Coronavirus - Breaking News. Infection In China 2020

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Coronavirus - Breaking News. Infection In China 2020
Coronavirus - Breaking News. Infection In China 2020

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The coronavirus was first discovered and studied in 1960. It was named so because of the micro-rays on the surface, which together form something resembling a crown. Animals and humans can become infected with this infection. Virologists count more than 30 species in the family of these viruses, but no more than 7 are pathogenic for humans. After infection, the virus spreads through the cells of the body and manifests itself in different ways: in some people it can cause only unexpressed catarrhal phenomena, affecting the upper respiratory tract, and in others - severe acute respiratory syndrome - a dangerous condition in which death occurs in 10-20% of cases.


Regarding the new strain, identified as 2019-nCov, it is known that it appeared in China, more specifically in the city of Wuhan and also belongs to the extensive family of coronaviruses. It was also possible to determine that a recently emerged non-cellular infectious agent has a similar genetic structure with a virus called SARS-CoV. Identity is 70%.

It is noted that 2019-nCov has an easier clinic, which indicates a lower percentage of complications and mortality. It also announced that the virulence of the virus is lower than that of the Sars strain, which caused 800 deaths during the 2002 epidemic.

It is said that the causative agent of the virus has not yet been officially specified, but there is a version, voiced after the decoding of its genome, that, most likely, animals from the reptile class became the source. The pathogen spreads from person to person both by household contact and by airborne droplets. The incubation period has not yet been established with accuracy, but the reference point is the interval from 1 to 14 days. It is believed that during this period of time, i.e. then when there are no obvious signs of the disease, the transmission of the virus to a new carrier may already occur.

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    • 2.1 Expert Opinion on New Infection in China 2020 (Coronavirus)
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Symptoms and treatment of coronavirus

There are no vivid and obvious signs that a person is infected with a new strain. It is possible to find out the diagnosis only in a laboratory using a screening test (so far available only in some medical centers in Europe). The symptoms that manifest themselves with the disease are no different from those that occur with any other ARVI. A person may be worried about:

  • strained cough;
  • fever, accompanied by a feeling of heat, and then chills;
  • headache;
  • weakness, loss of appetite, anxiety;
  • diarrhea; shortness of breath.


Of course, in such a short period of time it is impossible to find an etiotropic treatment, in other words, it is impossible to act on the newly formed strain pointwise and kill it before it spreads. Scientists will be able to cope with this task only in a few months, if it can be done at all, because so far humanity has been able to cope only with the influenza virus. Thus, the treatment is carried out symptomatic - they try to alleviate the condition and eliminate the existing discomfort.

Coronavirus - breaking news. Infection in China 2020
Coronavirus - breaking news. Infection in China 2020

Russian scientists, for example virologist Mikhail Shchelkanov, named 3 drugs for combating coronavirus from among those that are not scarce in Russia: ribavirin (only in extreme cases due to high toxicity); triazavirin (Ural manufacturer); ingavirin (domestic production). The professor stressed that the conclusion about the effectiveness of these drugs in relation to the new strain comes solely from their mechanism of action. The final conclusion can only be drawn after testing. The main task in the fight against infection, as in the case of any other ARVI, must be fulfilled by human immunity. In China, where 1,527 people are already in critical condition, therapy is carried out in accordance with the protocols for the treatment of pneumonia. Also, a good result was obtained, namely, saving the life of an elderly person, with the help of extracorporeal oxygenation.This method of treatment is urgently needed if the terminal stage of the disease has developed and organs fail.

Latest news and statistics on the spread of coronavirus

Experts, for example, the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alexander Sergeev, believe that with a similar rate of spread of infection, when at least 50 people fall ill per day, and thousands become infected, the situation can quickly worsen and develop into a pandemic. Professor Nikiforov from the Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogova, on the contrary, believes that the resulting panic is unfounded and no movie catastrophe, as some "experts" promise, will not take place, because the virus is not so contagious and lethal. According to the data on the counters, it is possible to understand what the disease situation is in the focus of detection. That is, the coronavirus in the PRC.

  • 213 Deceased
  • 1.527 Critically ill
  • 9,692 Infected

Now there is no reason to say that the pathogen has spread on a large scale outside the country and poses a threat of mass disease. Cases of importation of infection to other countries are rare. Sick people can be quickly detected and sent for treatment. In Russia, so far, it has been possible to identify 2 people who have found a new coronavirus. This became known thanks to Tatyana Golikova, who is the head of the headquarters for the elimination of the disease. Cases of the disease were found in the Trans-Baikal Territory and the Tyumen Region. It is reported that the sick people were taken to hospital, where they will receive treatment and will be deprived of contact with the world until they recover their health.

Expert Opinion on New Infection in China 2020 (Coronavirus)

Knowing what unhealthy love the media have for all sorts of sensations, it is worth very carefully filtering the incoming data about the disease itself, the speed of its spread and methods of struggle. It makes sense to listen to the opinion of competent people, and not just to publicists far from medicine, who simply raise their rating on this topic.


Coronavirus in China

To fight the epidemic as soon as possible, a special group of experts was created in China. Its head, Zhong Nanshan, who also has the title of academician at the Academy of Engineering, predicted that the outbreak would be at its peak in the coming days. After that, there will no longer be an increase in the number of cases. Virologist Mikhail Shchelkanov from the N.V. Ivanovsky believes that the situation with the incidence will decline or at least stabilize no earlier than in 2-3 weeks. This will happen thanks to the measures that have been taken in China now. The scientist does not consider it necessary to fear an epidemic in Russia, because almost every year foreign infections are imported into the country, but these cases are quickly detected and localized without consequences, that is, the epidemiological safety system works at the highest level.

Meanwhile, in Wuhan, China, the construction of a hospital continues. We look:

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