Medicines For Parasites In Humans: TOP-10 Effective Drugs

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Medicines For Parasites In Humans: TOP-10 Effective Drugs
Medicines For Parasites In Humans: TOP-10 Effective Drugs

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Video: Medicines For Parasites In Humans: TOP-10 Effective Drugs
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Medicines for parasites in humans - tablets against worms are usually made on the basis of the following compounds: ethanolamine; salicylamide; pyrazinoisoquinoline; benzimidazole. Parasitic diseases - a pathological condition of the body caused by the vital activity of parasites. Parasites are organisms that live off other hosts that they need for a normal existence. Some of them do not affect the life of the hosts in any way, others grow, multiply or invade organ systems, leading to the development of various diseases. Anyone can become a victim of parasites, regardless of race, age or social status. In pharmacies, there are many universal remedies for parasites in the human body, which have a wide spectrum of action. Before buying anthelmintic drugs, it is advisable to take tests and visit a doctor.

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  • 1 What parasites can be in the human body
  • 2 Symptoms of parasites in the body
  • 3 Varieties of drugs for parasites by composition
  • 4 Rules for taking drugs for parasites
  • 5 Medicines for parasites in humans

    • 5.1 Pirantel
    • 5.2 Decaris
    • 5.3 Vermox
    • 5.4 Praziquantel
    • 5.5 Medicines for roundworms in humans:
    • 5.6 Antiparasitic agents acting against trematodes:
    • 5.7 Preparations for parasites in the human body, belonging to the group of cestodes:
    • 5.8 Treatment of parasites in humans with ointments, sprays, creams, gels:
  • 6 Medicines for parasites - Intoxic
  • 7 Antiparasitic complex Optisalt
  • 8 Treatment of parasites during pregnancy
  • 9 Prevention of parasites in humans

What parasites can be in the human body

Against parasites in the human body
Against parasites in the human body

Over the past twenty years, scientists have done a lot of research and found that it turns out that parasites are the cause of many serious diseases (including cancer).

There are over 40 types of parasites that inhabit the human body! And not only in the intestines, but also in the liver, lungs, genitals, under the skin, etc. These "uninvited neighbors" suck out juices, poison the blood.

As a result, a person develops diseases that are difficult to treat: migraines, chronic tonsillitis, bronchitis, heart ailments, liver and kidney diseases, etc.

The effect of parasites on the body, it would seem, is imperceptible, but it is so destructive that over time it can lead to serious consequences, up to the development of the most formidable diseases.

Many methods for recognizing parasites are now outdated, and as a result, the test results are erroneous. The newest methods of recognizing parasites require expensive devices and state-of-the-art drugs, and this is not yet available to most of our clinics and hospitals.

Against parasites in the human body
Against parasites in the human body

Parasites can enter the body in different ways. According to this parameter, they can be divided into three main groups: living in the external environment - land, water bodies; entering the human body through intermediaries - domestic animals; entering the human body through contact with other people.

Thus, there are a lot of opportunities to pick up parasites in humans. For example, they can get into our body from pets - cats and dogs, through unwashed hands, unboiled water, poorly cooked meat, etc.

For the optimal selection of drugs against parasites, it is necessary to take into account the type of helminths, the patient's age, concomitant diseases, contraindications. The dosage and frequency of admission, the number of required courses of treatment are determined exclusively by the attending physician.

There are two main groups of parasitic worms - round and flat. Round species include pinworms and roundworms. Flat, in turn, are divided into tapeworms and flukes. Typically, a flatworm infection is the most dangerous and most difficult to treat.

Parasites from these groups have different properties and different sensitivity to the active substances of drugs.

Symptoms of parasites in the body

Medicines for parasites - Signs of parasites in the body are:

  • increased appetite, desire to eat sweets. Parasitic worms feel uncomfortable in acidic and bitter environments;
  • poor condition of hair, skin, nails, as vitamins and trace elements absorb helminths;
  • intoxication of the body, which manifests itself as a lack of appetite, nausea, general weakness of the human body due to toxoids secreted by parasites;
  • allergy to toxoids, which manifests itself on the skin in the form of rashes, itching and flaking;
  • itching in the anus, which occurs at night when female parasites lay eggs in the anus;
  • intestinal dysbiosis, frequent bloating, diarrhea, pain;
  • weakened immunity and low resistance to diseases, since parasites secrete cytakine substances that suppress the body's defenses;
  • a sharp change in weight. An infected person does not always lose weight, he can begin to get better, since helminths absorb vitamins, trace elements and proteins, leaving harmful substances to the owner.

Varieties of drugs for parasites by composition

Medicines for parasites. The main dosage form of antihelminthic drugs is tablets. There are also dosage forms such as suspensions and rectal suppositories. Suspensions are more suitable for children who find it difficult to swallow or chew a large tablet. Suppositories have fewer side effects, but their effectiveness is limited. In addition, they are powerless against parasites outside the intestines.

Against parasites in the human body
Against parasites in the human body

All antiparasitic drugs can be divided into several groups:

  • from parasites for humans, medications based on synthetic components can be prescribed. It is possible to drive out helminths after taking 2-3 tablets. But all drugs are highly toxic, and if the exact dosage is not observed, the risk of side effects increases;
  • herbal medicines. In addition to anthelmintic action, they stimulate the body's defenses and cleanse the intestines of toxins. The treatment turns out to be harmless, all active ingredients are removed outside;
  • homeopathic medicines against parasites. Treatment with such medications is not harmful, but deliverance can be delayed. The whole course lasts several months, so the result will have to wait a long time;
  • medicine approves antiparasitic drugs based on folk recipes. Medicinal formulations are able to cleanse the body, ideal as a prophylaxis. You can not use it yourself in the acute course of the disease - the condition may worsen, complications appear. Applied only as an adjunct therapy.

Some medications can be active in adults, so the course of medication is repeated two weeks later.

During this time, larvae emerge from the eggs, which develop into an adult organism. There are universal drugs that act at any phase of helminth development.

Antiparasitic drugs for humans are produced separately, which are able to get rid of one or more of their types. Broad-spectrum drugs can get rid of all parasites.

Rules for taking drugs for parasites

Medicines for parasites. Given the large number of contraindications and the high toxicity of some tablets from all types of worms for humans, you should consult your doctor before taking them.

Against parasites in the human body
Against parasites in the human body

This is especially true when the disease has affected pregnant women and young children, since it is extremely difficult to find the right drug that would be both low-toxic and quite effective at the same time.

The intake of some drugs must be accompanied by the intake of sorbents that would remove parasites from the intestines.

Also, to increase the effectiveness of antihelminthics, you need to eat right. During therapy, it is recommended to exclude spicy, very sweet and sour foods from the menu.

Medicines for parasites in humans

Tablets against worms are usually made on the basis of the following compounds: ethanolamine; salicylamide; pyrazinoisoquinoline; benzimidazole. Consider a few popular drugs:


Against parasites in the human body
Against parasites in the human body

These tablets for worms contain pyrantel pamoate as an active substance. Pirantel is prescribed for various diseases - trichocephalosis, ankylostomiasis, ascariasis and enterobiasis, noncatorosis, ankylostomiasis, trichurosis. With ascariasis and enterobiasis, a single dose will be enough, with other types of helminthiasis, the course can last 2-3 days. For some diseases, a repeated course of admission is recommended after 3 weeks.

The medicine should be taken once a day. The tablet must be chewed and washed down with water.

Medicines for parasites - Pirantel are relatively low-toxic tablets for worms, therefore they can be used for young children (up to 6 months). For them, it is best to use a suspension, not tablets. Helminth tablets are taken regardless of food intake. Not recommended for pregnancy, but in exceptional cases can be used. The complete analogue of the drug is Helmintox.


Against parasites in the human body
Against parasites in the human body

They are also contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women. Agranulocytosis is an absolute contraindication, therefore, a blood test must be taken before taking the drug. Medicines for parasites - Dekaris is a single-use antihelminthic agent for people. As a rule, one 150 mg tablet is sufficient for treatment.

For children, a 50 mg tablet is prescribed, or the dosage can be calculated based on the child's weight - 2.5 mg per kg of body weight.

Effective tablets for worms, containing the active ingredient levomizole. The dosage of the drug is 150 and 50 mg. Indications - ankylostomiasis, ascariasis, necatorosis, enterobiasis and some other helminthic invasions.

These worm pills are not suitable for children under 3 years of age!


Against parasites in the human body
Against parasites in the human body

With trichinosis, the drug is taken three times a day at 400 mg, from 4 to 10 days the dose is increased to 500 mg. For mixed invasions, ascariasis, teniasis, trichocephalosis - 1 tablet 2 times a day for 3 days.

With enterobiasis, take once a day. The dose for children 2-5 years old - 25 mg, children 6-10 years old - 50 mg, children over 10 years old and adults - 100 mg. After 2 weeks, the course is repeated. These tablets for worms are recommended to be taken after meals. Contraindications - ulcerative colitis, liver failure, Crohn's disease.


Against parasites in the human body
Against parasites in the human body

The dosage depends on the disease. With genitourinary schistosomiasis, lesions of the veins of the abdominal cavity and intestinal schistosomiasis - 40 mg / kg body. The drug is taken once. If other veins are affected, 30 mg / kg twice a day. Severe schistosomiasis is treated with a daily dose of 60-75 mg / kg. Reception three times, with a 6-hour break.

Flukes are treated with a daily dose of 25 mg / kg, three times. For the treatment of trematodes, 75 mg / kg per day is required for 3 doses, cestode - 10-25 mg, single dose. The duration of the course of drug treatment usually does not exceed 1 day. Paragonimiasis is treated for 2 days (25 mg per day, three doses), cysticercosis - up to 4 days (50 mg, three doses).

Medicines for roundworms in humans:

  • effective medicine Zentel: available in the form of tablets and suspensions, acts at any stage of development of parasites that live in the intestines and internal organs. The transport of glucose is disrupted, the supply of nutrients to the parasitic organism stops, and its death occurs. The drug can be prescribed in courses with a two-week break;
  • Against parasites in the human body
    Against parasites in the human body

    Nemozol fights parasites in the body : an anthelmintic agent produced in the form of hard and chewable tablets, as well as a suspension. Suppresses the process of absorption of glucose by parasites;

  • Sanoxal: the drug disrupts metabolic processes in the tissues of helminths, which leads to their death. If large doses are prescribed, then you need to take courses. It is recommended to monitor the liver and the state of the circulatory system.

Antiparasitic agents for trematodes:

  • Chloxil: the drug leads to the weakening and death of helminths. Before use, you should switch to a diet and exclude alcoholic beverages. There is no need to take laxatives;
  • Against parasites in the human body
    Against parasites in the human body

    it is possible to remove parasites from the human body with the help of the medication Bithionol: it leads to neuromuscular paralysis of helminths, to the destruction of their shell and disruption of metabolic processes. This is a broad-spectrum drug for humans, but most often it is prescribed for rare pathogens of trematodosis;

  • Cysticide: Causes paralysis of helminths. Take after meals with a little water. If the drug is prescribed to drink several times a day, then the interval should be at least 5 hours.

Preparations for parasites in the human body, belonging to the group of cestodes:

  • Mepacrine: before use, a diet is prescribed for people, laxatives are required. It is enough to take one dose for a positive effect to appear;
  • Against parasites in the human body
    Against parasites in the human body

    antiparasitic agent Albendazole negatively affects metabolic processes within parasites, disrupts the absorption of glucose. The tablets are taken after meals, no diet or laxatives are required;

  • Niclosamide: Pharmacy drug reduces the resistance of parasites to digestive enzymes, and they begin to be digested with food. Neuromuscular paralysis occurs, helminths lose the ability to move and attach to the walls of the mucous membrane.

Treatment of parasites in humans with ointments, sprays, creams, gels:

  • sulfuric ointment: when applied to the skin, it has an antiparasitic effect, is not absorbed into the general bloodstream, kills microbes and fungi;
  • Spregal: antiparasitic agent affects the nervous system of parasites and leads to their death. Unpleasant symptoms diminish after the first use;
Against parasites in the human body
Against parasites in the human body

benzyl benzoate is used to remove parasites - the drug not only has an antiparasitic effect, but also stops the multiplication of bacteria. Apply to the affected area with a thin layer

For parasites in the human body, medications can also be prescribed as a prophylaxis - especially for those who have pets, as well as children attending kindergarten and school.

Parasite medicine - Intoxic

Highly effective remedy for parasites Intoxic will help get rid of any kind of worms forever. This drug is used both for direct therapy of an organism already infected with helminths, and for prophylactic purposes. One of the advantages of a pharmaceutical product is the ability to treat children from three years of age.

Against parasites in the human body
Against parasites in the human body

Intoxic will help you get rid of parasites in just one month. Often, infection with worms is completely asymptomatic, so not everyone knows that uninvited guests have settled in his body.

In the presence of helminths, over time, general malaise, weakness, pain in the epigastric zone begins. The digestive organs begin to malfunction, the nervous system is disrupted. In order not to bring your own body to critical situations, you need to purchase Intoxic.

The drug is designed specifically for the treatment of worms at home and has all the necessary certificates for use.

Intoxic has a pleasant taste and is accepted by children. The preparation contains only natural substances that do not require a special doctor's prescription for use. The medicine is absolutely non-toxic, has no synthetic elements and does not cause side effects.

Antiparasitic complex Optisalt

Medicines for parasites. Choosing Optisalt, you do not have to look for recipes for folk remedies for parasites in humans and risk your health. You can be sure of the effectiveness of health restoration: the Optisalt complex has repeatedly received state awards, in particular, it received a memorial sign as "The best anthelmintic".

Against parasites in the human body
Against parasites in the human body

Reception of Optisalt, as an effective folk remedy for parasites, allows:

  • strengthen immunity; normalize metabolism and weight;
  • relieve allergy symptoms; normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • cleanse all organ and tissue systems from parasites and their toxins; eliminate puffiness;
  • improve performance and energy levels; restore normal sleep.

Optisalt is 100% natural ingredients, tested, balanced and approved for consumption. It includes the best folk remedies for parasites, targeting helminths at all stages of their life cycle.

When parasites are found in the human body, treatment with folk remedies does not give such a quick and tangible result as taking Optisalt. It is recommended for both adults and children, it is used to prevent helminthiasis.

Medicines for parasites. Unlike folk remedies for parasites in the intestines, the Optisalt complex removes helminths from all organs and tissues: liver, pancreas, lungs, muscles, completely eliminating the invasion.

Following the developed course, you can completely restore the body after helminthiasis. Optisalt works as the most effective folk remedy for parasites also because the drugs help to remove toxins from the body and replenish microelements.

Treatment of parasites during pregnancy

If a pregnant woman has been diagnosed with parasites, then she is prohibited from taking any pills for parasites in the first 4 months of gestation. This is due to the fact that they are capable of causing more harm to a woman and the child developing in her womb than the helminths themselves. Taking any medications during pregnancy should be agreed with your doctor. In addition, during this period, only Piperazine can be taken.

Pinworms during pregnancy are not a cause for panic, so self-healing is possible. To do this, you just need to thoroughly steam your underwear and follow the rules of personal hygiene.

It was found that if all hygienic measures are observed, the parasites will independently be excreted from the body after a few weeks.

Medicines for parasites. If a woman has pinworms, then the drug is taken 5 days in a row, 2 times a day. Then you need to take a break of 7 days and repeat the course 1 to 3 times. The dose per dose is 1.5-2 g. If a woman has roundworms, then she needs to take Piperazine for two days (2 times a day) in the same dosage as with pinworms. The drug should be drunk 60 minutes before or after a meal.

Prevention of parasites in humans

Of course, pills for worms in most cases help patients, unless the disease is started, or the patient has no contraindications. However, it is much easier to prevent the disease than to drink sufficiently poisonous drugs, which include most of the pills for parasites.

It is enough to follow simple rules of hygiene - wash your hands before eating, after using the restroom and working with the soil, do not eat unwashed fruits and vegetables, raw or poorly cooked meat or fish, do not drink unboiled water, especially from natural sources, avoid contact with unfamiliar animals, especially wild.

It is also necessary to teach children hygiene rules as early as possible. For the prevention of the disease, it is recommended to regularly eat raw onions and garlic, red peppers.

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