Infusion Of Garlic In Water - Recipes And Uses

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Infusion Of Garlic In Water - Recipes And Uses
Infusion Of Garlic In Water - Recipes And Uses

Video: Infusion Of Garlic In Water - Recipes And Uses

Video: Infusion Of Garlic In Water - Recipes And Uses
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Infusion of garlic in water. The healing properties of garlic have been known for a long time. It is known for its bactericidal effect, garlic is used to remove parasites from the body, increase immunity, fight atherosclerosis, and cleanse blood vessels. Just 2 cloves of this natural antibiotic, infused in a glass of warm water, can save you from a whole bunch of diseases. Believe it or not, this simple recipe works. Here's how to properly prepare garlic water, for which diseases it should be consumed, and for which it should not be done. Infusion of garlic on water is one of the ways to consume garlic inside. The tincture can be made with vodka, red pepper and other ingredients can be added to it.

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  • 1 A little about garlic
  • 2 How to choose garlic for preparation
  • 3 Benefits of Garlic for Human Health
  • 4 The benefits of garlic tincture for human health
  • 5 How to choose garlic for tincture
  • 6 How to properly prepare garlic tincture in water
  • 7 Recipes for different tinctures based on garlic

    • 7.1 Tibetan recipe - alcohol tincture on garlic
    • 7.2 Vodka tincture based on garlic
    • 7.3 Recipe for garlic tincture to strengthen immunity
    • 7.4 Recipe for garlic tincture with red pepper
    • 7.5 Garlic-lemon tincture
    • 7.6 Recipe for tincture of garlic in water
  • 8 Contraindications and harm of garlic

A little about garlic

Infusion of garlic in water
Infusion of garlic in water

Garlic is a folk healer, a unique vegetable known since ancient times. So in ancient Greece it was valued as the main "medicine for all diseases." In Europe, this spice plant appeared about 5 thousand years ago and since then has taken a leading position in traditional medicine, it helped to cope with such terrible epidemics as cholera and plague.

In Russia, healers used it as a medicine for poison, snake bites, and infectious diseases. Garlic has an antiseptic, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging effect, and all due to the unique natural composition of substances. Garlic is also added to various sauces, salads, dressings, soups, to which it gives a pungent taste, and garlic is also considered a strong aphrodisiac.

Garlic contains not only proteins, carbohydrates and fats, but also such useful micro and macro elements as sodium, calcium, potassium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iodine, sulfur and vitamins C, B, P, D, as well as essential oils and phytoncides with high biological activity.

Often this spicy plant is used in cooking, both cloves of garlic and leaves, which contain a large amount of vitamin C. Garlic is rarely used in cooking meat dishes - lamb, fish, game, stew and fried meat, especially pork.

How to choose garlic for preparation

Infusion of garlic in water. In order for the tinctures and decoctions to be of good quality, it is necessary to approach the choice of garlic responsibly. It is not difficult to choose a quality vegetable, just take a close look at the purchased product:

  1. The head of garlic should be dry, firm, and not sag when pressed.
  2. Garlic harvested from the beds ahead of time quickly deteriorates. Take the time to feel each head of the vegetable when you buy it in the market or in the supermarket. If the head is soft to the touch, it seems like a lot of husk - discard this product.
  3. If the head of garlic is wet, do not buy the vegetable, this indicates the beginning of the decay process.

The health benefits of garlic

The bulb contains a mass of nitrogen, it is rich in potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium. It contains silicic, phosphoric and sulfuric acids, vitamins C, B and D - a total of about 400 useful substances and compounds.

Various garlic tinctures and the consumption of fresh cloves stimulate digestion. The vigorous taste causes profuse salivation, increases appetite. As a result, food is absorbed more fully. Garlic is useful in treating intestinal atony, flatulence, hemorrhoids, and constipation.

Infusion of garlic in water. The plant is useful for angina pectoris, it reduces the heart rate while increasing their amplitude. Garlic is used to treat migraines, frequent dizziness, insomnia, memory impairments, which are inevitable in old age.

Regular intake helps to lower blood cholesterol levels, prevent plaque formation on the walls of blood vessels.

The beneficial properties of garlic help to cope with diseases of the upper respiratory tract: pneumonia, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, as well as colds and flu. The phytoncides produced by the plant, biologically active substances, effectively inhibit or destroy gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria: staphylococci, streptococci, diphtheria bacillus and many others.

Its antiseptic and analgesic properties are successfully applied externally in the case of purulent and non-healing wounds, to remove warts and calluses, and eliminate the effects of insect bites. The benefits of garlic in the content of allicin, which has a strong bactericidal effect.

Infusion of garlic in water
Infusion of garlic in water

Even in an insignificant concentration, it suppresses the activity of bacteria, causing significant harm to them. This property is used to treat colds. In addition, if you chew a slice for a while, all kinds of microorganisms die in the mouth. Allicin helps relieve tension in the walls of blood vessels, the main cause of increased stress on the heart and high blood pressure.

It is believed that people who traditionally consume garlic are much less likely to suffer from cancer. At present, it has been reliably established that phytoncides reduce tumor engraftment. Garlic is useful for killing intestinal parasites, it is actively used in antiparasitic programs.

Since skin and gut health are intertwined, skin defects go away at the same time. The easiest way to use is to eat a few slices at dinner. To eliminate the unpleasant odor, it is recommended to chew lemon, parsley, rinse your mouth with milk.

Benefits of garlic tincture for human health

Infusion of garlic in water
Infusion of garlic in water

Infusion of garlic in water. Garlic tinctures have a comprehensive effect on improving our health.

It is impossible to list all the beneficial properties, since experts say that today we know only a small part of the true benefits that this product brings.

Useful properties of garlic tincture:

  • with the help of tinctures, high-quality and effective cleansing of the blood, vessels, plaques are eliminated;
  • the product acts on the cleansing of the bone structure, which allows you to get rid of the squeak of bones;
  • tinctures cleanse the vessels of the brain, relieve headaches, normalize blood pressure;
  • bowel cleansing occurs, internal layers are removed;
  • muscle tone increases, immunity is strengthened, skin rejuvenates;
  • garlic tinctures are an excellent remedy for the treatment of tumors and gastritis;
  • they affect vision, relieve puffiness, restore human sexual functions;
  • carry out the prevention of kidney stones, act as an excellent agent against worms, and so on.

Infusion of garlic in water is an excellent remedy for cleaning blood vessels, since garlic contains allicin. Moving through the vessels, allicin reduces the size of the plaques in the vessels, while the level of cholesterol in the blood decreases by about 9%. The tincture will also prevent new plaque formation.

In the presence of large plaques, garlic tincture will have little effect. Garlic tinctures serve as a good prophylaxis against stroke and heart attack.

Since the body gets used to the presence of lecetin after 1.5-3 months, the cholesterol level rises again. That is why tinctures are not advised to be taken constantly. They need to be drunk in courses, and then take a break.

How to choose garlic for tincture

The fact that garlic has healing properties has been known for a long time. In early writing, which has survived to our time, there are references to small teeth that have a pungent aroma and pungent taste, but are characterized by tremendous healing power.

Infusion of garlic in water
Infusion of garlic in water

Infusion of garlic in water. Studies show that the ancient Sumerians were the first to fully and competently engage in the cultivation of garlic. And when King Nimrod ruled, decoctions were prepared from garlic, allowing to reduce fever, to provide a disinfectant, laxative and tonic effect.

Today, many recipes are used for the use of garlic, in addition to its direct use in food. Garlic tinctures are especially popular in folk medicine.

Before you start preparing tinctures, it is very important to choose good, high-quality garlic for them.

This is not so difficult to do, but you will have to take a closer look at the purchased product:

  • if the head is hard, dry, and when pressed on it, it does not crumble, then these are signs of high-quality garlic. Feel free to buy it;
  • garlic harvested ahead of time quickly dries up and withers. So, be sure to crumple each head when choosing. If the teeth are not palpable, and there is a lot of husk, then it has wilted. It's not worth buying this;
  • when the head of garlic is wet, this is a clear sign of the beginning of the decay process.

How to properly prepare garlic tincture in water

For the prevention and treatment of all these diseases, garlic tincture is effective. To prepare this unique tincture, take 40 g of chopped garlic and pour 100 g of vodka. Keep the tincture in a cool, dark place for at least 10 days, shaking daily.

Infusion of garlic in water
Infusion of garlic in water

Infusion of garlic in water. Take 10 drops 2-3 times a day, adding in 50 ml of milk 2-3 times a day 30 minutes before meals. Garlic tincture can be used for intestinal atony and colitis - take 20 drops, diluting them in half a glass of milk once a day before meals. The course of treatment is a month, then you need to take a break.

Soak the brine for 4-5 days at a temperature of 15-22 degrees after which it can be consumed - drink 1 tablespoon 3 times a day. In case of hypertension, it is recommended to cleanse blood vessels with garlic: at night, eat 2 - 3 cloves of garlic with 1 teaspoon of honey. Do this for 2 days in a row, then take a break for two days and repeat the treatment again.

However, not everyone can drink alcohol tincture, so you can prepare an infusion of garlic in water: put black currant, cherry, dill, horseradish leaves, 0.5 kg of peeled garlic, 40 g of salt on the bottom of a 2-liter jar warm boiled water, cover the jar with a double layer of gauze.

With atherosclerosis, they drink a garlic-honey tincture: for its preparation, you need to grind 1 head (not a clove) of garlic and pour 2 tablespoons of honey in 1 liter of water and leave in a closed glass jar for 2 days. Drink 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

It is known that a glass of milk with honey drunk at night helps to improve sleep well, and a clove of chopped garlic can also be added there. Garlic also promotes rapid falling asleep and besides, it will be a good preventative against colds.

Garlic tincture recipes

In addition to "natural" consumption, there is more than one recipe from traditional medicine with what is better to take garlic, so that it cleans blood vessels faster and more efficiently.

Tibetan Recipe - Garlic Alcohol Tincture

Infusion of garlic in water. A Tibetan recipe - alcohol tincture - its description was found in one ancient treatise and, judging by what was written, an unknown author guaranteed the result.

The course of treatment lasts 3 months, it must be carried out every 4 years. Before preparing the tincture, the recipe says to clean the slices and grind thoroughly until a monotonous gruel appears. Then leave it in a dark place.

After a while, the mixture will infuse and begin to give juice, you need to gradually gain it and when 200 g is collected, you need to dilute with ordinary medical alcohol 1: 1. And to take really alcohol, with vodka the result will be different. Place the mixture in a glass container, store in the cold for 10 days (you cannot put it in the refrigerator).

Then strain the liquid thoroughly through a piece of flax and put it back to infuse for another 3 days. You need to take the finished tincture, focusing on the drops, carefully adding it to cold milk, wash it down with 150 ml of water.

The dosage is as follows: one drop first in the morning, two drops for lunch, three for dinner. On the second day - 4 drops, then at lunchtime - five drops, then dinner - six, then increase according to the calculations. Having reached 15 drops, it will stop, repeat twice and remain on the 25th drop, do not increase the dose until the end of the course.

A few important tips when preparing a tincture:

  • prepare the tincture in the fall during the waxing moon and finish during the full or waning period;
  • the last day of admission should be in January, since in other months you will not achieve maximum effect; The time interval between doses should be at least 2-4 hours.

Garlic-based vodka tincture

You will need 150 grams of pure garlic, 150 good vodka. Chop the garlic, place in a convenient glass jar, top with vodka. Mix the mixture thoroughly and close with a tight lid. Wrap the jar so that no light gets inside.

Infusion of garlic in water
Infusion of garlic in water

Insist 10 full days in a cool, dark place. Strain the resulting tincture, separating the greenish liquid, then let it brew. Gradually, sediment will begin to accumulate at the bottom of the can, it must also be drained and ready.

It can be used to treat and prevent atherosclerosis of the legs, brain, cleaning blood vessels in general. An affordable tool, a simple recipe, does not require large costs and preparation does not take much time, only it is infused for a long time. But the result is worth it.

Garlic tincture recipe to strengthen immunity

Infusion of garlic in water. To effectively counter colds, flu epidemics, it is useful to prepare the following composition. The teeth are peeled, crushed with a medium-sized lemon. Lemon does not need to be peeled, washed thoroughly enough, it is possible with a drop of dish detergent.

You can use a meat grinder for grinding. The mixture is placed in a glass jar and poured into 600 ml of cold boiled water. After three to four days, the infusion is filtered. Take 50 ml every day before meals for three months.

Red Pepper Garlic Tincture Recipe

Infusion of garlic in water
Infusion of garlic in water

Men will definitely like this drink. It has a pronounced garlic aroma, perfect for a dense fishing snack. The drink helps to cure colds in the early stages.

This tincture is quite simple to prepare. Take six medium cloves of garlic, one hot red pepper pod, half a liter of vodka, and half a lemon.

Finely chop the garlic, place it in a container and add the pepper. Pour the mixture with vodka, close the lid tightly. It is insisted for three weeks. After that, the mixture is filtered, poured into another container, lemon is added and again tightly closed.

Infusion of garlic in water. The mixture can be diluted with water, juice or milk. Take a few drops before meals, three times a day. Always keep the tincture in the refrigerator. The shelf life is 3 days, after which its taste already deteriorates.

Garlic-lemon tincture

In fact, the effect of this tincture is similar to the previous recipes. But the peculiarity is that it does not require the use of alcohol. Therefore, such a tincture can be used by those for whom alcohol is contraindicated for one reason or another. Suitable for the treatment of diseases associated with the liver, intestines and stomach, as well as for the cleaning of blood vessels.

Mix the resulting masses, place in a large jar (3 liters) and fill with purified, warm water up to the very neck. Leave the jar at room temperature to infuse for three days, shaking occasionally. After three days, strain the mixture, pour into a clean container and place in the refrigerator, where the tincture will be stored.

Infusion of garlic in water. One course requires 4 large heads of garlic and four lemons. The garlic is peeled and passed through a meat grinder. Lemons need to be rinsed well, but not peeled. Also grind in a meat grinder.

The indicated amount of ingredients is calculated for one course of 10 days. To achieve the maximum effect, you will need to complete four courses in a row. You should drink half a glass three times a day. Please note that the 40-day course is only allowed once a year.

Recipe for tincture of garlic in water

Infusion of garlic in water
Infusion of garlic in water

A known way to enhance the effect of the product is to insist on it. This is often done with alcohol, but we only need water and very little time. Garlic water has a complex effect on the whole body, and is also used in everyday life.

Healthy skin and increased tone will become pleasant bonuses. In the fight against chronic fatigue and blues, garlic can compete with antidepressants.

For people suffering from migraines, garlic tincture is especially suitable, because it not only cleans blood vessels, but also normalizes blood pressure. This is largely possible thanks to the allicin it contains, which reduces the number of so-called plaques. You will need: 50 cloves of garlic; 250 ml of water.

And now about the main thing - health. Garlic tincture, made in water, has three powerful properties and a bunch of pleasant additional effects: cleans blood vessels; improves blood circulation; boosts immunity.

Press the garlic through a garlic press (this will give you maximum effect!) And cover with water. The mixture should be stored in a container in a warm place for 3 days, after which you can start the course. Drink 8-10 drops dissolved in a teaspoon of water, three times a day. The optimal time is 3 weeks.

Remember that the course should not last more than 1.5 months! The tincture also lowers bad cholesterol, but when the body gets used to it, this effect disappears.

Contraindications and harm of garlic

Infusion of garlic in water. A useful vegetable culture is contraindicated in case of kidney disease, epilepsy. With long-term treatment, the balance of microflora can be disturbed, the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines is irritated.

The plant stimulates the production of significant amounts of bile, so care should be taken in the case of gallstone disease.

Garlic treatment can harm:

  • with liver diseases;
  • ulcers of the stomach and duodenum;
  • with pancreatitis;
  • during pregnancy.

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