eat exclusively apple juice or a mixture of vegetables throughout the day.

On the third day, drink a lemon-garlic infusion, 50 grams, on an empty stomach, and then you can have a light breakfast. Eat fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

Intestinal treatment with enemas with soda according to Neumyvakin

Many diseases of the intestines and gastrointestinal tract can be cured or prevented by using an enema with soda. This method was also developed by Professor Neumyvakin and it consists in the following: an enema based on water, salt and soda has a cleansing and soothing effect.

Thus, you can defeat various diseases, including infectious ones. But, before treatment according to the method of Dr. Neumyvakin, it is necessary to consult a doctor, since enemas are not recommended in all cases.

There are many ways to prepare a baking soda enema solution. The most effective, again, according to the author of the technique, is the following recipe: thirty grams of salt (food grade) dissolves in two liters of water, and about twenty grams of soda is added here.

Everything is thoroughly mixed until the soda reaction stops and the solution becomes clear. Then the solution is poured into a syringe and injected into the body. You need to put the enema very carefully so that the saline solution does not get on the thin skin and does not damage it.

The duration of treatment is determined individually for each person. You should not abuse this method, since an enema prepared from any ingredients in addition to harmful substances and bacteria flushes out the beneficial microflora from the intestines.


Colon cleansing. The Neumyvakin health improvement system has been tested by tens of thousands of people and is marked by a huge number of positive reviews.

Upon completion of the entire course, a significant improvement is felt, a surge of strength and energy. And besides, any bowel cleansing procedure helps to lose a few extra pounds and feel much better than before.

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