Troichetka - Cloves, Wormwood And Tansy - Recipes

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Troichetka - Cloves, Wormwood And Tansy - Recipes
Troichetka - Cloves, Wormwood And Tansy - Recipes

Video: Troichetka - Cloves, Wormwood And Tansy - Recipes

Video: Troichetka - Cloves, Wormwood And Tansy - Recipes
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Troichetka. It is a natural product made up of several herbs. Due to the bitterness in their composition, the triad has a detrimental effect on helminths, destroys parasites and promotes their exit from the body. In addition to its antiparasitic effect, it is effective against fungi and various intestinal bacteria, prevents the development of putrefactive processes, and helps to strengthen the body against colds. The use of medicinal herbs in the fight against parasites does not lose its relevance.

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  • 1 A bit of history
  • 2 What herbs do they drink from parasites
  • 3 Russian troichetka from parasites
  • 4 Troichetka Ivanchenko from parasites

    • 4.1 Wormwood
    • 4.2 Cloves
    • 4.3 Tansy
  • 5 Troichetka Ivanchenko instructions for use
  • 6 Troichetka Ivanchenko Option 2

    6.1 According to the method of Hilda Clark

  • 7 Troichetka Evalar from parasites
  • 8 Contraindications and side effects of wormwood, tansy and cloves

A bit of history

Parasites live next to humans throughout the evolution of mankind. During excavations, scientists find eggs of the simplest parasites in the fossilized feces, which date back to about 5900 BC. Scientists found them inside the Egyptian mummies.

Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation
Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation

The first written records of parasites are recorded on Egyptian papyri. Later Avicenna, Hippocrates, Aristotle and other scientists of antiquity wrote about them.

They found their eggs and individuals themselves not only in the human body, but also in domestic animals and fish. There are not many described diseases associated with parasites.

The main reason, apparently, was that the symptoms of infection are sometimes very similar to other diseases, including flu or colds. Even today, not many scientists and doctors immediately detect their presence. And private laboratories offer mostly research services only.

What herbs do they drink from parasites

Antiparasitic herbs include plants such as wormwood, tansy, carnation flowers, roots of calamus, dandelion, burdock, ginger, comfrey. Antiparasitic collections often include oregano herb, alfalfa, lemon balm, field mint, field horsetail, raspberry leaf, plantain leaf, calendula flowers, black pepper, garlic, parsley (seed, root, leaves), flax seed, licorice root, grass and flowers yarrow.

In folk medicine, tansy for worms has been used for many centuries. They cope with all round helminths, including the most common - roundworms and pinworms. The anthelmintic effect is provided by the substance thujone, which is part of the essential oil of tansy, and it is quite toxic.

Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation
Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation

The toxic effect of thujone is also directed at the central nervous system (signs of poisoning - hallucinations). The impact of thujone on the helminth leads to its death. But to achieve an anthelmintic effect, the infusion of tansy is taken in large doses, which is dangerous for humans.

In this regard, wormwood and tansy infusions are not used to treat children and adolescents under 18 years of age. From parasites in the digestive tract, in the case of amenorrhea, nausea, an infusion of tansy flowers is used.

  • Carnation. The spectrum of antiparasitic action is wide - round, tapered and flat worms, protozoa, bacteria, fungi and viruses. The antiparasitic effect of cloves is evident in the blood, brain, nervous system and genitals. The use of cloves for pharyngitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, toothache and impotence helps the body get rid of parasites. Cloves literally disinfect the lungs, stomach and lymphatic system.
  • Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation
    Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation

    Calamus root has the strongest antiparasitic properties, which are manifested in the organs of the nervous system, reproductive system, liver, pancreas, and purifies the blood. It expels parasites from the head, relieves sinusitis, epilepsy, deafness, hysteria, memory loss.

  • Horsetail has a strong effect on parasites in the respiratory and urinary system (men and women). As a blood purifier, it adsorbs viruses (influenza, hepatitis and others). Helps even with sexually transmitted diseases. Horsetail is the carrier of silicon - the element of life. It strengthens blood vessels, nervous system, teeth and bones.
  • Yarrow, its antiparasitic effect is manifested in the circulatory system, respiratory and digestive systems. Yarrow is used for herpes viruses, protozoa (chlamydia and Trichomonas), pyogenic bacteria to flat and round worms.
  • Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation
    Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation

    Dandelion root exhibits powerful properties against parasites in the circulatory system, as well as in its filters - the liver and kidneys.

  • Ginger. The rhizome of the plant is used. It is known for its broad spectrum of antiparasitic action on helminths, viruses and fungi. Has a detrimental effect on intestinal and respiratory parasites.
  • Burdock root affects the parasites that live in the blood, respiratory organs, urogenital and lymphatic systems.
  • Alfalfa can be used as an antiviral product. Alfalfa has a diuretic and anti-febrile effect, kills parasites in open wounds. Combines with dandelion, nettle, parsley, horsetail in herbal collection.
  • Licorice root (licorice). The antiparasitic effect of licorice root is manifested in all tissues of the human body: in the nervous system, in the digestive, respiratory, urogenital systems.

    As an antiparasitic agent, licorice is effective against helminthic invasions in the intestines, with parasites in the lungs (cough, bronchitis, sore throat, laryngitis, ulcers - a consequence of the migration of parasite larvae with blood), with cystitis - a parasitic lesion of the urogenital system (painful urination).

Professor V. A. Charushin at the beginning of the last century in the chapter "Prescription of antihelminthic agents" of the textbook for medical students "Human Helminthiasis" wrote: "A mixture of various antiseptic and, consequently, anti-clotting substances taken in very weak aqueous solutions acts much stronger than each substance taken separately in appropriate doses."

Russian troichetka from parasites

Parasites that live in the human body include various protozoa and worms that can infect humans and be harmful to health. They fall into two main classes:

  • Endoparasites - parasites inside the body;
  • Ectoparasites are those that live on the skin and can cause skin infections.

Some parasitic diseases are easy to treat, others are not. They affect people regardless of their place of residence and social status in society. Therefore, the risk of infection is always present.

Their eggs, invisible to the human eye, can be found on vegetables and fruits, on various surfaces, on household items, money. In general, wherever they can get from an infected person or from the air.

Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation
Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation

Therefore, you can get infected anywhere, by grabbing the handle of a door in a public place or by buying any products on the market. While simple hygiene products can reduce your chances of getting sick, they are no more difficult to catch than viruses or bacteria. Moreover, for a long time a person may not even be aware of his infection.

The human body is a great place for a comfortable "residence" of parasites. They have everything for their growth and reproduction. That is why it is necessary to cleanse the body of parasites.

Today there is a wide range of products, including pharmaceuticals, designed to get rid of various types and types of parasites.

One of them is the Russian troika or Ivanchenko's troika. Other companies also produce herbal preparations and are less dangerous compared to pharmacies, for example, Evalar.

Troichetka Ivanchenko from parasites

Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation
Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation

At the end of the last century, the American naturopath Hilda Clark, analyzing the medical histories of her patients, suggested that parasites may be the cause of many of them. Based on these assumptions, she created an antiparasitic purification program.

Since H. Clarke's triad included the shell of a black walnut, which is not found in Russia, Valery Ivanchenko, MD, now working at the center of alternative medicine in the United States, created his two versions of a similar triad. This troichetka is called "Ivanchenko's Russian Troichatka" or simply "Russian Troichatka".

The first variant is almost similar in composition to Hilda Clark's triad, with the exception of the black walnut shell, which Ivanchenko replaced with tansy flowers. It includes:

  • Bitter wormwood
  • Clove powder
  • Tansy flowers

All of these components have:

  • Antihelmintic
  • Antibacterial
  • Antiseptic
  • Antipyretic properties.


Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation
Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation

Wormwood belongs to the "Astrovye" family. This is a very common plant in our country, which can be found along roads, along the boundaries of the site and in many other places. It has been used as a medicine since ancient times.

Its inclusion in the composition is due to the presence of santonin, which has a detrimental effect on most types of parasites: it paralyzes their muscles, they cannot be held by the intestinal walls and are excreted from the body.

In folk medicine, this plant is used as a means of improving the functioning of the digestive system, accelerates the healing of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract.

It contains:

  • Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation
    Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation

    Powerful glycosides (absintin, anabsintin and others);

  • Resins;
  • Salts of various minerals;
  • Organic acids;
  • An essential oil containing thujone and many other substances.

Wormwood decoction has traditionally been used for ingestion or as microclysters for pinworms.

Eyes and skin were washed with stronger broths, in the form of mouth rinses when they were infected with parasites. In gynecology, wormwood is used in the presence of parasites in the urogenital tract.

It has properties such as:

  • Stimulating (enhances intestinal peristalsis, which helps to eliminate intestinal worms and toxins);
  • Hepatoprotective (minimizes the effect of parasites on the liver, increases the production of bile);
  • Reparative and anti-inflammatory;
  • Antihistamines (reduces the risk of an allergic reaction from parasite toxins);
  • Increases the acidity of the stomach by stimulating the production of gastric juice.
  • Any kind of wormwood is traditionally included in many antiparasitic drugs.


Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation
Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation

Cloves contain evengol in high concentration, which paralyzes nerve endings. Officially, in our country, cloves are not included in the State Pharmacopoeia. But it is traditionally used in some countries, including China and England, in both traditional and folk medicine for many diseases.

Clove buds contain over 21 percent of essential oil, of which evengol accounts for almost 80-90 percent.

This compound gives it such properties as:

  • Antiseptic;
  • Pain relievers;
  • Antibacterial;
  • Antiparasitic;
  • Biocidal.

It can affect a wide variety of parasites, including helminths.

Carnation is capable of:

  • Normalize the functions of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Prevent diarrhea and other dyspeptic disorders that can be caused by the presence of parasites;
  • Relieve spasms and relieve pain;
  • Improve the immune system.

Tansy works in a similar way - it paralyzes parasites, depriving them of the opportunity to gain a foothold in the body.

The flowers of common tansy contain essential oil, where the main component is thujone. In addition, the plant contains ketones: thujone and camphor. Their content can be up to 61 percent.

Another component of the composition is tanacetic acid, which negatively affects the vital activity of worms and microorganisms.

All these compounds have an adverse effect on pinworms and roundworms, suppressing the central nervous system of the parasites.


  • Has antimicrobial effect;
  • Improves the condition of the digestive system;
  • Restores metabolic processes;
  • Improves the regeneration of mucous tissue;
  • Reduces symptoms of intoxication;
  • Possesses hepatoprotective properties.
Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation
Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation

Preparations with this herb improve appetite, which decreases with parasitic infection, increases intestinal peristalsis, which improves the excretion of worms and reduces the likelihood of intoxication with toxins from the vital activity of parasites.

Tansy promotes the elimination of many types of parasites, including those from the liver.

This collection of herbs is designed in such a way that, working together, they strengthen and improve the properties of each other, making it very effective against many types of worms and protozoa.

Each component in the composition has toxic properties and is dangerous in case of overdose. Therefore, you need to strictly adhere to the proportions and intake rates.

The second version of Ivanchenko's triad consists of calendula flowers, caraway seeds and calamus root. It has fewer side effects, but is no less effective in its action. Cumin seeds contain substances that destroy the egg shell and inhibit the reproductive functions of parasites.

Calendula flowers promote healing of damaged intestinal mucosa, accelerate healing. Calamus rhizome is a powerful remedy for removing parasites that have settled in the liver.

Both variants of the Ivanchenko triad are effective from:

  • Ascaris;
  • Pinworms;
  • Echinococcus;
  • Trichinella;
  • Tsepney;
  • Fasciol;
  • Wide ribbon;
  • Fluke.

Troichetka Ivanchenko instructions for use

All components included in both versions of the drug can be bought at the pharmacy or prepared by yourself, observing the following requirements.

Wormwood is collected only tops along with leaves and flowers (small balls). Tansy is also harvested during the flowering period.

The prepared raw materials are dried in the shade in a ventilated room. You can buy cloves at the store. All herbs and cloves must be ground into a powder in a coffee grinder. Can be sieved to eliminate large particles.

To prepare the medicine, take:

  • Bitter wormwood - part 1
  • Cloves - 2 parts
  • Tansy - 4 parts

It is better to use a scale rather than a spoon, since the weight of one spoon is different for these components.

Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation
Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation

The well blended mixture is filled into gelatin capsules. Empty capsules can be purchased online or at the drugstore with cheap medicine.

Accepted according to the scheme:

  • Day 1. 1 capsule half an hour before meals;
  • Day 2. Take 1 capsule in the morning and at lunchtime half an hour before meals;
  • From day 3 to day 7, take 1 capsule in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening half an hour before meals.
  • From the 8th day, take only 1 capsule three times a day, once a week. The duration of the course is several months.

How to take Ivanchenko's triad in grams, see this table:

Component Single dose Daily dose no more
Wormwood 200-300 mg 1 g
Carnation 500 mg 1.5 g
Tansy 1 g 3 g

Start taking the same way as capsules, starting with a minimum dose once a day and gradually increasing up to three times.

The powder should be washed down with warm water or room temperature, but not hot.

After the end of the 7-day course, take only once a week.

Troichetka Ivanchenko option 2

The rules for harvesting herbs are the same as in the first case. Calamus root is dug at the end of the growing season.

Prepare the mixture in the following proportion:

  • Cumin seeds - part 1
  • Calamus root - 1 part
  • Calendula flowers - 2 parts

All components are ground into powder and then, measured by weight, are mixed.

Take it in the following proportion:

Component Single dose Daily dose no more
Cumin seeds 500 mg 1.5 g
Calamus rhizomes 500 mg 1.5 g
Marigold flowers 1 g 3 g

The reception scheme is similar to the first option. Wash down the powder with water.

According to the Hilda Clark method

Hilda Clark's Troichetka is a mixture of walnut, wormwood and clove seeds. Each ingredient is a separate product, purchased at a pharmacy or at the spice market, prepared separately.

Troichetka - cloves, wormwood and tansy - recipes
Troichetka - cloves, wormwood and tansy - recipes

The peel of the nut is used in the form of a tincture. To obtain a healing composition, take 15 shells of an unripe walnut, chop finely and add 0.5 liters of alcohol or vodka. Put in a bright place for a month. After this time, the tincture is filtered (it will have a dark, almost black color), poured into a dark bottle, and stored in the refrigerator. Start taking with one drop diluted in 100 ml. not hot water. In the next five days, they add one more drop each time, drink not quickly, but as if trying to absorb the liquid. On the 6th day, take 2 teaspoons in the morning and evening before meals, diluted in 50 ml. water.

Some herbalists prescribe a tincture based on the patient's weight:

  • up to 75 kg. - 2 teaspoons;
  • from 75 - 100 kg. - 2.5 teaspoons;
  • more than 100 kg - 3 teaspoons.

According to this method, the tincture is taken within 5 days, then a prophylactic intake of 1 teaspoon per day before meals is recommended, throughout the year.

Troichetka - cloves, wormwood and tansy - recipes
Troichetka - cloves, wormwood and tansy - recipes

Clove seeds are needed the same as in cooking, grind them to a powdery consistency, pour them into an airtight jar with a tightly closed lid, and start using them in a minimum dosage of 0.5 grams (slightly more than half a teaspoon). The next day, the dose is doubled, 3 doses are taken on day 3, the course is continued up to 10 days. Cloves, like all other ingredients of the collection, are taken on an empty stomach. After the main ten-day course, they switch to prophylactic use: 3 doses are taken once a week.

Troichetka - cloves, wormwood and tansy - recipes
Troichetka - cloves, wormwood and tansy - recipes

To obtain the third medicine, flowers and upper leaves of wormwood are needed, dry them, grind them in a coffee grinder, and take them dry. So that large particles of the plant do not remain, and they do not injure the stomach, sift the mixture through a sieve, take half a teaspoon, (this is one dose), with a sufficient amount of water. The first two days should be started in the evening, before meals, 3 and 4 days - 2 doses, 5 and 6 - 3 doses. Increase the dosage every two days until you reach 7 doses. The course lasts a whole year.

According to the naturopath Clarke, the recommended herbal ingredients can be taken separately, in turn during the day, but the best effect is achieved in combination, subject to the diet and water intake. If one of the components of the triad is not available, you can start with any that is available or with two. The inventor of the recipe believes that the use of triad allows you to safely and quickly remove parasites from your body by natural means, without harming your health.

Troichetka Evalar from parasites

Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation
Troichetka, wormwood, tansy and carnation

This drug is not a drug. It is a biologically active additive (BAA). A specially selected complex is effective against many types of parasites: tapeworms, roundworms, pinworms, etc., kills them and removes them from the body.

It contains only herbs crushed into powder. They are packaged in gelatin capsules, which makes them easy to take, since the herbal ingredients in the composition have a bitter taste. In addition, such packaging allows you to reach the large intestine and begin your "work" exactly where the main field of vital activity of many types of parasites. Powdered form allows for a longer lasting effect.

There are two types of trochatka: for adults and children. For children, the drug is available in the form of a sachet.

Treatment with this dietary supplement has the following effect:

  • Inhibits metabolism and the development of parasites;
  • Violates their reproductive functions, preventing reproduction;
  • Stimulates intestinal peristalsis, which helps to remove worms and their waste products from the body;
  • Affects adults and their larvae;
  • Restores the mucous membrane of the digestive tract;
  • Strengthens barrier functions, preventing re-infection;

Reduces the symptoms of the presence of worms: pain, bowel disorders, allergic reactions, loss of appetite, intoxication and more.

Evalar's Troichetka from parasites is not the only product on the pharmaceutical market. Thanks to its efficiency, it has been holding a leading position for several years. Its composition is protected by a patent, and grateful feedback from patients confirms the effectiveness of the drug.

It should be noted that all the raw materials used in the dietary supplement were grown on the company's plantations without the use of chemicals in an ecologically clean region - mountainous Altai.

Contraindications and side effects of wormwood, tansy and cloves

All the components that make up the triad of both variants are natural. Only overdose cases can cause side effects.

An individual intolerance to any of the ingredients may serve as a contraindication.

It is forbidden to carry out antiparasitic treatment during the period:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Breastfeeding;
  • Monthly;
  • Exacerbations of gastritis;
  • Exacerbations of gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.

It is not recommended to treat high blood pressure and young children under the age of 12 without consulting a doctor.

In case of an overdose, there may be:

  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Wandering abdominal pain;
  • Allergic skin rash;
  • Fatigue;
  • Headaches.

In this case, you need to stop taking the medicine and consult a doctor.

Of course, Ivanchenko's trochatka is an effective remedy against many types of parasites. But it is still not worth starting treatment without consulting a doctor. And the examination is better to pass before treatment.

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