Antiparasitic Herbs - Applications And Recipes

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Antiparasitic Herbs - Applications And Recipes
Antiparasitic Herbs - Applications And Recipes

Video: Antiparasitic Herbs - Applications And Recipes

Video: Antiparasitic Herbs - Applications And Recipes
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Antiparasitic herbs. The main property inherent in antiparasitic herbs is the presence of pronounced natural pungency and bitterness. They help to activate the digestive tract, increase the production of bile, which ultimately creates conditions unsuitable for the life of parasites in the digestive and excretory systems.

Essential oils and flavonoids contained in anthelmintic herbs affect not only adults of parasitic worms, but also the eggs and larvae laid by them.

Antiparasitic agents are effective drugs that can cleanse the body of pests that can settle in our body. The most popular are antiparasitic herbs - people trust medical preparations more than synthetic drugs.

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  • 1 A few words about parasites
  • 2 Antiparasitic agents, insecticides and repellents
  • 3 Monastic antiparasitic tea

    • 3.1 Expert opinion
    • 3.2 Worms as a parasitic area
    • 3.3 Antiparasitic tea and its smooth effect
    • 3.4 Components. 100% natural composition
    • 3.5 Where to buy monastery tea
    • 3.6 Fungus treatment
    • 3.7 Proportional ratio
    • 3.8 Follow instructions
  • 4 Tea Tsvetik-Seven-flower (antiparasitic collection)

    4.1 Properties of herbal tea and method of application

  • 5 Popular recipes

A few words about parasites

Antiparasitic herbs
Antiparasitic herbs

It is important to understand that parasites are not the source of health problems, but rather a consequence of them. They settle in already problematic places, and having driven them out of there, but not "patching the holes", it is worth waiting for the quick return of those who left. And if this is not taken into account, then, most likely, the problem will also worsen.

Parasites are very widespread among all life forms, both among the simplest and more complex organisms. But from the rest of their representatives, certain signs are distinguished, and first of all, this is the reduction of many internal structures, and primarily the digestive organs.

Most parasites are anaerobes, which means that oxygen is simply destructive for them! So if they have already got along in our body, then this is a good reason to suspect you have metabolic problems. There are definitely areas in the body where oxygen access is severely limited or practically blocked. This could be due to trauma, cramping, frostbite, or, more often, to a general state of anaerobicity in the body, the presence of which we owe to poor nutrition, lack of exercise, the use of dietary supplements such as antioxidants that block oxidative processes, etc.

Parasites are not able to assimilate complex nutritional compounds by themselves, so they prefer to eat already "ready-made" directly from the bloodstream. What makes them the cause of many vitamin deficiencies, tk. "Guests" need not only nutrients, but also vitamins and enzymes, they themselves simply cannot synthesize them.

There are many ways to combat parasites, both medical and folk. Having familiarized yourself with the peculiarities of this life form, it is not difficult to guess why most of the techniques do not work. These techniques are not aimed at treating the very cause of the appearance of the "invaders"!

Any impact on them, except through the bloodstream, without the presence of efforts aimed at eliminating conditions favorable for parasites, if effective, then only in the short term!

Antiparasitic agents, insecticides and repellents

Antiparasitic herbs
Antiparasitic herbs

Antiparasitic drugs are usually divided into three main groups: antiprotozoal drugs; anthelmintic drugs; insecticides, repellents and anti-exoparasites. Also, antiparasitic drugs are used for humans with a wide spectrum of action, since they often have to fight several types of parasites at once. An antiparasitic program can include different types of antiparasitic drugs. So, antiparasitic herbs for humans of a wide spectrum of action and antiparasitic agents of synthetic origin can be used together or separately.

Antiparasitic drugs of herbal origin in pharmacies are in no less demand than drugs obtained synthetically. An antiparasitic collection of herbs can be bought in a pharmacy much cheaper than any synthetic antiparasitic drug, the price of which is usually higher.

However, the price of antiparasitic drugs should not be a decisive factor, because it is much more important to follow the doctor's recommendations. Otherwise, the antiparasitic program prescribed by a specialist will not give the desired result.

Monastic antiparasitic tea

Antiparasitic herbs. Cleansing the body from parasites is an important component of the general direction to improve the health of the population of our country. There is a stereotypical opinion that medicine is limited to several areas, including drugs, but this is far from the case.

Even in ordinary home conditions, a person can successfully and without external specialized help maintain his body within normal limits, removing worms from it with the help of such a universal remedy as antiparasitic tea.

Let's talk about monastic antiparasitic tea - a natural remedy for quick and effective self-help in cleansing from helminths, used by monks of the Middle Ages.

Monastic tea is rightfully considered one of the most effective and safe antiparasitic agents in Europe.

Expert opinion

Antiparasitic herbs
Antiparasitic herbs

Tea proves in practice its powerful therapeutic effect, removing from the human body those parasites that are most dangerous for him

Clinical trials of the medicinal properties of monastery tea have shown a number of interesting facts:

  • The anthelmintic properties of the agent can be used in the system of complex treatment of many diseases, including as an effective method of general cleansing of the body without the need for expensive laboratory tests.
  • Tea proves in practice its powerful therapeutic effect, removing from the human body those parasites that are most dangerous for him.
  • Drinking monastery tea has a beneficial effect not only on the physiological functions of a person, but also on the nervous system.

When we talk about parasites, we mean, first of all, worms.

Worms as a parasitic area

Not everyone knows that worms, as harmful and dangerous parasites, can be found not only in the intestines, but also in many other organs and systems. For example:

  • kidneys;
  • liver;
  • a heart;
  • brain, etc.

The main symptoms of infection of the body with parasites:

  • systematic manifestation of headaches;
  • feeling of constant fatigue;
  • periodic constipation;
  • disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • pain under the ribs;
  • overexcitation;
  • blue circles under the eyes.

Antiparasitic tea and its smooth effect

Antiparasitic herbs
Antiparasitic herbs

Antiparasitic herbs. Tea has an imperceptible and light effect on the entire human body. In addition to anthelmintic properties, it is also suitable as a base for compresses that can be applied to the affected areas of the body for their quick healing, as well as for removing intoxication from the body.

The product has a strong synergistic effect in which each ingredient is enhanced by the effect of all others.

For the composition of tea, through long-term research, the creators carefully selected such components of natural origin, which could have a healing effect already during the first days of consumption.

The quality of the product is guaranteed by certificates, and the absence of unwanted side effects is guaranteed by doctors and scientists. Tea pleases with its delicious aroma and unique taste.

Components. 100% natural composition

The monastery tea contains only natural herbal ingredients that are capable of:

  • destroy most viruses, bacteria and fungi;
  • fight the fermentation process in the stomach and intestines;
  • localize and remove inflammation in organic tissues;
  • significantly reduce the burden on the body in terms of toxicity;
  • contribute to the rapid destruction of helminths.

In the composition of the antiparasitic product, plants are known to everyone that have various medicinal effects, for example, dried chamomile, oak bark, newly formed birch leaves, sage, wormwood, mint and other herbs.

The selection is carried out according to the principle of the most rational combination of those active substances that are contained in each of the components. These are extracts for restoring the vital activity of the body, stimulating the secretion of glands important for it, as well as substances aimed at increasing the resistance of individual organs and systems.

Note. Be sure to read the instructions for use before using the product! Read all the information on the composition of tea and its properties. Consider all aspects of its complex impact. For example, the product is not recommended for use by pregnant women. It is necessary to keep in mind the cases of individual intolerance to some components, as well as the need to coordinate the use of tea for young children with the attending physician.

Attention! The product is allowed to be consumed without restriction only from the age of twelve.

Where to buy monastery tea

Antiparasitic herbs
Antiparasitic herbs

We remind you that this product appeared on the market relatively recently, but has already become so popular that you can easily face the problem of not being the original of the purchased product. Therefore, we recommend that you contact not the nearest pharmacy, but a specialized solid website for the sale of pharmaceutical products.

Fungus treatment

Monastic tea has shown itself well in the treatment of a number of fungi, including those localized on the nails. The heterogeneous composition of the product contributes to the fight against various parasites. Tea is recommended as a medicinal product for removing trichophyton, dermatophytes and yeast-like fungi from the body.

When treating, it is necessary to take into account the specificity of the pathogenic flora of specific fungi in order to determine the required proportions of the components in tea.

Proportional ratio

Antiparasitic herbs. Before drinking monastery tea, familiarize yourself with its proportional composition. We remind you that all the ratios have been developed by specialists and are aimed at a complex effect towards cleansing from parasitic organisms, eliminating excess body weight, stabilizing and obtaining a fundamental basis for restructuring the whole organism, including normalizing blood pressure.

Tea promotes rejuvenation of internal and external organs, improves hair color, skin, strengthens the stratum corneum of the nails. Thousands of people have already taken advantage of the miraculous properties of the monastery tea, which is safe in all respects.

The antiparasitic natural product is used to remove helminths and treat related diseases.

Follow the instructions

Take advantage of the healing properties of monastery tea, strictly adhering to the instructions. They are simple, but the quality characteristics of any medicinal product depend on compliance with the instructions.

Do not brew tea in the usual way! To prepare the most effective product in its properties:

  • Be sure to rinse the teapot with boiling water to remove any accumulated odors and germs.
  • For one serving of tea, two tablespoons of the collection are enough. Pour 0.5 liters of boiling water over them.
  • Wrap the kettle in a thick terry towel.
  • Let the monastery tea brew for at least ten minutes.
  • Continue the infusion procedure for another half hour if you need to obtain all the constituent medicinal properties of the plants contained in the tea.
  • Consume the broth neat or diluted as needed.
  • Drink tea in this consistency two to three times a day for a month, then take a break.

Note. For ease of use, strain the tea through a strainer. Monitor your body's response to this product. Notice any positive or negative changes. If there is a negative effect, be sure to consult your doctor.

Monastic tea for helminths is a simple way to your health!

Antiparasitic collection is the first and main element in the program. This remedy is very simple and popularly known as a triad. This is what the collection of three herbs is called: wormwood, tansy and cloves. Their antiparasitic properties have long been known both among the people and medicine.

Here is the prescription. Prepare a collection of herbs in the following proportion (by volume):

1. Wormwood - 3 shares.

2. Flowers of tansy - 1 share.

3. Cloves (spice) - 3 shares.

4. Peppermint - 1 share.

5. Knotweed - 2 lobes.

6. Dandelion root - 2 lobes.

7. Thyme - 2 shares.

All this can be bought without any problems at the market, at the trays where herbs are sold, or at the pharmacy. Cloves are most often sold separately in the store in the spice section (you need a spice!). So it will not be difficult to get the ingredients, moreover, the herbal market knows this "formula" very well, so they will help to collect it.

The resulting mixture is poured into 2 tablespoons per 0.5 boiling water and infused for 40 minutes. After that, it is used as often as possible, ideally every hour for a sip (except for sleep) during the entire course of two weeks. This consistency is extremely important!

Tea Tsvetik-Seven-flower (antiparasitic collection)

Antiparasitic herbs
Antiparasitic herbs

Antiparasitic herbs. Herbal tea "Tsvetik-Sevensvetik" was developed by phytotherapists of the "Herbs of Siberia and Transbaikalia" company, first of all, to rid the human body of helminthiases with the help of traditional medicine. The widespread belief that helminthiases are not dangerous and practically do not affect human life is a serious misconception. So, for example, opisthorchiasis can cause a sharp increase in temperature and fever, disruption of the liver, pancreas, poor digestibility of food and increased fatigue, diphyllobothriasis can cause anemia. Helminths are often the cause of malfunction of all organs and systems of the body, while the symptoms can be very different and often similar to those of other diseases.

The herbal collection offered to your attention got its name due to seven directions of beneficial effects on the body and seven natural components of herbal collection.

The herbal tea contains:

  • Walnut leaf - a medicinal plant that is effective in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea, improves metabolism, is used in folk medicine as an anthelmintic and is a general tonic folk remedy,
  • Three-flowered gentian - a medicinal herb used for pain in the stomach, worms, increased fatigue, fainting,
  • Thyme creeping (Thyme), being an excellent fortifying and rejuvenating folk remedy, it also eliminates fermentation processes in the intestines and inhibits putrefactive microflora, improves digestion, helps to improve the absorption of fatty foods,
  • Lespedetsa kopechnikovaya - a powerful slag-removing folk remedy that relieves the body, including from endotoxins, normalizes metabolism,
  • Oregano is a medicinal herb, used in folk medicine as an anthelmintic folk remedy, as well as for diseases of the liver, gallbladder, intestinal atony, constipation, metabolic disorders, flatulence,
  • Wormwood Gmelin - antihelminthic, hemostatic, choleretic, appetite-stimulating folk remedy,
  • Black cumin is a choleretic folk remedy that normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, activates the immune system.

Herbal tea properties and method of application

"Tsvetik-Sevensvetik" has an antiparasitic, cleansing, antiallergic, rejuvenating, endotoxin-removing effect, improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, intestinal motility.

For the preparation of infusion 1 tbsp. a spoonful of collecting herbs should be poured with 0.5 liters. boiling water, leave for 2 hours and drain. Take 3-4 times a day, 1/3 cup 30m. before meals.

Popular recipes

Antiparasitic herbs. To buy a ready-made herbal collection for cleansing from parasites and toxins today is not a problem. Several pharmaceutical companies produce an antihelminthic collection called "Antiparasitic", you can also find herbal tea №28, Turboslim tea, etc. on sale.

If you want to experiment, then you can try to compose the herbal collection with your own hands by choosing the appropriate recipe:

  1. Tincture "Troicatka". Take in equal proportions the flowers of calendula, yarrow and St. John's wort. Mix them well and measure out 4-5 tbsp. mixtures. Then fill them with 1-2 liters of boiling water and let it brew for 40 minutes. Strain and cool the resulting broth. The herbal infusion should be taken 4 times a day 30 minutes before the start of a meal.
  2. Multi-component collection. Mix in equal proportions sage, oak bark, wormwood, birch leaf, tansy, mint, agrimony, chamomile, calendula, yarrow and marshweed. Measure out 1 tsp. mixture and brew 250-300 ml of boiling water. Then tightly close the container with a lid and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Then strain the infusion and take it once a day on an empty stomach. Increase dosage during the first week from ¼ glass to full. The course of treatment is three weeks, if there is a need for repetition, then take a week break and resume therapy in the same way.
  3. Mix 1 g. wormwood, 1.5 gr. cloves and 3 gr. tansy. Measure out 1 tablespoon. mixture and put its contents in a thermos. Pour the collection with a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse for 30 minutes. Take an infusion of 3 tablespoons. before breakfast, lunch and dinner. This herbal collection will help to get rid of 100 types of parasitic worms, viruses, fungi and bacteria in the shortest possible time.
  4. Cleansing enema. Take 1 tbsp. chopped tansy flowers and gruel from two garlic cloves. Transfer the ingredients to an enamel bowl, add two glasses of milk, cover and put on low heat for 10 minutes. It is recommended to keep this mixture in the intestines as long as possible. The duration of the course is 7 days. Re-treatment is possible only after 10 days. Such cleaning with garlic from parasites will not be able to rid the whole body of worms, but the result of cleaning the intestines will be one hundred percent.

It should be remembered that many herbs have a number of contraindications. For example, it is forbidden to use antiparasitic fees when treating patients under 12 years old, pregnant women, people suffering from gastritis and gastric ulcer, with individual intolerance to the components included in the collection. Girls and women should not use anthelmintic herbs during menstruation.

Some herbs simply suppress the development of parasites, some destroy them. But in any case, all of the herbs listed below have an antiparasitic effect.


air Marsh air was known from ancient times to the Tatar-Mongols. Some tribes took its root with them both as a talisman and as a cleansing agent, which they threw into the water for disinfection, and then consumed this water inside.

It has the strongest antiparasitic properties, which it manifests in the organs of the nervous system (plasma, bone marrow, speech apparatus), reproductive system, liver and pancreas. It expels parasites from the head, relieves sinusitis, epilepsy, deafness, hysteria, memory loss. Calamus can purify and disinfect water.

Marshmallow, root The root is

used. It has the strongest antiparasitic effect on unicellular parasites living in blood, plasma, muscles, brain, nervous tissue and genitals. Effectively acts on parasites in the respiratory, urinary, digestive and nervous systems. It is used for cleaning the respiratory system and is included in the collection for respiratory diseases. The spectrum of destructive effects on parasites is wide - from protozoa and viruses to multimeter tape parasites. Marshmallow has a high content of silicon - an element of life.


Antiparasitic properties similar to marshmallow. It is very convenient to use dried herb powder when preparing food.


All parts of the plant have an antiparasitic effect. The most commonly used root. Dried and ground barberry can be added to salads, first and second courses. Destructive for liver parasites. Improves the filtering ability of the liver, promotes the breakdown of fats, blood purification.


The spectrum of antiparasitic action is wide - round, tapered and flat worms, protozoa, bacteria, fungi and viruses. The antiparasitic effect of cloves is manifested in plasma, brain, nervous and reproductive systems. The use of cloves for pharyngitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, toothache and impotence helps the body get rid of parasites and has a healing effect. Cloves literally disinfect the lungs, stomach and lymphatic system.


Even after heat treatment, pomegranate juice obtained by cold pressing kills oral Trichomonas, bacteria, parasites, fungi - penicillium and candida. Pomegranate acts against parasites in all organs and systems of the human body.

Infusions, decoctions, powder are prepared from pomegranate, oil is made from pomegranate seed. Pomegranate products are easily combined with cinnamon and cloves.


Use plant root and flowers. The antiparasitic effect is manifested in the respiratory, digestive and nervous system, in all other organs, except for the male reproductive system. Elecampane cleans the blood and lungs from parasites, stimulates detoxification and regeneration of lung tissue. Elecampane is paired with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, marshmallow and comfrey.

Tar birch medical purified

Used exclusively for the treatment of parasites. There are two ways to use it. The first method is used mainly for children and weakened people: a drop of tar drips onto the abdominal area, slightly below the navel and rubbed a little into the skin.

The second way is to consume tar inside, but only with milk. No more than 2 drops per glass per day. A very toxic agent that can cause severe poisoning. I am wary of using it at all. There are milder ways to cleanse the body than tar. It can cause blockage of the renal tubules, it hits the liver. So it is better not to risk your health.

But to cleanse the skin, it is enough to use high-quality tar soap, from which, by the way, there is never any peeling or irritation of the skin. What can not be said about low quality.


The aerial part of the plant, collected during flowering, in infusions and tea collections, is used. It has an antiparasitic effect on bacteria and protozoa.

St. John's wort

It is very often used together with oregano. Its antiparasitic properties are manifested mainly in the gas exchange organs, the respiratory system.


Leaves of the plant are used. A powerful agent against parasites of the urogenital system.


Tree bark is used. Shows antiviral effect. In practice, it is used as an anti-febrile and analgesic agent.

Ginger The

rhizome of the plant is used. Known for its broad-spectrum antiparasitic action on helminths, viruses and fungi. Has a detrimental effect on intestinal and respiratory parasites.


Since ancient times, a well-known deep cleansing agent. Small amounts of hyssop leaves can be added to salads, first and second courses. Hyssop is a powerful remedy against worms and fungi.


Its bactericidal effect has been known for a long time. The flowers of the plant are used to make tea collections. Shredded fresh or dried flowers can be used to prepare meals. Broad spectrum antiparasitic action.


Used berries, branches, leaves of the plant. It has an antiparasitic effect on bacteria, protozoa and viruses.

Kanufer (Bible Sheet)

A rare and at the same time one of the most powerful antiparasitic herbs. Whoever manages to get this plant will acquire a real medicinal treasure. It tastes like mint.


Seeds are used. It exhibits antiparasitic properties in the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems, as well as in the circulatory system. It has a detrimental effect on many types of parasites - from fungi and viruses to tapeworms.

Cardamom is an excellent cleanser for the stomach, small intestine and lungs. It is very gentle. It is widely and for a long time used in food, it is a mild antiparasitic agent for children. It goes well with fennel.

Cilantro (coriander)

Its herbs and seeds are used everywhere. A wide range of antiparasitic properties.

Cinnamon does

not lose its antiparasitic properties even after heat treatment. But we are talking about real cinnamon, and not about the cheap one sold on the market under the guise of cinnamon. Cheap "cinnamon" has nothing to do with real cinnamon - they are completely different plants.


You can collect it from early spring to late May. Antiparasitic properties of a fairly wide spectrum - from parasites of the skin, hair, to parasites in the lungs and intestines.

Watercress (peppercorn, horseradish) The

leaves of the plant taste like horseradish and mustard, exhibit a wide range of antiparasitic properties and are known for their phytoncidal activity.


Its seeds contain oil with a strong antiparasitic effect on the parasites of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Sesame seeds are used in food with the manifestation of antiparasitic properties of a wide spectrum of action - in the respiratory, digestive and urogenital (in women) systems. Black seeds have the strongest antiparasitic effect.


A powerful antiparasitic agent with a wide spectrum of action (from parasites of the head to parasites of the skin). Dried rhizome powder is widely used for cooking. It makes their taste peculiarly exotic and gives them antiparasitic properties.

Laurel noble

Leaves and seeds contain aromatic oils with strong antiparasitic properties. As a spice, laurel is used absolutely in all first and second courses.


Has properties similar to those of myrrh. It has a detrimental effect on the parasites of the respiratory system and the brain. They are used only for fumigation of premises.

Burdock The

root of the plant is used. Affects parasites living in the blood, respiratory organs, urogenital and lymphatic systems. Fresh can be used for food, in dried form it is an excellent addition to spices and herbs for first and second courses.


Herb is used. You can make salads from young plants. For use throughout the year, you can prepare dried herb and powder from it. Can be used as an antiviral product. Alfalfa has a diuretic and anti-febrile effect, kills parasites in open wounds. Combines with dandelion, nettle, parsley, horsetail in herbal collection.


Berries and leaves are used. Young raspberry leaves are quite tender and can be eaten. Raspberry leaves and berries have an antiparasitic effect on parasites in the circulatory, digestive and reproductive systems. Berries cooked with sugar lose their antiparasitic properties.

Mother-and-Stepmother Mother-and-Stepmother

leaves are a great addition to salads. It has an antiparasitic effect on parasites in the circulatory system.


A fresh salad of grated carrots with garlic will enrich you not only with vitamins, but also have an antiparasitic effect.

such a salad has a good effect on improving blood composition, helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.


Juniper leaves and fruits contain an aromatic oil that exhibits antiparasitic properties. Crushed juniper fruits and leaves can be added to salads, first and second courses. The main shock properties of juniper are manifested when exposed to larvae, viruses and fungi that live in the respiratory organs and are activated when the body is hypothermic.

Field mint, lemon balm (lemon mint, not pepper) Shows

antiparasitic properties on parasites in the respiratory organs and urogenital system.


Harvested in May-June. Shows the strongest properties against parasites in the circulatory system, as well as in its filters - liver and kidneys.


Use the root and leaves of the plant. The antiparasitic effect of comfrey is manifested in the blood, muscles, brain, nervous system, most of all it acts on the parasites of the respiratory system. Comfrey is considered a powerful agent that regenerates the tissues of organs eaten by parasites.

Red hot pepper

Fruit is used. The strong antiparasitic effect of red hot pepper has been known for a long time. It expels parasites from the digestive organs; respiratory system, kills them in the blood. Almost all parasites that live in these systems - from viruses to large tapeworms, as well as fungi - cannot withstand the attack of red pepper.

Black pepper, allspice, green pepper

Fruits are used as spices. Essential oils of pepper fruits exhibit antiparasitic effect in the digestive, respiratory systems and in the circulatory organs.

Black pepper is one of the most powerful foods that kill intestinal worms and fungi. Oil infusion of black pepper can be instilled into the nose to heal the nasal mucosa and fight worms in the brain. helps destroy parasites that cause erysipelas and boils, destroys herpes viruses. Mixed with honey, it has a strong effect on fungi and worms in the lungs.


Used seed, root, plant leaves. The antiparasitic effect of parsley is manifested in the blood, muscles, plasma. It exhibits the strongest antifungal and antibacterial effect in the urogenital and digestive systems. It can be used to prepare infusions (from herbs and seeds), decoctions (from the root), constantly add to food fresh and in powders from dried herbs and roots. Parsley products are especially effective against parasites that are activated when the body cools and fatigue. Fresh parsley juice (2 teaspoons in the morning on an empty stomach) is an excellent antiparasitic agent for trichomoniasis and chlamydia.


Tansy is used in the treatment of worms. Topical Application - Used to treat scabies, fleas and lice. It should be remembered that tansy is a poisonous plant and the dosage must be observed. In the case of parasites of the digestive tract, amenorrhea and nausea, use an infusion of tansy flowers. Pour one teaspoon of crushed dry plant with one glass of boiling water and leave under the lid for about 15-20 minutes. After this time, strain the mixture and drink throughout the day in divided doses.


Only young, tender leaves are used, which must be picked in the first half of summer. Known for its strong effect on the pyogenic flora and parasites that live in the blood.

Common wormwood The

above-ground part is used - grass. Poisonous plant. Dosage over 20 grams. (1 tablespoon can be fatal). Therefore, wormwood is used in micro doses.

The antiparasitic effect is manifested in the circulatory system, digestive, respiratory, urogenital (in women) and nervous systems. The spectrum of action is wide enough: round and tape worms, bacteria, protozoa, fungi and viruses of many types. An excellent remedy is a decoction of wormwood, including in the collection of herbs (bring to a boil and insist); and dry herb powder.

Wormwood can be consumed even during pregnancy: it strengthens the fetus, helping the placenta filter out the smallest parasites: leptospira, toxoplasma, chlamydia.

Wormwood can be used along with ginger and mint.

It is very useful to eat fresh wormwood flowers - 2 - 3 tiny flowers a day is enough. You can also use dried flowers at the same dosage.

Wormwood "God's tree"

This plant is often bred in gardens as an ornamental plant, but not everyone knows about its medicinal properties. It also refers to wormwood herbs and has the same properties, but less toxic and more aromatic. A small sprig of this wormwood is enough to pleasantly flavor tea and make it a medicinal drink against parasites.


The main antiparasitic effect is manifested on parasites of the excretory and digestive systems. Rhubarb and dishes made from it (infusions, jelly, powders) kill hepatitis viruses, dysentery bacillus, many types of fungi and pyogenic cultures. In its effect on intestinal parasites, rhubarb is similar to flax seed.

White radish

An excellent remedy for parasites and for the treatment of lungs. Destroys parasites in the blood, in the respiratory system.

Contraindication - kidney disease, gastritis, ulcer.


also has antiparasitic properties, contains oxalic acid.

It is useful to use radish salads, incl. radish greens (aerial part). Young radish greens are also a real storehouse of vitamins.

Contraindications: kidney disease (stones), as well as arthritis and arthrosis.

Rose The

flowers of the plant are used, which have a wide spectrum of antiparasitic action. Rose essential oil is detrimental to fungi, for many types of helminths.

Rose petals, both fresh and dry, can be infused with honey or water to produce rose water. The antiparasitic effect of rose is manifested in the circulatory system, urogenital (in women) and nervous systems. For treatment, not any rose is used, and even more so not bought in flower shops, but a special one - tea.


Also has powerful antiparasitic properties. Eat in very small quantities, as it is toxic to the kidneys. Kidney disease is a contraindication to eating this herb.


A wide spectrum of action on parasites - from large tapeworms to hepatitis. The antiparasitic effect is manifested in the digestive, respiratory and nervous systems.


We are all accustomed to taking it just as a vegetable, but few people know what powerful healing properties it has. With the help of fresh beet and carrot juices, you can lift a person dying of cancer to their feet. There is also a unique recipe for treating oncology with beets, you can find it in the section on oncology treatments.

So that's it. beets, or rather, its fresh juice has excellent antimicrobial and antiparasitic properties. You need to drink it in a small amount, letting it settle for about half an hour, since a completely fresh one gives a gag reflex, but a half hour standing is already normally perceived by the body.


The antiparasitic effect is manifested in all tissues of the human body: in the nervous system, in the digestive, respiratory, and urogenital systems.

As an antiparasitic agent, licorice effectively acts in case of helminthic invasions in the intestines, with parasites in the lungs (cough, bronchitis, sore throat, laryngitis, ulcers - a consequence of the migration of parasite larvae with the blood), with cystitis - a parasitic lesion of the urogenital system (painful urination).


Southerners adore this herb and eat it as a spice just in bunches. This herb also has powerful anti-astonishing properties and is delicious as a seasoning for salads, meat, vegetables and cheese.

The carbonated drink, of course, has nothing to do with real herb and does not have any beneficial properties.

The healing properties are manifested exclusively in fresh herbs.

Thyme (thyme, Bogorodskaya herb)

A unique plant with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiparasitic properties, almost no contraindications. It is combined in gatherings with chamomile, kanufer, mint, strawberry leaves, green tea. You can simply drink thyme green tea and it will already have a good effect.

Pumpkin seeds (namely the green skin on the nucleolus)

This green thin skin that covers pumpkin seeds has long been known for its antiparasitic properties. For treatment, at least 100 seeds are eaten per day, then beet salad is taken as a laxative. it is this combination of pumpkin seeds and beet salad that gives the desired effect.

You can also use pumpkin seed oil (known in the pharmacy as pumpkinol). It has a very beneficial effect on the liver, helping to restore it.


The antiparasitic effect is manifested in the circulatory system, respiratory and digestive systems. It is used from herpes viruses, protozoa (chlamydia and Trichomonas), pyogenic bacteria to flat and round worms. It goes well with peppermint (for women), lemon balm (for men), sage and chamomile.


Leaves, stem, seeds are used. Effectively and destructively acts on parasites in the digestive system, liver and pancreas, in the urogenital system, in the skin, in the circulatory system. Dill oil kills fungi, pyogenic infection.


Antiparasitic properties are shown in the digestive, urinary and nervous systems. Fennel seeds are taken 1 teaspoon after meals.

- A mixture of fennel seeds, cumin and coriander (1: 1: 1) aids digestion by expelling parasites from the intestines.

- Fennel and coriander seeds (1: 1) are taken as food to fight parasites in the urinary system.

- Fennel seeds help to cleanse the parasites in the breast tissue and increase lactation in nursing mothers.


Horsetail has a strong effect on parasites in the respiratory and urinary system (men and women). Helps even with sexually transmitted diseases. It is a blood purifier. Horsetail is the carrier of silicon - the element of life. It strengthens the nervous system and bones. It adsorbs viruses (influenza, hepatitis and others).


It is not the same as thyme, it is a different plant. But it has similar properties, albeit to a lesser extent.


See thyme


The antiparasitic effect is manifested in all organs and systems of the human body. The spectrum of action of garlic is very wide - there are no such parasites that it could not destroy.


Sage exhibits antiparasitic properties in the respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive and nervous systems. Has a detrimental effect on parasites of various types - influenza viruses, hepatitis; protozoa and bacteria; flat, round and tape worms, numerous groups of fungi.


The antiparasitic properties of echinacea are manifested in the circulatory system, lymphatic and respiratory systems. In the East, Echinacea is considered to be a plant exhibiting antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, analgesic, antihelminthic and antifungal properties.

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